Well, that was fun…

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Oh, October… you old so and so!

Well, people, the Bee Dance for 2016 is now history. (What? You haven’t seen it? By all means, click here.) I decided to share it this year a) early, and b) on YouTube. I don’t post much to my YouTube channel. Years ago, I opted to use Vimeo because it seemed like the community there was less, how does one say, asshole-filled? It’s the main reason why I posted the Bee Dance with the comments option turned off. There is so much hate spewed on YouTube, it just never feels like a place I want to be overly involved.

But this year, I figured, why not? Turn the comments off. Let people enjoy (or not) and that is that.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know if I can top it next year. Doing this with my girl… there was just so much joy in it for me. My relationship with Aidan is one of the most important and special in my life. It’s a gift. Having things we both love (hello, Hamilton) is just a bonus. Plus, let’s be real: she killed it.

So now what?

A few birthday wishes are in order:

A very happy 40th birthday to one of my two best friends, Tara Whitney. Gurrrrl, you complete me. (Photo taken in 2005)

Happy 50th birthday to my other best friend, Molly. Gurrrrl, we have history! (Photo taken in 2004)

Yep. Some of my favorite people were born in October. Might have something to do with why it’s my favorite month.

Also, I used to not wear glasses.

And I dyed the shit out of my hair.

So there’s that. Now I need to get back to work.

Speaking of work…

Many of you are signing up for my 2016 30 Days of Thankful mini class! Thank you for joining me in this little project! You can register for this class until November 15th, then it goes away for good! (Of course, you retain access to it permanently, or as long as I run CZ Classes, which at this point, that’s kind of what I do!) I’m getting excited to start my album project on November 1! You can learn more about this project and join our online Facebook community (it’s open to everyone!) by clicking here. This mini course is just $9.99 and if you are an alumni of last year’s 30 Days of Thankful e-course, you can take it for just $4.99! (Note: if you are an alum who did not receive and email from me with the discount code, email me today!)

I plan on sharing my pages in the Facebook Group and very likely will do a few posts here throughout the month of November.

Thanks so much for all of your kind words on the 2016 Bee Dance. It’s going to go down as one of my faves to date. And it’s on the internet forever.



Cathy ZielskeWell, that was fun…

13 Comments on “Well, that was fun…”

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    Leanne in Cali

    Loved the Bee Dance this year! Looking forward to November and the 30 Days of Thankful class!!

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    I am a bit hesistant to ask because it is such a personal thing, but will you ever write a post about your relationship with your daughter? I want to know your secrets to creating such an awesome bond with your daughter. 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      That would be a very good idea. I will work on one. I have learned a lot over the past five years in how to create a real bond with her.

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    I have loved all your Bee dances. It was special this year and I think you both rocked it. My thoughts are don’t try and top it next year just plan it, do it and we’ll all enjoy it cause you simply are the best.

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    Cathy, I loved the 31 days of thankful stamps. I finished my album (Canadian thanksgiving) and will post some of my pages once you guys get started. Ju

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    Tess C.

    I’m with Anne! Would love to know how you create an awesome bond with your oldest. My oldest and I have a very precarious relationship right now. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to push it over the edge and screw it up. I’d like to know how you do it! =) Thanks for always sharing your awesome talent!!

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