Scrapbook Your Year, February 2017 Pages

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Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske at

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske at
Another month, another set of pages in my year long memory keeping project known as Scrapbook Your (or rather, My) Year!

This month marks a record low in terms of the number of photos I shot in a single month: 96. Okay, technically it was around 200 but so much of what I shoot is several shots of the same thing (for blog posts, work projects, etc.) that I am trying to get into the habit of deleting all those extra images. I don’t need them so they should go. It’s a new habit I am working on, so… here are the pages for February 2017.

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske at
Once again, every image on a page comes from my iPhone 6. I feel like my big old DSLR is feeling pretty neglected these days in terms of everyday photos. That photo of Cole on the mic though? Am I right? Swoon. Also? Me and Dan in the sun? Selfie gold.

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske at
The big outing last month? Going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the touring Broadway production. I mention on the page that it took all three of us (me, Aidan and Dan) a while to be won over by the lead actor, mostly because we’ve seen the movie version so many times that John Cameron Mitchell (creator and originator of Hedwig) is just so engrained on our psyches, but… that said, Euan Morton totally won us over. (In fact, this press tour clip shows just how wonderful a singer he is, for you Hedwig fans.)

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske at
More slices of life. Sigh. How is this all going by so quickly?

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske at
And the wrap up page to wrap up the month. Simple, straightforward and doing its job which is that of saving images and words from my life.

It’s all good, people.

To see all of 2017 so far, click here.


Registration for Scrapbook Your Year is open year round! You can jump in and learn my method for organizing and executing a year-long album project using four pages and roughly 30 photos (or less) per month. Click on the image above for more information or to register today!

Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, February 2017 Pages

5 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, February 2017 Pages”

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    Chris H

    I had 65 photos that I backed up and archived for February. Been going through the past years and whittling it all down, so being picky about what to save now is very freeing. Still got 4 full pages for the month in PL. Score!!!

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    Barb in AK

    Cathy, I am never, ever bored by your pages or your life. Amazing photos, layouts, and journaling….. You always inspire! Thank you for sharing your passion.

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