December Daily 2016 Page Shares, Part 1

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I’m jumping in with Ali Edwards’ December Daily project for the fifth year and this year I am keeping it S-I-M-P-L-E. Why? Well, because last year I started my album with gusto and petered out around Day 14. I was making it to complicated and ergo, did not finish it. And it’s kind of a shame because it was really kind of adorable if I do say so myself, but alas… I made it too much work and there you go.

So this year, I decided to go with Ali’s 6 x 4 album. Smaller. More manageable. I also have her physical kit (which is sold out) but… more importantly, her main digital kit and a handful of other of her digital products. I’m combining that with my December Days journal cards and some of my holiday papers, plus the Liz Tamanaha kit (both physical and digital). Okay, I realize this is sounding less and less simple, but let me share what I’ve got so far, deal?
I designed my own little title page, because I can’t resist. I made it from existing digital projects, including Cool Yule Decor for the little reindeer.
Then I made an intentions page. Always good to know what you’re goal is, am I right?

And here’s what follows:
Note: I loved the black and white criss cross from Liz’s kit, so I designed a few to match in other colors for my project. You can download them for free at the end of today’s post.

You get the idea. Super simple approach. I’ll just alternate this way until Christmas. I think I can handle that. I’ll layer in the chipboard numbers and a few more digital elements here and there, but again: simple, simple, simple.

That’s what I’m feeling this holiday season.

I’ll share a few entries as I go. I think it’s going to be a lot like what you’ve seen already, so I may jump around a bit. Here’s to holiday scrapbooking that is do-able!

Now for a a little printable PDF gift for you:

Note: this file contains one high resolution PDF. Print onto white card stock and trim. File must be unzipped first for use. 



Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily 2016 Page Shares, Part 1

16 Comments on “December Daily 2016 Page Shares, Part 1”

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    Kim Jackson

    Love it!! thanks for sharing! I struggle to narrow down the stories…. getting better but have a ways to go ….

  2. #3

    OK – i totally love this and now I wish I went with the 4×6 album to lessen my stress in completing this project…I just could not visualize it…until now!

  3. #4

    Looks perfect! I also loved L’s kit…so that is what I went with…can’t wait to get my shipment today. Thanks so much for the freebie…I will use it for sure..and I have many of your digi pngs that I will put to good use. Will be watching through “magical Christmas” eyes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. #5

    Thanks. You are always an inspiration for simple, but sweet stories remembered. Your design catches the eye and tells the story.

  5. #6

    Perfect! I skipped DD this year (TOO MUCH WORK!) but maybe I’ll take it up again next year following your lead.

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    Yolanda Lockhart-Howe

    I’m always battling between my need for “creative release” vs. “getting it done.” This simple approach is beautiful, but also an effective way of making sure there’s a finished album at the end.

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    Lynn M

    Thank you for inspiring me for December Daily. KISS! I love approach and I’m stealing it. Our December started out with a family member in the hospital (she’s now on the road to recovery). So I’ve been desperate for a simple way to get me motivated. Thanks again.

  8. #10

    I love it!

    I have no idea how I’m putting mine together this year. So far I have pictures, and stories. I guess that’s a start!

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    WOW, thanks for sharing your take. I’m with you. I have 3 or so DD albums with only part of it done. I could actually do this.

  10. #13

    Very sweet! I decided 2 days ago that I would create a family Christmas album that we could add a couple of pages to each year. 2 days of frenzied work going over 8 years of Christmases, and I just have to print pics today and it’ll be done. I’m using your Merry Hipmas digi set for the cards, love the deer in the clear theme!

  11. #14

    Really love the cards, thank you! Your simple approach is the first time I’ve seen this project and had it appeal to me.

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