Cathy Makes a Card 06: Graduation Card

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Graduation season is upon us, friends. And no, Cole is not part of the graduating class of 2017! He has one more glorious year of high school left… and yes, I plan to savor the whole thing! That said, I have some nieces, nephews and friends who are moving on to the world after high school and so I wanted to design some all-purpose cards to serve as cute cash delivery vehicles.
Today’s tutorial shows you how I made this adorable card above. I had so much fun while I was making it, I made on in yellow, too.
A tip from someone on Instagram reminded me to try out Strathmore Bristol paper to achieve better results with ink blending and whaddya know? It helped this newbie get better results! True, it took me a long time (about 10 minutes per background) to get the blending to look right, but I swear that once the ink really settles into the paper, it smooths out a bit. I still have too heavy a hand with this stuff, but I’m getting just a teensy bit better with every try.

Here’s the tutorial showing how I made the pink version of the card.

I’m still really obsessed with the stackable shape dies, especially the ones I used on this card (Lawn Fawn’s Large Dotted Rectangles). I need to get the small set, too! I mention this in the video, but someone had asked me on social media how I managed to get the dotted look on the card base. It’s simply the largest die panel (4.25 x 5.5 inches) and you mount that onto a folded card base. Again, I love the look of those gorgeous dots and even margins.

Here’s to all of your graduating seniors. Sending hugs to all the mamas, papas and other guardians. You’ll get through it, trust me.


Cathy ZielskeCathy Makes a Card 06: Graduation Card

15 Comments on “Cathy Makes a Card 06: Graduation Card”

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    Cute card! And your blending looks great. I have just learned about Bristol, but haven’t purchased any yet. FYI, I decided to try Chameleons—I guess they’re similar to Copics, but with a different blending concept. They just arrived 2 days ago and now I’m obsessed!! I love that the company has so many helps for the customer—all free: downloadable tutorials, pages for swatches, timing charts, and a free newsletter. Yes, they are expensive (but still less than Copics), but I’m playing with overlaying colors and wow! Incredible. You can achieve so many more colors this way. I also like it that you can order just a single pen to try it (albeit pricey), sets of 5 in the same tonal range, sets of 20, 30 & 50. I just got the 20, but it comes with a Detail Pen (which is too cool!) and a Blending Pen—sort of like bleach to lighten areas already colored. The tutorials made by the company are short (1.5-3 minutes) and EXCELLENT. There are others made by designers that are also good (and still free). The pens are refillable and nibs can be replaced. I don’t suggest you switch as you’ve already invested so much, but for a newbie I think they are wonderful. So glad I researched a lot before making the purchase. I was ready to get Spectrum Noir when I stumbled onto Chameleons.

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    P.S. I’m not investing in a die cutting machine, so I’m wondering if anyone knows of a stamp or stencil that gives a similar stitching impression.

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      Tammy B

      You could use a ruler and a paper piercer. It won’t be quite as subtle as this die. Or if you’re a sewer you could use a sewing machine.

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      Audrey V

      I also don’t want to invest in a die cutting machine, but I do have an embossing machine. Does anyone know of an embossing folder that does the same stitching impression?

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    Jennifer Cole

    Great tips! I’ll have to remember the one about using the Misti to line up the base and the panel. I just started experimenting with Distress blending and yours definitely looks better than mine. I get too impatient and my hand gets heavier. I love your videos!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, a few people told me and it was pretty great to be able to quickly line up panels on card bases!

      That paper also made a difference. But I also think I could have gone much simpler and just done spun sugar at the top and worn lipstick at the bottom. I’m thinking there are other Tim Holtz pinks I need to be acquiring! 😉

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    I’m so glad you entered the world of stamping because I LOVE your videos! I’ve been stamping for a while and never heard the tip about using the misti to line up panels! Brilliant!

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    Leanne in Cali

    That is too cute! Love the elephant with the graduation hat. Thanks for your great video!!

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