White Embossing Powder: It’s all the rage! (Plus a free tag download)

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Y’all know I’m not example the world’s most savvy stamper, right?

In fact, the only time I whip out stamps is around the holidays for the sole purpose of creating holiday tags and adorning  holiday envelopes.

But after recently seeing my friend Kerri Bradford share some amazing gray tags with white stamped images, I had to try.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Get some gray card stock. I used this lovely version from Bazzill Basics.
  2. Get some white embossing powder. I used this stuff from American Crafts.
  3. Get some Versamark. As if you don’t already have this stuff.
  4. Pull out some Christmas stamps of your choice. I sold the ones you see above, but nearly all have sold out. In fact, I only have two left (find them here and then see below for another great source of Christmas stamps.)
  5. Get your heat embossing tool at the ready. Something like this will work just fine.
  6. Cut out some tags using the free cut files I’m giving away today. (Link is below!)
  7. Stamp your images with Versamark, throw on some of that white powder, shake it off and heat emboss. I should note that some of my powder was sticking to my tags in places I didn’t want it to be so I rubbed it with an anti static pad similar to this one before stamping.
  8. Adorn your tags with reinforcements and twine. I got mine at CuteTape.com (label reinforcements and twine).
  9. Watch Elf. (This step is purely optional but will usually have you in holiday tears by the end.)

Seriously. SO cute and fun. You can play and design and create these crisp white images on the gray cardstock, or any color for that matter.

And while I am nearly out of CZ Design stamps,t my Design Sister from Another Mother, Kerri Bradford, has a ton of seriously adorable sets, if you are looking for an upgrade to your holiday stamps. Her website is currently under construction so go to her Facebook page for details on how to order! She is seriously my design Spirit Animal. I love her style!


Now for the fun, free part! I have a tag set cut file in multiple formats for you to use to create your own white embossed image tags. Enjoy!

Have fun and make tags!

On a personal note… I know there are people out there today who are sad because of our election and I know there are people who are happy and I know there are people who are somewhere in between. I don’t jump into the political fray here very often because my job is to help women tell their stories. But I will say this: we need to work on understanding each other, even when we don’t agree. We need to resist the urge to feel superior or to be angry. Understanding is hard work, my friends. We really do live in an amazing country, so let’s work together to make it a place that lives up to this promise.

Cathy ZielskeWhite Embossing Powder: It’s all the rage! (Plus a free tag download)

12 Comments on “White Embossing Powder: It’s all the rage! (Plus a free tag download)”

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    Pam K

    Thank you for the tags, Cathy. I love the embossing look; will have to try that! & thanks for the encouragement/admonition to strive for unity … our nation needs it!

  2. #2

    Thank you for your comment about working on understanding each other. You are a wise woman. And also a role model for suboptimal stampers like myself.

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    Thanks for the cut files and words of wisdom – so true! On a different note, I’ve been revisiting Digi Basics and have learned so much from this course (and re-learned what I had forgotten). Thanks for a great class. As always, you’re awesome!

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    Michelle Price

    Cathy, I love you. I am like you in the fact that I don’t do much stamping, but you are such an enabler. Now I NEED to get more stamps. And I think we both need to find a Scrappers Anonymous meeting soon to attend.
    (Hi, my name’s Michelle… *Hi Michelle.*….)

  5. #8

    Thank you for the tags and the design inspiration, but especially for your comments at the end. We all need to hear it. Thank you.

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