Make a Page Monday, Hybrid: CZ Selfies + New Product Releases

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Simple, hybrid scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at

Simple, hybrid scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at
STORY OF THE PAGE: When I got my first digital SLR camera back in 2004, I took a selfie with my then five-year-old shadow. Seventeen years later, he granted me a new one. I love scrapbooking spans of time, even though it literally shows me how fast this life goes. I truly love seeing these two photos together on a page.

DESIGN STUFF: This page sports a very symmetrical balance. Visual content is nearly the same from side to side. The little year tabs mirror and reflect from each other, also adding a bit of repetition with the color black on the page. More repetition is added with the small, blue epoxy hearts. I added a bit of patterned paper just for a bit of color and to ground the design a bit.

Simple, hybrid scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at
TECHNICAL SHIT: This is a classic hybrid page. I used this template as my base, and broke things out to print them separately. What does that mean? I printed the two photos by creating a new 6 x 4 document and adding one photo at a time (complete with its layer mask) and printed them out on photo paper. Next, I took the rectangle shape you see where the patterned paper is, and turned that into a PNG, which I then dropped into my Silhouette Studio software so I could cut out a piece of paper with a circle right in the center. Then I sized down the circle art to fit one of the punches I have laying around, and printed it and punched it out. Lastly, I printed out the journaling and all of the other stuff onto a piece of white card stock. Then I assembled it all for the final look.

I love how minimal the page is. It suits a page about my now teenaged boy. Simple. Sleek. Cool.

Patterned papers and embellishments are from Studio Calico.

This is the template I used to make the page. It’s part of a handful of new releases.

Here are the rest of my new releases. They are on sale today for 20% off. (Click on images for more details.)     

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday, Hybrid: CZ Selfies + New Product Releases

15 Comments on “Make a Page Monday, Hybrid: CZ Selfies + New Product Releases”

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    This page makes my heart happy. I have a boys that are very close in age to your children and yes time does go by too fast

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    My goodness, he is your doppelganger, especially in that first picture. And you have gorgeous eyes! These “then and now” layouts just pull at your heart, don’t they? The daughter I used to call my “little tiny” (although she’s always been tall for her age) is now 12 and taller than me.

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    The link to template nr 156 is not working properly, it goes to template nr 155. I found the right link and I want to thank you for providing a template with a large block of text.

    For this year I am doing a Project Memories: I just want to make a simple page and writing a story down, and pair it with photos. Just like template no. 156. I hope more templates with lots of text will follow!

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    This is a truly awesome layout!! Love the side by side photos. What a treasure to have the comparison.

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    Barb in AK

    Wonderful page. Then and Now pages are my favorite ones to create. I’ve got to work on figuring out how you made the circle embellishment. It’s so perfect!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey barb! What I did was take the art and put it on it’s own layer in a new transparent doc. Then I trimmed away the excess background so only that artwork was taking up space. Then I sized it to be a little bit smaller than the punch I had on hand (1.25 inches, so I sized the art to 1.1 inches). Then I copied a bunch onto white card stock, printed and punched!

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    I try to use the visual triangle since make-a-page-monday, but sometimes it is so difficult where to place them! You make it look so easy, ha. Now I want to learn the mirror and reflect… I always forget about that!

    Just purchased the fitness icons – so happy with those! I use icons a lot in PL but I don’t have many of those…

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