It’s one week in and I feel fine (almost the last call to join me for Fit 2017 at the introductory rate!)

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Two things you should know about this photo:

  1. I took it myself.
  2. I hadn’t taken a shower yet, ergo, the alfalfa hair style in the back.
  3. My closet door is much closer to white than would appear.

Oh wait. That’s three things. Ladies, let’s be real here: math is not why I was put on this earth.

That said, 6 days ago, I got back on the horse of self-care a headed out into the wide open prairies of… well, you know what I’m trying to say, right? I decided it was time to do a little better so I can feel a little stronger, be a little healthier and hopefully, live a fuller, longer life. At the end of the day, that’s why I’m doing this.
I’ve started back to tracking movement and making realistic daily goals and working to actually take care of this body I’m so lucky to have. Yes. I’m lucky to have it regardless of the size it is or isn’t. But the past half year hasn’t been my healthiest, in terms of how I’m taking care of it. And considering I turned 50 last year, I’m definitely connecting to what it feels like to not take care of the machine and have it feel less than stellar.

For me, it’s simple. Don’t eat crap. Get some exercise. Be positive. Act like a responsible adult. And to aim for this daily.

There’s no pity party here. There’s no “but I am enough” mentality either. There’s just reality and mine at present is telling me the path I’ve been on is not going to equal greater health.

It’s funny how little things like, “OHHHHH, drinking more water makes my skin less itchy in this brutal Minnesota winter climate!” or “I am not having as many hot flashes because I’m not drinking wine and eating Goldfish crackers!” Who knew?

The thing is, I actually DO know. It doesn’t mean I always make perfect choices, but when I make good choices, I feel better.

That’s the idea behind Fit 2017. Feel better. Be accountable to yourself. It’s not about a fabulous before and after photo. It’s about taking care of you and documenting the story as you go.

And on January 10th, the price goes up to $31 for my year-long class.

Today, you can sign up for $26. That’s me for 12 months, our community for 12 months and the chance to keep reconnecting with inspiration for self care every month. Our community is wonderful and extremely active right now, as we’re sharing our stories, our approaches to the project and already creating a space for support. (Note: this is a closed Facebook community, just so you know in case you’re not a Facebook user.)

I may have eaten my weight in sugar cookies over the holiday and honestly? I don’t regret it at all. I’m just getting back in line with what I know my body needs. Click on the image above for more info. Save now before the price goes up on January 10th.

The stamp set featured in the image above will be in stock in a ver limited supply in a few weeks. If there is more interest, I will open a new order for them.

Cathy ZielskeIt’s one week in and I feel fine (almost the last call to join me for Fit 2017 at the introductory rate!)

7 Comments on “It’s one week in and I feel fine (almost the last call to join me for Fit 2017 at the introductory rate!)”

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    Ok wait, what do you mean by a closed community? Does that mean I can access your community without a full public profile? That’s the only reason I haven’t joined you. I do not want to be on Facebook.

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Peg, the community is only viewable by approved members. I do not know if you have to have a full public profile. I know that you can be on Facebook and not add any friends. Then you can request to join the group. 🙂 In that way, the only reason you would join Facebook is to be a part of the group.

      The only way people see you on Facebook is if you have friends. The solution? Don’t add friends. Just join. Then you click on the link in the classroom called Community, and you request to be added. Then you are part of our closed community, where you see only what is shared in that group. 🙂

      1. #1.1.1
        Cathy Zielske

        And I should add: if you join Facebook, they don’t contact you about anything. And if people send you friend requests, you simply don’t accept them. 🙂 I get friend requests all the time. I say no to everyone who I do not know personally, in my actual real life. I only have a few hundred Facebook friends, but I do use FB to host my groups. Sorry for any incovenience this may cause. Right now, it’s my most affordable option as a business owner.

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    Thanks Cathy. I totally understand. My stubbornness about Facebook is my issue, not yours. I will try to figure our if I can stay off the radar while still doing this in a way that I’m comfortable. I miss good old forums but that’s a rant for another day. ?

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      Diane Downs

      Peg if you sign up for facebook with a brand spanking new email account, one no one knows, then your family and friends won’t be notified that you’ve joined. Also, there’s an app you can use called Facebook Groups that lets you see/comment/be active in the group without actually having to log into facebook. It’s brilliant.

    2. #2.2

      Peg, you also don’t have to use your real name. I used my first name and my maiden name and do not have a picture. No one but one person has “found” me. You do get suggestions from Facebook about people you may know, which is freaky because most of them you do know. I joined FB the second time only to partake in a online forum like Cathy’s. Hope that helps.

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