Make a Page Monday: A Bit About You, Hybrid Scrapbook Page

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Simple scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at

Simple scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at
STORY OF THE PAGE: How to document a 17-1/2 year old in a way that isn’t cutesy or generally unappealing to said teen? That, my memory keeping friends, is always the challenge I face. I’m always looking for some cool, graphic ways to save those little bits of his life in a way that isn’t an assault on his coolness. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I don’t think he really cares, but… I still like to make pages that are, in my mind, cool enough for him. This page is just a simple details page, combining a few facts about my son with a few random photos, combined with some cool patterned papers and polygons shapes. And… it all came from a digital beginnings.

Hybrid scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at
DESIGN STUFF: The balance on this page is asymmetrical, with the key visual content shifted to the left side of the page, with the journal block and the white space providing balance on the right side. Repetition of shape is at work, with the six equal polygons containing photos or paper, and the small repeating cluster in the lower right. Repetition is the glue of any design. Repeating colors, shapes and patterns is one way to unify your layout.

Hybrid scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at
TECHNICAL SHIT: This is my favorite way to play with digital content: turn it into tangible, workable elements for my page. And, to use a digital template in a completely hybrid way. All three pieces of patterned paper are from this digital kit. I clipped papers into the layer masks and then dragged the paper and mask into a new document for printing. I made two copies of each one (in case I messed up) and then trimmed VERY close to the edges to cut them out. One of the things that is so fun about this, is you can take that full sheet of digital paper and size it down to make a much smaller pattern. This makes one sheet of digital paper so flexible in its end use. When I’m printing digital papers, I usually print on my HP Laser Jet using laser compatible cardstock. It just gives me better color matching. But when you use your ink jet printer, it also gives you another look altogether which can also be really cool. I printed out the photos by dragging the photos and layer masks to a new 4 x 6 Photoshop doc and then printing those on my Epson PictureMate Charm, which has become my favorite photo printer for 4 x 6 or smaller.

Simple scrapbooking with Cathy Zielske at
Finally, after watching an awesome process video from Mercy Tiara (who does a video series for Scrapbook & Cards Today), I learned a simple technique I never knew: die cut multiple characters of the same letter or number, stack and glue them together to create your own dimensional letters. WHAT? How did I not know this? Seriously. I used my Silhouette for this layout and my glue skills are a bit shaky, but I am HOOKED on this technique!

I do see more die cutting in my immediate future, as I am also now the proud owner of a Big Shot from Stampin’ Up. I realize I’ve been working in this scrapbook world for well over a decade now (heck, since 2003) but I’m a bit geeked over the possibilities of die cutting and—gasp—stamping. In fact, I’m working on a card sentiment stamp set because I have ideas for cards I’d like to do, and so… that’s going to happen.

Questions? Comments? By all means, fire away. Here’s to turning digital templates into hybrid pages.





Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: A Bit About You, Hybrid Scrapbook Page

13 Comments on “Make a Page Monday: A Bit About You, Hybrid Scrapbook Page”

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      Cathy Zielske

      I literally JUST sent in a new order for simple sentiments that are a bit fun and cheeky (coming for preorder soon!)

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    Neat page. I’m anxious to see the card sentiment stamp set because I try to make all my greeting cards. I have not ventured into the die cut world & only recently embraced heat embossing, which I am absolutely loving. Definitely a hybrid scrapper from before the term came to use. In fact, I thought I coined it—when people asked me if I was digi or traditional, I told them “combo,” but finally hit on calling it “hybrid” (about the time hybrid cars came out).

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, I’m not sure who coined ‘hybrid’ for digi/traditional combos. But it’s what I’ve been doing literally since my first layout (which was a hybrid page!)

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      Correction: I didn’t literally mean I coined the term “hybrid”—I hadn’t heard it yet, though, when I started using it. I think I first heard it here on your blog, Cathy, and went “Aha!”

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    I love this layout and will most likely scrap lift this for use on a layout about my bonus son at this stage of his life (he is 21 and doing the “I’m going to be a Rockstar” thing). On a completely different note, you mentioned the color laser jet that you use. Could you please share your opinion of this printer? I am currently researching for a replacement for my office ink jet that bit the dust a few weeks ago. I’d love the thoughts of someone who I consider “competent” instead of just relying on Amazon reviews from mostly computer-technology illiterate people. Thanks Cathy and thank you for continuing to share relevant layouts that are designed to suit older kids! Those of us without toddlers appreciate the non-cutesy. 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      I love my laser printer. LOVE. It has been a WORK horse for me. Now, only in the past few years did I make the connection that I could buy laser compatible card stock and print embellishments and cards with it. Will they last for all of eternity in terms of quality? Honestly? I’m not too concerned. 🙂 But I would buy this printer again in a heartbeat! It’s been great for work (I print out proof pages of Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine) and Dan uses it a lot for work, too.

      The only drawback? It’s about $300 to replace all the inks, which I do twice a year, it seems.

      1. #4.1.1

        Thank you Cathy! I really appreciate your thoughts on this one! $300 to replace all of the ink? Well, that’s actually cheap compared to the amount we were spending on ink for my Epson inkjet. And a bonus – as a company, we earn HP Points for our HP purchases and those points can be used to purchase other HP products. So my Ink consumption would earn us points for use on other office equipment. (Bonus!)
        Thank you again for taking the time to “review” your printer. I will definitely add this one to my “possibles” list!

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    As the mom of two teen boys, I love this! Occasionally I get frustrated at scrapbook world’s focus on young and feminine. I mean, I do love a beautiful floral or whatever, and I can adapt as necessary, but really, the lack of masculine or even neutral products is pretty glaring. Thanks for acknowledging the other half of the population.

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    Love this! Totally going to scraplift this for my 17.5 yo son! what fonts did you use on this page? Thanks for the inspiration.

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