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Stamping, Coloring and Die Cutting—Okay, maybe ‘into’ is a bit strong, but after all these years of working in the scrapbook world, I think the allure of card making is finally calling me. It started with watching a few Jennifer McGuire process videos, and that led to more videos and that led to me getting a Big Shot (mine is from Stampin’ Up!) and that led to getting this stamp and die set from Lawn Fawn. Oh, and I bought a few markers from Tombow (emphasis on few) and a Wink of Stella Shimmer Pen. I’m not exactly the most skilled at coloring or stamping, but it’s fun stuff and it’s giving me ideas for some saucy sentiment stamps I want to make to combine with these adorable stamp and cut images. Details on these new sets will be coming in a few weeks. The other thing that’s crazy is the whole Copic marker thing. I know very little other than they are very expensive and probably not in my skill set. If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. They might be a bit above my pay grade at this time.

One more thing: I just ordered this set of Christmas lights from Lawn Fawn after watching this video. Oh hell yes I’m making something with them! I mean, after all, they match my cookies.

The Happy Children Small Talk EP—This might seem like a bit of a departure from stamping, coloring and die cutting—and it is—but a few weeks back my son’s band played a show on a multi-band bill featuring the headliners, The Happy Children. They’re a local band, with two of the three members having gone to the same school as my kids at one point or another, and I’m friends with the lead singer’s mom. Those connections aside, watching this band and the crowd they played to gave me goosebumps. The energy in that little venue was infectious and it’s hard to explain other than I was so happy my son is part of this local music community. Watching this band play just made me feel alive. I bought the EP the next day and it may not be your cup of tea, but if you know any other people in your life who are looking for a cool new band who I think are really special, by all means share. They are also the creative force behind the Normal Parents brand. If you’ve got some young, liberal people in your life, they have shirts for that. (And if you want to see them live, this video is great, plus my son may or may not be the kid who catches the t-shirt halfway through.)

Shameless—I just plowed through the first six seasons of Showtime’s Shameless and I have to say, I loved it. After seeing a trailer for it years ago, I had decided it probably wasn’t a show I would like and I guess I was wrong. Yes, William H. Macy’s Frank character is literally deplorable, but at the end of the day, the show is really just about family and how messy it can get. Plus, let’s be real: Lip is kind of a hottie.

7 Ingredient Zuppa ToscanaThis recipe from gimmesomeoven.com is my favorite find of the winter season. (Yes, it’s still cold enough here in Minnesota to be considering soup for dinner on the daily.) It is simple, quick and so delicious. I do add one more ingredient, however, to my version: a little olive oil to the pan to start. We make it with gluten-free gnocchi and baby kale (as opposed to big old, tough kale leaves), and the hot Italian sausage from Target (the best!) This meal is so rich… it’s literally gobbled up so fast. Even Cole likes it, and that is saying something. There are so many good recipes on this website it’s insane. I have numerous ones bookmarked. But take my word: this one is so, so good!

I guess that’s good for now. Just a few things I’m into. Any you’d like to share? Are there things I should be into right now that I’m not aware of? Besides zoning out and watching craft room tours?

By all means, do tell.



Cathy ZielskeI am into…

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    I’m into: re-watching Gilmore Girls with my almost-13-year-old, orange seltzer water, Cocoa Daisy traveler’s notebooks, and Ali’s story stamps. What I’ve done with regard to acquiring Copics is that I chose a stamp I love and know I will use to the end of time and bought colors to work with it. (It’s a Hero Arts hydrangea, perfect for many occasions.) I acquired — one or two at a time — a range of pink and lavender markers, green for the leaves, and the blender pen. Next, I’ll pick up some yellow and orange ones to color a similarly versatile sunflower stamp. I just don’t color enough to buy a giant set all at once.

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    oh those lights!!!! I love the lights….and I got the cookie cutter thanks you lol so I probably need the die cut too

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      Cathy Zielske

      Aren’t they cute? I feel like I could watch those Lawn Fawn tutorials all day long. Unfortunately I have to work too. lol!

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    Jaclyn Rench

    I’ve been really wanting to invest in a stash of Copics, but it’s hard to justify the expense. After much research, it sounds as if the Promarkers from Windsor and Newton are highly comparable so I’ve ordered a sampling to try out.

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      fyi, I purchased some Windsor and Newton pigment markers on clearance at hobby lobby and do not like them at all…not worth even the clearance price. Although its a pain to buy copics one at a time, the hobby lobby 40% coupon makes them more reasonable. And they do go on sale when they have art supplies on sale.

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    I invested in 2010 about a month before I closed my store – whole display– I sold them like a crack dealer in parking lots – sitting in the Best Buy parking lot waiting to find out the other 49 year oldcraft addict was behind the building waiting for me. I would like to say I used my stash up – no not nearly – but with the new Hampton art tool I am finally becoming a better stamper – I peddled my stash this weekend at a sale – ah not worth my trouble to drag out – so it will be my art supplies – I only have about 10000$ left in inventory and I’m sure my granddaughters will use it? Or maybe I’ll cover my kitchen cabinets with it-
    As for tv – I watched Frank reminded me of my friends- I grew up with in the city! OH those days!
    I’m currrently a TLC and Lifetime addict – moving to the country I’m a little laid back – I am loving the Unity Stamp videos and dam that Lu- rue … and who knows I may be roaming in some spandex soon….

