Make a Page Monday: Love hybrid scrapbook page

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Learn simple scrapbooking at

Learn simple scrapbooking at

STORY OF THE PAGE: I went to Michaels with my kids. I realized in the moment how grateful I was just to be doing mundane, ordinary things with them. Life is moving so fast right now. This is my way of savoring sweet, every day minutes in life.

DESIGN STUFF: This is a grid design, which is a really easy and fun way to design a page. All of the squares fill in the page equally, with the journal block being the equivalent of two squares. With only two photo (I didn’t take a lot on our little outing) I filled up the rest of the squares with simple, digital patterned paper. The “LOVE” title is part of the digital template I used as my base. The simple repetition of the patterned papers, the colors and the black and white photos create a unified, elegant design.

TECHNICAL SHIT: This is essentially a digital page that I printed out and mounted onto kraft cardstock. I reduced the size by about 20%, printed it onto photo paper, and trimmed around the edge, leaving just a bit of the white showing. As much as I like the idea of piecing together a grid of patterned papers, sometimes, doing it digitally is so much faster and easier. Then one printout later, I have a finished page and all I had to do was pop a single puffy heart into the center of the “O”. The result? Just enough embellishment for my taste.

If you want to learn more about digital scrapbooking, I have a class for that: Digi Basics with Cathy Zielske.

These two products are from my digital collection. The paper is on sale today for 20% off, however, our quarterly sale begins this Wednesday and everything in the shop will be 40% off, including the template.

A thank you to Studio Calico. The puffy heart came from one of their kits.


Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: Love hybrid scrapbook page

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    dawny dee

    i had a moment like this during the holidays where my 3 kids were in the car and it was just us which used to be so normal but now is so rare and i got a pang in my heart that THIS, this moment of ordinary-ness was what i really loved. the banter, about nothing at all, was the family dynamic i treasure. My son is 16 and still at home but awfully cranky and not so communicative, my 23 year old is away at school for her MBA and my 25 year old lives in the city on her own. So the simple scenario of me and my 3 kids in the same car is a rarity when it used to be a common multiple times a day activity. Hit me in the gut like a ton of bricks. But rather than bemoan the passing of time i just soaked up the moment. Life does move on and this new normal is also just a passing season.

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