Go big or go home?

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I did it. I got me a giant assed phone.

My son, who has actually taken very good care of his electronics over the years, had a fatal screen smashing and it was time to revisit the family phone plan.

I hemmed and hawed at getting myself a new phone. I’ve had the same phone for almost three years (iPhone 6) and it works just fine but in switching to a new company, we had to switch phones. The prices were great (iPhone 6s for free ain’t too shabby!) so I decided to jump to the big daddy phone, the iPhone 7 Plus. And for about 24 hours I hated it.

It was stupid big. It looked dumb in my hand. It hurt my wrists. I was about one phone call away from paying a restocking fee when I decided to take a photo with it using the Portrait Mode. The shot I took? This one:

Yes, that is an unedited photo of my teenager who is not actually angry here, you understand. But the quality of that depth effect and the image itself made me think, “Okay, maybe it DOES look stupid big, but hello photo!”

Then my daughter popped home over the weekend and right before she left, I took this:

Again, unedited. This is what my iPhone 7 Plus saw and delivered.

And that was it. I was keeping it, regardless of how silly it looked in my little bird hands.

I’m still thinking it’s a bit awkward, but no worries. I just remember how great the camera is and I think I’ll manage if it means I get gems like this:



Cathy ZielskeGo big or go home?

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    Wow! You make me want a new phone now! I took a few photo’s yesterday with my iPhone 5… yes, I lost my iPhone 6 so I’ve had to go back to my old phone while I wait for my contract to expire… and they were rubbish. So much grain in not so bad light but hey, it’s recorded the memory although I do want the 7!

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    My husband pushed me into the 7 plus because I would watch Netflix on my 6 instead of going to the basement to watch it on the big screen! Then he went on about the awesome photo abilities, blah, blah,blah. Didn’t use the camera for a week and then ??????

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    lori v

    I have had my 6 plus for about 2 years, and so I don’t have the same picture quality you do, but I have loved the big size from the beginning. I use mine as an e-reader because I am not a gadget person and didn’t want a separate device for that. It’s awesome. My aging eyes also like the bigger screen ;o) When the time to update comes along, I would for sure go with the 7 plus, or heck, even the 8 might be out by then!

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    Try a pop socket on the back of your phone. It has saved my wrists and my phone as it works as a grip so I don’t drop it as easily.

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      I totally agree with the Pop Socket! I also bought the Pop Socket Car Mount because my built in Nav on my car is outdated and I’m using google maps on my phone. It’s a simple but nifty $10 piece of plastic.

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    I’m not sure, you’re a good photographer you know. But I heard some stories that the 7+ has that depth of field capacity. I have the baby so now I envy you for having the big daddy.

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    yes, I have the iphone 7 plus. had to get use to the size and I really did not need the upgrade. I’m not sure of the Live mode. Though it’s fun, I’m not sure if I can get a single shot to print from it.

    I’m dreading iphone 8, I just got the the iphone 7. Hate to be a slave to every new phone that comes out. I like to skip a number before getting another one.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I will definitely be skipping the iPhone eight only because I don’t need the newest and the greatest every time. I feel like this new phone I have is amazing and always take great photos with it and I’m not renting it! I just can’t handle that some companies make you pay every month to have a phone. That’s part of why I switched. I’m trying to keep my monthly bills as low as they can possibly be, you know?

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    I love my 7 plus but it was an adjustment – the camera is amazing and the 256k storage I currently have 12,590 photos on my phone just be sure you back up
    Often . When you think it’s to big just pick up your older small phone that will help you stay big. The biggest issue is how and where you carry it ? Enjoy

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    so tempting! My phone is the only thing I do payments on and I’m so happy it’s almost paid off…but this looks amazing!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Part of the reason I switched phone companies was that my current company would not give me any deals on the phone and I did not want to be making payments on multiple phones, because my phone bill is already ridiculously high! I got Cole’s phone, an iPhone 7, for just $99, which is a great price but also a huge treat for him. I also bought him a LifeProof case because we ain’t taking any chances. lol! Damn got the iPhone 6s and that was free and he’s super happy with it.

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    Jen G

    You just described my exact experience! (Right down to the responsible kid having a freak phone accident & maternal debate part.) I love my phone now – although your pictures are much nice than mine so I must be doing something wrong. Or know only ugly people….hmm.

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      Cathy Zielske

      OMG! You do not know ugly people! lol. Well, I do like to use composition to make pics. I think that makes a difference, but… BNL the blower out that background with the portrait mode, I think it helps every photo where you’re trying to focus on one subject!

