My 2016 book of memories is here!

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Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske.

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske.
Last week, the album I spent all of 2016 assembling finally arrived fresh from the printer and into my eager hands. And yep, I am in love.

The album is exactly what I’d hoped for: a year in the life that is both comprehensive and easily digested. 50 pages of memories is exactly my cup of tea, ladies. And I have a short video to show you how it all turned out.

You can learn this approach and make an album like mine! It doesn’t have to be a digital project, either. My approach works for traditional pocket page scrapbooking, as well!

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske.
Now I have three books on my shelf (and yes, I’m perfectly okay with mismatched spines), that each hold a year’s worth of memories each in a beautiful, compact and elegant package. I have no plans to change what I’m doing for 2017. It’s all about the stories and the photos.

To see all the posts I shared about this project in 2016, click here.

Right now, you can sign up for Scrapbook Your Year for 10% off the course price until January 31, 2017. Join over 800 other women who are simplifying the process of saving the stories of their lives.

I’ll be sharing my monthly pages every month in 2017, here on my blog. Here’s to a year of truly simple scrapbooking.

Cathy ZielskeMy 2016 book of memories is here!

30 Comments on “My 2016 book of memories is here!”

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    If there is anyone on the fence about signing up for Scrapbook Your Year, I say, just do it! It is one of THE BEST classes I have ever taken and worth every penny. And Cathy, your book is totally awesome, and a clear result of your clean and simple philosophy.

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    Hey, Cathy.
    You completely sold me on Adorama Pix last year and I love my 2015 photo book. Any chance you will offer a discount code again this year for Adorama? (Obviously, I haven’t printed 2016 just yet!)

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Jill! The discount code will be available to my students at present! Hoping that Adorama will continue to work with me. They have been unbelievably amazing to partner with!

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          Cathy Zielske

          Marian, yes. It’s been shared in the closed Facebook group. 🙂 Are you a registered student? If so, email me and I can share it with you!

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    Emily Wolfe

    Is this a 12×12 book? And how big are the actual graphics inside? 10×10? I currently do a 12×12 Project Life album and really want to try making the switch to digital.

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      Cathy Zielske

      It is a 12 x 12 book. The margins on each page are about an inch and a half on all sides. I’ve been doing this for a few years because I like how the white space frames everything and allows it all to breathe… to feel more airy and elegant. 🙂 I did this design because I didn’t love how the PL digital templates looked. They felt to crowded to my eye without a nice margin, but that is just my design aesthetic. 🙂

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        Emily Wolfe

        Do you have the option to make the margins as wide as you want while ordering in Adorama? Or do you add this in Photoshop?

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    Barbara Satter

    This class is AMAZING – to use an ‘overworked’ word but it is perfect for this class. Although I did not post a single page, I did complete a traditional book that I LOVE! The things I learned were so worth whatever small price I paid for this class: setting up folders; getting them in the right order ‘for me’ to work with; etc. I highly recommend this class. Cathy is a very thorough and inspirational teacher! You will NOT be disappointed!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Kari, well… I can’t apply it to an iPad because I don’t have experience documenting it that way. 🙂 Sorry!

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    Is this discount offer, a discount on the class that was run in 2016 or is this a new for 2017 run of the class? I signed up for it in 2016 but sadly dropped the ball. Should I pay for a new one or just use last year’s class?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Connie! The discount is presently part of the class. This isn’t a new class for 2017. 🙂 It’s the same class you’re already a part of! AdoramaPix has been very generous to extend it. This is not a guaranteed part of the course, it’s just a bonus that I’ve been fortunate enough to secure for my students!

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    This is THE BEST class and method. I’m almost ready to order my Adorama Pix book for the second year in a row. Thanks Cathy.

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    Oh my gosh! I totally love this! Thank you for sharing the finished project. This is something I think I can keep up with and carve out time for.

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    I started PL in 2012 using 12×12 weekly pocket spread and repeated in 2013, both years filled up 3 binders! Then in 2014 I went monthly using your templates for 8×11 – but still ended up with the same number of binders. In 2015, I went back o using the 12×12 PL pockets but committed to only two pages per month, it did fit snug into one binder. But this year I went all digital using your 12×12 digital templates, along w/ your jCard Icon brushes. I have to tell you I was so frustrated each month – stressing about not having a place for a ticket stub, cards and other memorabilia… and because the monthly files stayed on my computer instead of printed pockets already done, this made me feel really behind. Last week I had the entire year printed – .. and felt so good flipping the pages! I’m Hooked! I figure I can always do a separate scrapbook layout if I wanted to highlight something to attach the stuff to – or use more photos to highlight an event. Thanks Cathy for helping me take the leap! Any thoughts about releasing a different 12×12 templates for 2017?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Possibly! I’ve got so many of them in the Minimal Basics line. They more or less cover many photo options. I always believe in keeping it simple!

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    Hi Cathy. This class was so worth it. I mean seriously, you set us up for years of albums in one swoop. Amazing! May I please ask…what was the weight of the paper in your album? I’m hoping that GSM is how you rate it over there. Cheers.

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    Cathy – What is the price point on your album? I swear I remember you posted it somewhere…but I can’t locate it. I want to say it was about $180? I think 2017 is my year to go monthly and digital. And the other commenters have sold me on the class. Here’s to a great digital 2017!

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      Cathy Zielske

      The price of this book was $149. 🙂 It was 52 pages, which included one blank page in the back. The quality is really love and they do have other options for covers, if you want something fancier, of course, that would increase the price.

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    Lynn L.

    Great book! Love it! The last few years I too started to document “a slice of life” a month style. I think it is a great way to document, especially if you have hard to photograph teenage boys!! Thanks for sharing your book.

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    Hi Cathy,

    At the end of last year, I was ready to ditch the plastic and paper version of Project Life, but couldn’t find what I was looking for regarding a new approach. I came to your site and loved your 2015 book and decided to use your templates and go digital! I now have 70 pages and want to make a book at Adoramapix, but the book template won’t let me load the first page on the right side because of the End Pages feature. It wants me to start with a double spread. I would like to do what you did with your album above and just have a page on the right to start the book. How did you manage to do that? Did you unclick the end pages feature? Thanks in advance for your help and thanks for the inspiration and products!

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