December Daily, Days 6 & 7

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A few more pages added to my album. Again, keeping it so simple it’s ridiculous… if you’re into simple, that is.
Followed up a blue day with a story of figuring out what needed to happen. (And yep, privacy is required on this one.)
The pattern is starting to form and I can’t see a reason to deviate. I like mixing in a few little digital elements here and there, like my “Everybody day ‘heyyy'” digital stamp (from this collection.) I’m making patterned paper cards from some of my own paper (the gray stripe is from this collection).

It’s going to be a sweet little album.

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Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily, Days 6 & 7

5 Comments on “December Daily, Days 6 & 7”

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    I love it. Mine is also ridiculously simple and it’s the only way I can be sure to get it done (same with my Project Life). I love the creativity of scrapbooking but for a longer term project I need to make as few decisions as possible.

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    I always buy Ali’s DD kit…and then I freak out cuz I’m not creative enough to make everyday unique. And then I see your album, with a consistent design and pattern that looks so gorgeous and cohesive, and I think, YES! I can do this! I love Ali’s work but I need simplicity and consistency to get-er-done. Thanks for always participating in DD, cuz you motivate me to go forward. And I hope whatever shit hit your fan has flown miles away by now. We had round 2 today, as hubby and I pulled out of the driveway for 4 (rare) days of alone time. Put that crap in the rear-view ?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thank Abby… ya gotta do it in a way that works, right? : ) And yes, shit is out of fan for now!

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    Looking good! 🙂 Simplicity and consistent design is such a relief for projects like this (unless you’ve got oodles of time, which most of us don’t this time of year.) I did a 4×4 for DD last year, I’m doing 6 x 8 this year, might do 4×6 next year — that size is looking good.

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