Present Participle List for April 2017

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Here are a few things happening at present:

Learning to use Tim Holtz Distress Inks. That’s right, I just typed that. It’s public knowledge. Me, the one not exactly known for anything that is not clean, simple or carefully controlled. I have known Tim for many years now, as an alumni of the esteemed faculty at Creating Keepsakes University. He hooked me up with these minis, and also sent me two of his water brushes. I played with them over the weekend and let me just say: I had NO idea I could paint. And it’s not that I can paint, oh say… the Sistine Chapel, but I can paint on stuff I’ve stamped and so far, it’s a freaking blast! (I’ll be sharing what I made later this week!)

Making cards. I know. This is basically a continuation from the previous item, but you guys, seriously! I am having so much fun learning about card making and All The Things. I truly feel like it’s inspiring all areas of my creative life, and as a person who makes her living off coming up with ideas that hopefully people will want to spend their money on, this is a good thing.

Rocking my Instastory. Okay, maybe I’m giving myself more credit that I deserve but I’ve been having a lot of fun with my @czdesign Instagram account and story. This is essentially my business’ Instagram account and it’s a place where I can frequently post about scrapbooking or crafty stuff and never wonder, “Should I post more photos of plants or food?” There may or may not be on any given day: behind the scenes peeks, works in progress, and singing.

Preparing to head out of town next weekend to see my lovely Aidan and her fellow ultimate players compete at the D3 Collegiate Womens’ Conference Regionals. Yes, it’s Easter weekend, and I will be watching frisbee. First time I’ve ever missed Easter with the entire Zielske clan, but I wanted to support my girl so I’ll be road tripping to Iowa. My plan? Load up my iPhone with S-Town. That oughta make the miles fly!

Working on a new e-course called Design Your Life 2.0. This class will be my first live e-course, meaning there is a set time period to sign up and take the class. (Of course, once you sign up, you can access it for as long as I run my little online business! But there will be a limited registration period, and new lessons each week.) I am making all of the layout assignments for the class this month and sorting out what will be covered each week. This is a new workshop and not a continuation of the old Design Your Life course I taught years ago. That said, it’s design education and design is evergreen, my friends. The core concepts do not change, just how we interpret them and play with them. There will be tons of downloads, templates, printables—and of course, weekly video lessons where I really get into each concept. I have nearly 15 years worth of layouts to share with you, all designed to help you become a better page designer. Stay tuned for more info and if you’re not already a subscriber, please sign up here. There will be promotional pricing as well as a special additional discount for my former students. That said, if you are a former student, you will need some form of proof for your registration. I won’t be picky about it, I promise. But I do not have the original email lists from Big Picture. So, we’ll sort it out. Again, more info coming soon!

Setting up a place to film better videos for both classes and quite possibly, my sad little YouTube channel. Much of what I’ve done in terms of public video instruction has been done a) as a screencast and b) on Vimeo. Part of why I chose to use Vimeo back in the day was that it was commercial free (still is) and it seemed like the community in general had less… how does one say, crazy mean people? But I’m moving into the modern era and one of the things I want to do is share more of the physical process of how I create. Hybrid scrapbooking is one of my happy places so why not share more of that via YouTube and show you how I actually make the finished pages in real time, right? Just sorting it all out. I don’t really have a high end video camera so I’m going to test some of this out using a good old fashioned iPhone and some controlled lighting. The main goal, of course, is for better class videos (aside from the usually screen cast presentations you’ll find in all of them.) Wish me luck! I’m hoping to film a card video today or tomorrow to test it out.

And that’s all I have for right now. What are you doing right now?

PREORDER YOUR SENTIMENT STAMPS TODAY! I’m collecting preorders until Thursday at 5 p.m. CST! The response has been so great and I can’t wait to call up my manufacturer and get the stamp order in the pipeline! If you’d like to place an order today, click here. You will be billed at the time of the order, and should have the stamps in two to three weeks following the close date on Thursday. (Unless they come sooner, which also happens sometimes!)





Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for April 2017

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    Funny thing, I have changed laptops at least 3 times AND totally cleaned out my office (including throwing away a lot of BPS/BPC printed class stuff) since I took DYL back in 2008 so I thought ‘how will I ever find proof that I took the class’, then I remembered the red binder I put class materials in and walked into my scrap space and went right to it, flipped through and found my fave layout instruction from the class AND went to our family 2008 album and found the layout I made. I took a pix of both, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing my proof, I know I did!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yep, that is all you need. Honestly, you can just tell me you were a student! I wish I had the list of students, but at the time, I was just a teacher for BPC and did not have access to the back end stuff. The new BPC was supposed to provide me with the lists, but alas, never did.

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    Tammy B

    Right now…staring out my kitchen window at the first snowfall of April. It would be pretty if it was November!

    Trying to decide what to do today. Crafting is fun but cleaning is necessary. Actually, crafting is necessary as well, since I have a lot of cards to make for some very specific people for very specific reasons! 😉

    Wondering if I should turn up the furnace some more or just suck it up and put on a heavier sweater. 🤔 It is spring, after all!

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    I was recently looking through my scrapbooks and I can always recognize the pages I made from DYL. That was a great class! I LOVE LOVE LOVE every page I made from that class. It was one of the few classes that I actually completed every assignment. Can’t wait to see your new class.

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    I love your instastories. Loved the spontanious Carpenters sing-along, it put a smile on my face at just the right moment when I needed some happiness. Thanks!

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    Pedita Hall

    Hi Cathy,

    Have you thought of using the video mode on your DSLR? I’ve seen some media videographers use it over traditional video cameras with amazing footage. Just a thought!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes! I have tried it, but… the problem i have is not having the proper mount to be able to film table top. I’m working out a solution for that presently, and it possibly will let me use my DSLR. The other problem is the 5D II does not autofocus, so it’s tricky to get it nailed. It’s been the bane of my existence for a while!

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    Pedita Hall

    Oh, bummer. Regardless of the quality the best thing about your videos is your sense of humour!

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    Check out Tim’s Creative Chemistry classes at Online Card Classes – there are 3. Awesome stuff and makes even a clean and simple girl want to get dirty grungy! He may be filmed everything with his iPhone??? Quality is great. Looking forward to DYL 2.0. Loved the first class and still use that info on pages and cards!

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    If this is ANYTHING like your blogs when you critiqued layouts you stalkers had done. . .I would love it. I’m worried it is going to end up being at the exact time I am laid up for several weeks this summer. I love those blogs so much that I might just sign up anyway 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      I am considering doing layout critiques within the context of the class Facebook group… but I’m not sure about that one yet. 🙂 I’m still working on the core education content, after that, I’ll consider the rest!

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    will the class discussion/sharing take place in a forum or on Facebook?

    I don’t use Facebook. That limits the classes I can take since most classes today have all the good community interaction and sharing and questions on FB these days.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Unfortunately, yes. Sorry about that!

      Hopefully one day in the future, I can have a gallery and board, but right now, cost wise, I cannot hire someone to do that just yet. 🙂

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    Love your distress I have all of them arranged by the groups they came in (yes I am anal like that lol) I can’t wait to see the new class.

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    Cathy, I am thrilled you are starting a new class. I’m all in! I will take a photo of my previous class notebook for the discount. I’m glad you are enjoying the stamping and card. It’s fun to start a new hobby. But creating simple, clean layouts with professional design elements is why I follow you. You are the best at it. And your personality is so fun and real. Can’t wait to hang out with you virtually in this new class. Woohoo!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yay! I have MUCH work to do… but I’m halfway through creating the layout content for the class assignments. Will have more info in May!

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    Heidi Tressler

    Heading to Iowa for ultimate. Would that be Ames again? Because seriously if you are going to be in Cedar Falls instead I’ll take you to lunch or dinner or both. I have to find see what proof I can find on DYL. Loved the first class.

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      Cathy Zielske

      It is Ames! Big weekend with my girl! And remember, all I’ll ask for is a picture of one of the pages. I highly doubt most people have their e receipts! : )

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    Currently, I’m recovering from your Dan/Har Mar meme blogpost, subscribing to your CZDesigns instagram account, digging Tim’s Distress Oxide inks. Run, don’t walk. They are not available in the adorable mini size but they are fantabulous. Seriously.

    1. #16.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I have heard they are amazing. I will try them eventually. Right now I’m so enamored with the Distress Minis… for real!

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