December Daily 2016, the video wrap up

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Cathy Zielske's simple take on December Daily.

Cathy Zielske's simple take on December Daily.
I did something a little unconventional to wrap up this album project. The last pages I made were for Day 21, and then I kind of stopped doing the nightly recounting of the day. Here’s what I’ve learned about me: if it’s some sort of daily project and I don’t keep up or at the very least keep notes, I probably won’t keep up with it.

So rather than worry about making Days 22, 23 and 24, I just decided to say, “I’m good!” and throw in a few final photos and one summary card.

Here’s a short video overview with a few thoughts on making this album. Thanks, as always, to my dear friend Ali for creating such a cool concept for the holidays.

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Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily 2016, the video wrap up

9 Comments on “December Daily 2016, the video wrap up”

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    I’ve said it before but I love the example you’ve set with this album. Live life. Document it. Finish the album. Move on. Sometimes we’re in a place where we can create, create, create or write, write, write. And sometimes we just need to capture The Now and go on the next thing.

    I see so many people beat themselves up because they think their album is supposed to be something other than what it is: a time capsule of 25 days we get to live once and will never get back. However it gets documented is good enough.

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    Tammy B

    Love your album! I’m glad I didn’t try to do this this year. Between two weeks of -25 degree weather where you couldn’t do anything outside to being sick over Christmas weekend, it would have been another unfinished project! If I do it next year, I would definitely go with a small album like you. It’s neat, tidy and simple! Perfect!

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    Thanks for the great video. My album is so similar to yours…simple, and I really like it. Same thing happened to me…almost at the same date….once 22 arrived, the rest was a blur with busy-ness. So doing the last photos today. Really enjoyed it…and so glad to that I did it simple and small. Happy new year! Thanks for all your inspiration!

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    Glenda Thorne

    I have never done this, but you have inspired me to try for 2017. Loving the small album, keeping it clean and simple, another “new” for me , as I love to embellish my pages. All the best in 2017. Thanks for getting me through 2016.

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    Lynn L.

    Loved the album!! I used the Project Life App this year and basically did what you did…one story a day. Love the little glimpse into the every day life of a busy holiday season!! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love your album. I love that you finished it even with a couple of days missing. It’s perfect! Thanks for sharing the finished product.

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