Cathy Makes a Card No. 02: stamping, coloring and stitched dies

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Welcome to another edition of Cathy Makes a Card, the series wherein I, a new card makers, share with you a card I made and what I’m learning as I go. This card features a number of techniques, some of which I nailed and some of which, well, let’s just say I winged it.
I will tell you this: I am having WAY too much fun making cards. And one of the big reasons? Stitched dies. In today’s video, I am using a basic, all-purpose, stitched rectangle shape dies from Lawn Fawn, as well as one of their border die sets. I never knew how cardmakers got that faux stitched look. I always thought it was a punch, or maybe they just made little cuts along the edges. Yes, I was that green. But these stitched die sets are probably my favorite thing on the planet right now, next to coffee and watching my offspring play ultimate.

One of the reasons I’m in love with this whole nested shape die thing is that they make it SO easy to create cards with lovely, perfectly spaced margins. If you’ve ever taken a scrapbooking class with me, you know I’m nothing if not about even margins. Even margins rule my world.
There are a few things I learned while making this card:

  1. Always stamp your sentiments before you assemble the card. I completely forgot this. I made the top panel and then stamped the sentiment. It worked out just fine, because of the incredible MISTI tool and its magical powers to help you perfectly place your stamp, but having all the extra layers made my impression a bit heavier than it would have been with just the single piece of patterned paper. Duly noted.
  2. Do not squeeze your Wink of Stella pen after the intial priming. I couldn’t tell if the Wink of Stella pen was flowing that well when I went to add some shimmer to my stamped rose. Turns out it was, but I went ahead and squeezed the pen and ended up with what I like to call a Glob of Stella. When I purchased my pen, I actually had to watch a YouTube clip to figure out how to get it going. I think if you’re new to this pen, it’s worth watching. You don’t need to do it more than once, from what I gathered but for whatever reason, it went in one ear and out the other. Again, duly noted.
  3. Always stamp some extra images you plan to color. If you’re new like me, you’re going to make mistakes. If you don’t like mistakes, have some extra to play with. Easy peasy, plus you get in more practice with whatever coloring technique you’re playing with.
  4. You don’t need a ton of markers to make something awesome. I am just getting into Copic markers and to learn more about them, I am taking an online class called Copic Markers for Card Makers. As tempting as it to want to buy ALL the things Copic related, I’m learning that you can do a lot with just a few markers.

Here is the video and I’m definitely going to work on getting faster so my videos are shorter, but right now, it does take me a bit longer to do this stuff, even with sections of the clip sped up for the sake of time.

I’m also planning to do a post soon about stuff I think is helpful to a new card maker. It’s so fun to have this perspective right now, because I am so new to all of this and I’d like to share what I’ve learned and how much I’ve spent to get started on making stuff.

Thanks for visiting today and all supplies are listed below!

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Cathy ZielskeCathy Makes a Card No. 02: stamping, coloring and stitched dies

27 Comments on “Cathy Makes a Card No. 02: stamping, coloring and stitched dies”

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    April Z.

    I love the card! And I enjoyed watching the video. You crack me up! I’ve had a similar incident with my Wink of Stella pen. 🙂

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, I really should have paid attention to the video I linked! lol. Live and lear. Just say no to Glob of Stella!

  2. #2
    Tammy B

    Ha ha ha! Loved the reminder on the ‘wink’ of stella! I, too, have done this and it makes the project look almost dirty. You only need to squeeze the pen if you’re going to add some splatter to the card. Something for another day maybe?! ? Oh, and when your stella runs low on the liquid, you can add a bit of water to keep that glimmer going!

  3. #4
    Teresa Doyle

    Such a great card Cathy and a fantastic video, I was so entertained I was sorry to see it end!
    I too am taking the Online Copic Card Class for beginners. However, the rate I am doing it though and the time I have to dedicate to it makes me glad its for life! LOL I am quite certain I will die before I can achieve my goal! BUT, I will have fun trying!!!
    Can’t wait to see the video for beginner card makers (for the entertainment) but you might not want to scare them off with telling how much it cost you to get started! Bahahaha
    (So glad I found you!)

  4. #5
    Heather Johnson

    I am so enjoying these videos. I am new at this as well (so interesting that I discovered cards at the exact same time you did) and it is bringing me so much happiness. I am going to take that class. And watch more Jennifer McGuire videos. I keep buying things on Amazon and at Simon Says Stamp after I see her do something….my husband is going to kill me!

  5. #6
    carol ann

    A-dor-a-ble card, Cathy! Love ya, girl! Gotta say I’m tickled that you leave in your mistakes because everyone makes them and let’s face it, sometimes they help make our cards and artwork into better things (yeah for that!)

    Just wanted to add a couple things if you’re a newbie to making cards… an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock makes 2 cards (4.25 x 5 1/2), so since you’re making one card, do two! You already have the supplies out so one is for your intended person, the other, your emergency stash. Yep, we have those!

    Also, if you need to use a heat gun, DON’T USE IT on a self healing cutting mat. They will warp! I place my images to be embossed, flat on my counter and hold them with a popsickle stick if the image is too close to my fingers. I’m not into that “mid-air” embossing. I’m happy it works for you, though!

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Oh GOOD tip on the mat and heat embossing. I do have a wooden cutting board, a small one, and I have been using that, too! So many great tips from readers like you. Thank you!

  6. #8

    You had me laughing so hard at your Glob of Stella. Why? Well, because you named yours something much nicer than I named mine. Seriously. Wow. And I am NOT one to have all the things, or duplicates, but… you might want to check out the Spectrum Noir Clear Overlay. It’s a similar item, but actually clear, while Stella has a bit of color to her.

  7. #11
    Julie B

    You are awesome sauce!! One more Wink of Stella hint: don’t forget to wipe off the tip when you switch to a new color or it may transfer some of the color you were working on to the new area. Ask me how I know that one….
    Keep up the great work!!

  8. #12

    Another cute video! I noticed the nails right away. 🙂 It’s fun watching your process and learning curve. I’ve been eyeing those stitched rectangles for a while myself…

  9. #14
    Mary S

    Cathy, I am so happy that you are making cards now and doing videos. It is so much fun. I get a lot of my Copics at the MCAD (Mpls College of Art & Design) art store. Price is reasonable and they have every color.

  10. #15
    Mel H

    Even margins rule the world! I love the shabby chic style, but the years of training in print and typesetting won’t let me go there….I can’t even fake it.

  11. #16
    Barb R.

    Love your card and video! I didn’t figure this out, but I can’t remember where to give the credit – when lining up the layers, try putting them in the MISTI to get the edges/corners to match. It was on a card-maker’s video somewhere! Obviously doesn’t work when you are trying to get the smaller panel centered in the larger.

  12. #17

    This is the best thing that’s happened to me since I ‘discovered’ you as a scrapper. I’ve been making cards too lately and love the simple approach you have always stayed true to. I love that you get me to laugh out loud and learn at the same time. Loved the nod to Queen Jennifer! You are so flipping funny!!!! I also love to use the word love, obvi.

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