My blog’s Best of 2016 as voted by me

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It’s that time again when I go through my year of posts and pick out the ones I think were either a) good, b) decent, or c) worth another look. You should know this is a relatively subjective process that I try to do annually. One thing I’m fully aware of as I look back, this past year I posted less to my blog than in any prior year. I think it reflects where my head was at in 2016. A little more subdued. A little more introspective. A little less public. It’s definitely giving me thoughts for the new year and how to better use writing as a way to communicate and inspire as well as a way to promote my little memory keeping business, the one that pays the bills and gives me the luxury of having both readers and the time to write. Without further ado, I present my favorite posts of 2016:

Roll with the changes
Thoughts that kicked off 2016 about what is next for me.

On the topic of 1990 and groceries
Thoughts about the silliness or lack thereof for scrapbooking what you bought at the grocery store.

10 years smoke-free
Because this is literally the definition of awesome.

50 things at 50
List pages will never get old. Well, maybe they will… but this one I love.

My woefully insufficient tribute to the greatest artist of my generation, Prince Rogers Nelson.
Thank you for a funky time
My tribute to the late Prince Rogers Nelson.

Sports are an awesome excuse to photograph your teenaged son
I take pictures because I love taking pictures but it’s more than that.

When did make up become a requirement? For me, it started back in 7th grade. Now that I'm 50, I think it's time to seriously kick this crap to the curb. Click through for my wholly NOT revolutionary thoughts on this topic.
#nomakeup sounds pretty damned good to me
Thoughts on not wearing makeup. It can be a controversial topic. No judgments here. Just thoughts.

How to take a cherished story with no corresponding photos and make a meaningful scrapbook page.
Telling an old story, even without the perfect photos
It’s never too late to tell a story you love.

Good luck Mr Z., and thank you
Who knew Dan was this popular with you guys?
Notes from the Middle Aged Underground
Based on the response I get from posts like this, I think I need to talk about what 50 really is like. Or at least my experience of it.

The 2016 Bee Dance
Let’s just end on a high note, shall we?

And that friends, is my subjective list of favorite posts of the year. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it tremendously.

Here’s to 2017.

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Cathy ZielskeMy blog’s Best of 2016 as voted by me

17 Comments on “My blog’s Best of 2016 as voted by me”

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    Love this collection of blog posts. Having turned 50 this year too, I can relate to some of your posts. Thanks for continuing to share your life with us.

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    Madeline St Onge

    Cathy love it all, love Mr Z srtarting a new career, you 10 yeas smoke free, The Bee dance, I look forward to it every year, and the 30 days of grratitude, love doing that every year and mostly your son allowing you to take his picture finally
    hppy new Year to you and your family
    Love you to the mon and back

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    All worth a second read. Thanks for the interesting, thought-provoking, laugh out loud posts in 2016. Looking forward to more in 2017

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    Kim K

    Another 50ish here and so loved reading your list and other blog posts.

    Fifty is Nifty – that was the theme to my 50th, sometimes I agree – sometimes I disagree, mostly when I’m trying to will away my wrinkles and underarm sag.

    Here’s to 2017 and hopefully more Cathy Z blog posts that make me laugh and of course completely relate to.

  5. #5

    A little more subdued. A little more introspective. A little less public.

    Wow, this is me at 50 as well!

    I was just telling my husband the other night I couldn’t put how I felt into words and now I can. Thank you!!!!!

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    Happy to report that, although I no longer read blogs the way I used to, I only missed three of these best-ofs as you shared them. I have caught up with those three and reread a few others. Because ❤

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    Lorna S

    I love that you picked the Laguna shot – I used to live there – long before they created the beautiful board walk and there was easy access to the Life guard station. I think it’s great to have years of reflection and if 50 isn’t one of them – what is? One of things that keeps bringing me back to you and your blog and FIT, is that you are authentically you for us – ALWAYS and ALL WAYS. I don’t want you to share what you think you should, I want you to share you with me. That’s what got me here and that’s what keeps me here. Our lives are built of ups and downs, chaos and serenity, joy and sadness, with all the ebb and flow of the ocean of experiences that we bring to the beach to share with the world. Sometimes we share driftwood, sometimes it’s beach glass or broken shells and sometimes, we hold up the sparkling treasure in the bottle. All has purpose and provide thought and inspiration. As this year winds down, I thank you for showing up to us and sharing all you do and know, and holding those things up for us to see and learn from and admire, or not. It is all good. Thank you for another year. I look forward to our time together in 2017.

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Lorna. I would like to get back to writing stuff that’s in my head for 2017, regardless of whether or not I deem it blog appropriate. 🙂

  8. #9
    Leanne in Cali

    Love this best of and the memories! Looking forward to a fabulous 2017. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. #10

    Wonderful, I had to go back and do some reading as I missed a few of the posts. I never thought to do the 50 things list, maybe I’ll do one at 60! Cathy you make me smile, I can so relate to much (about 85-90%, with little to no substitutions, if you can believe that) of what you post, although I cannot express it nearly as well as you do. Thanks for sharing, and being the little bee in my ear!

  10. #11

    I love your way with words and always look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for continuing to share your life and talents with us.

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    Here’s to another year Cathy, you continue to inspire me as I wrap up going full digital on my 2016 project life. I ended up using your monthly digital template for this project and although its turning out great I will probably go back to print and paper (2 page by month) next year. I just have too much memorabilia that I would like to include and just like getting my hands dirty.

    But also wanted to tell you that the recipe book I started a few years ago using your recipe template – continues to be admired when family is over visiting. I don’t use just photos of food, I use my favorite photos of the people that the food reminds of, or where I got the recipe from, or the event where we enjoy it – after the recipe section I always write a few sentences about the photo. Next year I plan on using your template to create a family recipe book as a gift next year!

    Thanks Again for all the inspiration!

    1. #13.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Carol!

      I’ll probably do a few sets in 2017! Definitely sets for Christmas next holiday season!

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