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      Cathy Zielske

      Omg. Too funny! I do know they are a MAJOR investment and me? I have the coloring skills of a small child, so I’ll probably not make the leap anytime soon.

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    Sharon F., CA

    I did not go down the rabbit hole, that is Copic, but tather went the watercolor route. The Tim Holtz distress pens are fantastic, very affordable as are the Stampin up watercolor pencils. Beautiful pigment. Watch Amy Tangerine videos and Jennifer Mc’s too. I also invested in the zig Real clean brush pens. The color is amazing. I started woth a dimple watercolor set from Michaels and loved the look. The key is the cold press watercolor paper. FOr copics-its sll about the paper you use and the ink you use to stamp your image. Have fun-can’t wait to see where this takes you!

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    Kimberly O.

    Ooooh…. I love my Copics. I don’t have ALL of them. I had come across this blog post https://debbiehodge.com/2011/09/basic-set-of-copic-marker/ and only bought those markers. I have exactly the amount that fits in one of the storage bags with marker slots sold by Copic.

    I also took an online class on Copics for Card Making at Online Card Classes. There is a LOT of good information in this class.

    Have you tried using any embossing folders with your die cut machine? I have a zillion of them, although I don’t always use them. Hobby Lobby currently has a lot of the Paper Studio embossing folders on clearance for $2.50 each. (I just bought 7 last Wednesday.)

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      Cathy Zielske

      I am thinking about taking some of the classes this summer at Online Card Classes. They are just so good! That Copic one looks great!

      And yes! I just made a card with embossing folders and they will be featured tomorrow on the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog, along with free download for a card sentiment!

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    Love having read some different posts on your blog lately (like this, the craft space etc) 🙂
    As for Copics… honestly? You.Need.Them! That’s it! 😉 No seriously, they are superior to ones like Promakers etc. Don’t go down the wrong (=cheaper) route just to later regret it. Just get a few Copic markers (Copic Sketch) and the expand your collection as you go (think birthday, Christmas etc) They are sooooo worth it. Really!

    As for cardstock go for the Neenah (Classic Crest Solar White). And you will want a good black ink pad that is so called “Copic friendly” to use with your Lawn Fawn stamps etc. Memento Tuxedo Black or MFT (My Favorite Things) HYBRID Black Licorice. I slightly prefer the MFT one as it stamps more proper “black” while the Memento comes out a bit more faded/”grey”.

    Hope this helps and please let us know what you decide to do 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      I love enabling comments! Lol! I figure, I could get a few… just a few… and start small. My daughter has about 9 or 10 and she said, “Oh mom, you can have mine when I get home from school.” So there is a start!

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    Oh Cathy. . .welcome to the world of Shameless! I started watching the a couple of years ago and I too was thinking that this was not the show for me. My nephew is a huge fan and told me a long time ago to check it out and then one day the weather was below 30 degrees, I had a remote and I watched the first 9 episodes in one day! I’ve been a Gallagher fan since then. I also like that they do some of the filming in my hometown Chicago. I will admit that when I talk to people and ask if they watch the show, I am a little embarrassed to say that I do, but once they admit that they watch too–a new friendship is found!! Frank is simply awful, but one dynamic I really enjoy is that those kids stick together because let’s face it. . .all they have is each other!!

    Regarding the stamping and die cutting, I’m slowly getting there too. I bought a couple of Copic Markers and yes, they are expensive. A slightly less expensive brand is Spectrum Noir, but Tombow do the trick as well. Because of my love for Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner, I want to start to make more cards as well and the best sentiment. . .something snarky from CZ! Can’t wait!!!

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      Cathy Zielske

      I’m just so happy that I realized that ALL of Season 7 was available to watch on the Showtime app! I was having total withdrawal and then thought, “Wait, maybe there is another season,” and boom! Now I just have to get on that treadmill to justify watching!

      And believe me, the saucy is coming. 😉

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    Oh Shameless. I so want to jump in and binge the heck out of that show. Unfortunately, I’ve committed to watching it with my husband. So after 6 months, we are only on season 3. Arg!

    Not a stamper or a die-cut girl (although my mom is…bought her a new fancy Cricut for her birthday), but I do love coloring. I just received Jenny Lawson’s latest “You are Here”. It’s amazing. And free therapy. And beautiful. And I almost have color block over fear I will screw it up I love it so much.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I think there is a secret that people don’t like to admit: it’s hard to share a show with someone who doesn’t have your, ahem, motivation to watch. I knew that I couldn’t do this with Dan. Although I’m sure he would like it. But… I do tend to watch on the treadmill… so that’s my justification! lol.

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    Vicki M.

