Cathy Makes a Card No. 03: stencils and distress ink blending

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Welcome to another installment of Cathy Makes a Card! Today’s card involves a stencil, blending of Distress Inks and possibly an error in assembling the final card. What can I say, ladies? I’m no expert!

That said, I had a blast making this card and it was just messy enough to be interesting and yet still remain simple and elegant.

Blending is not a skill I would say is in my wheelhouse at present. However, using a stencil really helped me to get the hang of it.

I managed to keep this video a bit shorter for your time management concerns. Enjoy! All supplies are listed below the clip!

The ‘hello’ sentiment will eventually be turned into a word die that I’ll be adding to my collection at Simon Says Stamp. I created this one on my card using my Silhouette and a font called Brave Script. I’m working on a word die set using that font in a handful of words. In the meantime, check out some of these word die sentiments you could use! One of the things that I never knew about was stacking die cuts to create dimension. It’s such an easy technique to try!


Cathy ZielskeCathy Makes a Card No. 03: stencils and distress ink blending

27 Comments on “Cathy Makes a Card No. 03: stencils and distress ink blending”

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    carol ann

    Hi, I’m Carol and I’m addicted to card making. There, I’ve admitted it. I’ll also admit I’ve made the same mistake on sadly, more-than-one occasion. LOL Love ya, Cathy! Pretty card 🙂

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        Deborah P

        Oh, I doubt you’ll make that same mistake. I’ve always found there are PLENTY other mistakes available to make that I don’t have to repeat myself. 🙂

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    I love your videos. Techniques and products are fresh and new to you, and you you have a talent for making me laugh. thanks.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Oh, this is ALL new to me. And it’s so fun. I wish I could not do other work and just do this! 🙂

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    I am SO happy you got into card making. I’ve been a card maker for over twenty years. As I’m trying to now “catch up” (sorry Ali but I scrap chronologically ?) on my kids’ scrapbooks I’ve limited card making to Christmas. You’ve inspired me to bring it back front and center and I’m having a blast! I love all of your work but I particularly enjoy your blog and videos. Please stay the course and keep the motivation and ideas coming!

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    You are not alone. I think all card makers have put a panel on the wrong way. More than once! Sometimes you can peel it off or use “Un-do” to get it off. You can even cut that whole flap off and stick it on another folded blank card. I love the colours that you used and your blending looks wonderful.

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    Love the card!! Thank you for all the techniques! I just started into card making, too… I had NO idea about the laying of the die cuts either!

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    Leanne in Cali

    I love this! Great card and I’ve made that same mistake before, putting something on upside down. Thanks for sharing your awesome video!!

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    April Z.

    I love the card! The colors are great and I think you did a wonderful job with your ink blending. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those distress spray bottles. Do they work differently than a regular spray bottle?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well, good question. I’ve never used a regular sprayer bottle for crafting! Lol! I think they would work the same, but you know, I had to have the THINGS.

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    You definitely don’t need multiple blending tools, Cathy.
    Save your budget for more stamps or inks.

    I just have the one tool and lots of sponges (use a coupon!)

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      Cathy Zielske

      Right, I kind of agree. Plus, I don’t have a lot of space to expand into. I’m kind of packed to the gills in my dining room as it is!

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    Deborah P

    It never occurred to me that the sponge would fit under the case. That was an eye opener for me. Thanks!

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    Tammy B

    I sometimes have trouble getting my matte medium to flow. I find that if my house is cold it doesn’t work as well. Try adding a few drops of water to thin it out a bit. It won’t change how it works.

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    Awesome! I always have to double (triple?) check to make sure I’ve got the stamped sentiment on the inside going the right way too! lol! Here’s a tip I learned for stacking die cut words. Do you have an old sticky mat from your Cameo? I use an old Cricut mat and it holds the bottom die cut in place when I glue and I just keep gluing and stacking from there. I use my spatula to get it up. I’m enjoying your videos!

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    I love the colors that you blended and using the stencil to do it – brilliant! I have a few distress inks but have not been brave enough to attempt to use them. I don’t think the colors I have will go together very well but you’ve inspired me to give it a try! And putting the sentiment on upside-down? Yep, more than once here. I can’t ever seem to remember to check for the opening first. Thank you for doing this card making series. I am learning so much from you. Youtube overwhelms me a bit because there are so many people making videos and I seem to always click on the ones where the presenter is speaking in a foreign language and their videos are 100 times faster than any normal person can actually create. I like your videos so much better, please keep making them!

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    Teresa Doyle

    So super cute Cathy! I can’t wait to get the Simple Sentiment No.1 set of your, I know I’ll use it a lot.

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    Laura BC

    My tip from working with due cuts (although I never knew about stacking them before I saw you do it either)….
    I use removable tape to because then I have something bigger to hang on to when lining up the die cut. I get it in place and then pull off the tape.

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    I love it!! I would not have known the mistake until you pointed it out. Other than that, the card is perfect and I love the simplicity. You’re awesome, Cathy! You got the hang of this card making. In no time you’ll be a pro just like Kristina Werner. Can’t wait to see more of your cards. Go Cathy!

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    I giggled a lot at the end of this video. How many times have we all done that ourselves?
    Another suggestion (to save stacking sentiments five times) is to cut one sentiment from paper and another from the fun foam. Insta-stack! 🙂 I have been using the needle-tip applicators (which you fill with your adhesive of choice) from Club Scrap. Their liquid glue is also awesome and has a variety of uses. I love that you’re getting messy these days. I bet next you’ll try spackle/texture paste in your stencils. So fun!

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    I have had a crappy day, but I just watched all 3 of your card videos and I am still laughing! Thank you Cathy! Your cards are gorgeous!

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