New Simple and Saucy Sentiment Stamps from CZ Design (Preorder your sets beginning today!)

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Today I’m launching a preorder for two new stamp sets and yes, you guessed it, they revolve around card sentiments. Both are basic word sentiment sets, but one is a little sassy (and simple) the other is a bit saucy. I wanted to design some simple sentiments that I could use when making cards for my friends, a group of sassy and saucy ladies who would appreciate a bit of cheek in the mail. I also wanted something I could combine with all these cute critter stamps I’m starting to collect that would create a fun, albeit slightly incongruous message. (The critters on these cards are from the Mama Elephant Party Animals collection.)

Here are the new sets that are open for preorder now!

Simple Sentiments No. 01 4 x 6 photopolymer stamp set 

This set features a clean, slightly airy sans serif face in all caps. Simple and classic, and it covers a lot of ground! Mix, match and make some fun on any project with these word strips.

The next set is decidedly more saucy. If you are not a fan of swears, this is not the set for you. In fact, you may not want to view it, although I have blurred out the most offensive letters. On the other hand, if you are a salty sue, this might be just the set for you.

Saucy Sentiments No. 01 3 x 4 photopolymer stamp set

Preorders will be open until Thursday, April 13th at 5 p.m. CST. After that, these sets will only be available on a limited basis. You will be billed at the time of the order and the stamps should ship in two to three weeks after the preorder close date, though likely it will be sooner.

Other critter stamps are from the Lawn Fawn Party Animal stamps (and dies) collection. 

The dies for the card panels are also from Lawn Fawn.


Cathy ZielskeNew Simple and Saucy Sentiment Stamps from CZ Design (Preorder your sets beginning today!)

52 Comments on “New Simple and Saucy Sentiment Stamps from CZ Design (Preorder your sets beginning today!)”

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    Cathy I fecking love these, the first set is just so beautifully clear and well set out. Plus the second, there’s always need for an option like this, when “thinking of you” isn’t enough for dear friends!!

  2. #2

    I love how well they pair with little critters. I never would have thought, ‘cute little bunny needs a saucy saying’ but it totally works! Keep doing you, please. 🙂

    1. #2.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Right? I mean, you know that little bunny isn’t really holding a bottle of wine, but come on! It SO could be! 😉

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    Stephanie B

    Well, this is groundbreaking. I love these. I’ve never preordered anything before, but there’s a first time for everything.

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Awesome! The main reason I do it this way is that a) I’m a small business and I can’t afford to keep a bunch of product on hand at this time and b) I never know how many to order. Some preorders have had a lot, some not so much, but this insures that if people want it, they get it and I know how much to order, and how many shipping supplies to order, etc. 🙂

      There is a good chance they will ship sooner, but… I do use an American company, and they too are a small business who care about quality, so… it’s hopefully worth the wait!

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    nerdgrl (Kim S.)

    OMG!!!! I HAVE to have these! Yes, yes, yes!!!! So like how my BFF and I talk with one another (we’ve known each other over 40 (yikes!) years.

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yay! Yeah, me and my besties? We are the saltiest sea dogs around. It’s just how we all grew up, that’s it. There are far worse vices than swearing. Lord knows, I can vouch for that one! 🙂

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    Kimberly O.

    I *LOVE* these two sets!! 🙂 My pre-order has been sent in. I also rarely ever pre-order anything but I need these sets. I guess I’ll also have to order the Party Animals set from Mama Elephant… LOL Great job Cathy!!!

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      So appreciate the support! But yeah, aren’t those Party Animals ridiculously adorable? I mean, you can make ’em saucy with my stamps, but you can also use them for kids and others, too, with my more tamed down stamps. Win win!

  6. #8
    Lisa Wright

    Ordered both! CZ does it again! Cannot wait to use these on my cards as now they will sound more like me!!

  7. #9

    I just pre-ordered! Love both sets! I just love your style. (Not gonna find these in my Stampin Up catalog! 🙂 ) Keep up the good – and sometimes saucy- good work!!

    1. #9.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Lol! TRUTH! Although I do love my brand new Stampin’ Up inks! I can use ’em with these sentiments!

  8. #10
    Dawn Gross

    These are the best! Love your simple card making style! You’re making dust off the stamping stuff! Well done!!

  9. #11

    Finally! Stamp sets that say what I’m really thinking 🙂 Thank you for creating these….I would purchase even more designs along these lines

  10. #12


    Are you serious right now??? I LOVE THESE STAMPS!! When I saw your Instagram post this morning I had no idea how extra awesome these stamps would be.

    I want ALL THE THINGS!!!

    Thank you.

  11. #13

    Love them! Stupid Lent I’ve done so well, LOL. So after the preorder ends, how hard will it be to find these?

  12. #15
    chris s

    so VERY glad to finally see something other than all the fricken cutesy crap out there!!! thanks, cathy, you rock!!

  13. #16

    Order placed. No hesitation. These sentiments will go perfectly with my Tim Holtz crazy birds! So for your next set may I suggest liberal use of the term “sucks” – as in “that sucks!” “sucks that you’re … sick/sad/injured/having surgery” or my personal fave “sucks to be you”. Because I’m just a sucker for anything CZ!!! 🙂

  14. #17

    Cathy, I love your sentiment set. I have a 70/30 rule when it comes to purchasing stamp sets. Which means I need to have a plan to use 70% of the stamp set on multiple projects before I make a purchase. Your set exceeded my rule. Thanks for creating a great set. But be careful those cute little critters seem to multiply and need a lot of friends. The good news is it’s very easy to find lots of friends.

  15. #18

    Love these stamps and ordered them both!!!! When I saw the exchange rate (I’m in Canada) I almost died, but then I thought “f*uck it, I love em, I’m gettin them”. Coincidence that “f*uck it” is one of the stamps? No! It was a bloody sign!

  16. #19

    LOVE!!!! My friend and I were just at the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo today talking *ahem….complaining* about all the cutesy sentiments out there. Where the hail were ones that fit us?!? Well lo and behold, a few hours later I see your Instagram post. A few minutes of frenzied fingers flying across keyboards and we’d each ordered both sets. Woop!

    1. #19.1
      Cathy Zielske

      🙂 I was hoping there’d be some people that would appreciate them. Thank you so much for your purchase!

    1. #20.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Oh, wow! I totally forgot to add them… well, I’m not sure if I can add the salty ones or not. Maybe not. But the Simple Sentiments… yes, I need to get on it for next week!

  17. #25
    Karen James

    Aww….man. How did I miss the chance to pre-order by a few hours. So sad. PLEASE CONSIDER OPENING YOUR PRE-ORDER BACK UP. PLEEEEAAASEE!

    1. #25.1
      Cathy Zielske

      There will be a few extras and then you will be able to buy them again! I promise! If you email me today I’ll put you on a list and email you first after all the orders have shipped. I ordered extras of both. : )

      1. #25.1.1
        Karen James

        Hi Cathy. I sent a message through your contact me section on your website. I don’t have an email for you. Thanks!

  18. #27
    Paula Laird

    Could I be put on a list to purchase set 1? I had in my head that the preorder date was today! Sorry you caught the crud may be the most useful stamp sentiment ever!!! (And if not on the list, no worries, and kudos on such brilliant sets!) Oh, and now I notice that I should email instead of comment, so I will do that, too!

    1. #27.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Paula! Watch my blog this week for a big announcement on those stamps! Yes, is the short answer!

  19. #28

    Whatttt?? Thanks to SSS sharing your photo on Insta, I’m here and NEED these stamps! When will the next presale be?

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