    Have you ever been to Sandy Allnock’s website? sandyallnock.com She is an amazing colorist–with all types of mediums–copics, tombow, watercolor, zig clean color, pencils, etc. Watching her create a scene from a blank piece of paper is mesmerizing! She also has a copic class available. (I haven’t taken it because I only have a few copics!) You definitely can get lost in her videos. Enjoy!

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    I told you the last time you did a What Im Watching list to watch “Shameless”
    I promised you would LOVE it because let’s be honest, we are the same person. 😉
    You said you would give me credit when you watched…I’m waiting..
    Kidding of course, I just wanted to say I told you so!

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    Hi, Cathy,

    Copics are wonderful if you have the cash. I have the Spectrum Noir markers which are an ok substitute, but I can’t afford the Copics (the gold standard in alcohol markers). You can blend with them, and shade with them, and vary the intensity of the color, that’s what makes them so amazing. They are a little more forgiving than water colors, and I prefer the look of markers to colored pencils.

    I like the Tim Holtz inks, and I’ve been dying to try the Ken Oliver color bursts, but haven’t as of yet.

    I’ve been dappling with card making and some mixed media projects, lately. I don’t know if it follows any particular trend, I just like trying new things. Good luck in your creative outlets!

    As for TV zoning…I have a major case of spring fever, too! We’ve had wonderful temps., but rain nearly every day! I must admit it is wrecking my exercise routine. I’m in your FIT group, but you wouldn’t know it, if you saw me the last two weeks. (Confidentially, I hope to make it up with better weather.)

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    Lori Hudson

    I love Copics. I have taken their teacher certification class (brag, brag). Buy them. They are refillable and you can change out the nibs if you want to. I have never had to refill mine. That “Christmas Red and Green” (don’t remember the exact numbers) get used a lot. That being said, be very careful when ordering Copics online. Something happened with their factory in Japan (heard rumors of fire or just moving to another) and they are at least a year behind shipping sets. I know this because I bought Set A as a graduation gift for a close friend’s daughter… last May. When I purchased them, the site said they were “out of stock”. I had not anticipated this, so I started frantically looking for them. Nowhere to be found online. Out of stock everywhere. The site keeps teasing me that my order is expected about a month from now, but that month turns into the next month and so on. You can probably find individual markers at reputable art stores or maybe Michaels, but I would stay away from Amazon or Ebay or any site that says they have sets available. I noticed many of the ones available from Amazon were either fakes or old markers from several years ago. Good luck and go buy!

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    Deb c:

    I have learned to love Copics. When I first investigated them, I borrowed my daughter’s set…and hated them. Until I took the Online Card Classes Copic Markers for Card Makers class. So much information! I bought a small set of the Ciaos (=smaller and cheaper) and then expanded with another set and have since added a few here and there. They are refillable as well and 2 years in, I have only had to refill one. One of the biggest selling points for me was that they are “erasable” with the colorless blender…

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    Avra Williams

    I have never tried a Copic, and don’t plan to! I do own the entire set of Promarkers (used to be made by Letraset, now Winsor & Newton), and they are perfect for me! Still not cheap but much more affordable) and less intimidating to a “non-artist” than Copics. I also won a small set of Spectrum Noirs and they seem very comparable – I don’t have a wide enough selection of colors to comment on blendability but I have used them along with my Promarkers. And – for a totally different, but fun coloring experience – watch Jennifer’s videos on Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers (watercolors)!
    What I really need to do – is get back into my scrapbooking…can you help me with that?!

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      Try doing 1 layout next week.

      Day 1: Have the photos printed.

      Day 2: Pick them up, select a few for a 2 page layout, and crop them.

      Day 3: Choose the paper and a few embellishments that might work.

      Day 4: Put it together, making any corrections, additions, deletions, etc…

      Day 5: Repeat as needed.

      Days 6 & 7: Enjoy your weekend!

      By the end of the month you’ll have 8 – 10 pages done. By then you may get the scrapbooking bug back.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Love Diane’s suggestions! 🙂

      One thing to do to get the mojo back, go through your supplies and purge and organize. Sometimes seeing all the fun stuff you have can make you want to work with it!

      Or, think of five stories you might want to save. Pick one and make a page about that, regardless of whether you have the perfect photos or not. 🙂

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    Lynette Ballard

    Oh. I totally need that stamp set too. Ah. Lawn fawn is just too cute. I just recently bought some tombows…and a wink of stella…and a big shot just over the weekend. 🙂 I have been really getting into the card making thing—like really developing my skills—throughout the past year. Jennifer McGuire is a great enabler isn’t she? 🙂 And as for copics…not even going to think about them because of how much they are. I do LOVE my tombows though (and have just about all the colors I need at around 45 pens). I would love to see more cards and projects as you make them!

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    Heidi Tressler

    If you don’t want to commit to Copic. I love my Spectrum noir pens. They have kits that walk you through the coloring and blending. I also heard the chameleon ones are good.

    1. #18.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Good tip! I just saw a promo video for Chameleon color changing pens and they looked really cool!

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