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    Ok Cathy…wond fuss with you that the good looking guy gets called Damn…but where do you put it when you’re out? I don’t think it fits easily in pockets? as my iPhone 6 slips out of the oh too common skinny half pockets that seem common these days. Having a phone in my hand is not my way of life even with the cute 99¢ Pop Sockets on line.

    I’m up for a new phone in August as is DH. I thought he’d get the larger 6s but he said it was awkward in his pants pockets. Temptations and decisions…

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        You autocorrect to Damn? tee hee

        Although, I admit, my phone knows not to type “ducker” anymore.

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    Very poor grammar above. I don’t think you put ‘Dan aka Damn’ anywhere when you’re out.

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    Lydia Lee

    Love ❤️ you and your family! Y’all crack me up and I enjoy seeing your day to day stuff.

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    Laurie F

    You’ll get use to it. I have the 6s plus and now can’t imagine going back. It’s great for 50 year old eyes!

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    What company did you switch too? I’m off contract and do not want to pay monthly for the phone itself.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Karen, I switched to Credo Mobile. They use the Verizon network, but are a company that donates a percentage of their income to progressive social causes. So, if you like that sort of thing, check them out. If you do not like that sort of thing, you know, no offense. 🙂 My neighbors are using them and have been happy, so I made the switch. If you do explore it, tell them I sent you. Every referral gives the the referrer a $100 bill credit. 🙂 The only downside though, to this plan, they only offer 10GB data plans. They do not have big supersize ones. So if you go over, it’s $15 per gig. That has me mildly worried because my son’s use has been a bit extreme at times. But we are telling him to wise up with his date and make sure he is ALWAYS on wifi.

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        Karen Schwieger

        Cathy, I will check them out and use your name as a referral if we switch.
        Thanks for the heads up on the GB. I’ll have to see how much we use.

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    Helen High

    Here’s what I got for ya: IT WILL GET BETTER!

    I don’t have the 7 yet (got some other expenses right now), but I do have the 6S Plus and I hated it for about 7-10 days, but now, don’t know what I would do without it.

    The camera on the 7 looks amazing. . .

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    I had the same exact thoughts when I switched to the iPhone 6 Plus a few years ago. I just found my old iPhone 5 and seriously thought “how did I ever text using this tiny keyboard????” You will get used to it, then you’ll love it and wonder how you ever lived before.

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    Louise Fortune

    Glad you stuck it out – I had the same epiphany with portrait mode, my husband pushed me into the larger phone too. I used every swear word in my vocabulary ( and that’s quite a few) when I first got it, it stuck out of my pocket and I didn’t like holding it – i hated it, but I soon got over it and that portrait mode did it for me ??

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    Jayne Falasz

    I too love my 7 plus, but the size is quiet big for my small hands. My solution was a ring type thing. This is my fave http://www.iring.com/shop/ but there are tons others on amazon. Another favorite is the Loopy.
    Thanks for the Creedo tip!

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    Hahaha…I upgraded from iPhone 6 to 7+ two weeks ago. And I barely noticed any difference in size. In fact, I kept looking at the box to make sure it was indeed a plus! BUT…I keep hearing about how great the photo quality is and hadn’t really noticed it…UNTIL I READ YOUR POST and realized I didn’t even know there was a portrait mode Um. DUH. So now I am excited to check that out!! Thank you!

    Another upside, the 7+ is much easier to read digital books on than the 6. I think it will be my primary digital reader instead of my iPad, it’s that crisp.

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    Needing new phones last December, I finally made the switch to an iPhone from an Android. I got the iPhone 7. If I would have checked it out further I may have purchased the 7 plus. Your photos are awesome Cathy!

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    Megan Harrington

    I found my 6S Plus really awkward to hold then found this awesome case called Loopy. My phone is the rose gold one and I was hesitant to put a case over that beautiful colour but Loopy have the case in rose gold too. I was hooked. It literally has a loop to put your finger through so youan easily hold the phone and not drop it accidentally. So many people comment on it too.
    I will upgrade shortly to the 7S Plus based on the reviews here now, I was initially going to hold off but having that portrait mode will be fantastic for my scrapbooking.
    Seriously, word of mouth recommendations are everything. ????

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    Just got myself a big ass phone too thanks to all your comments/photos about the Portrait mode 🙂 … now shopping for the best thing to help me not drop it… Did you end up getting a Loopy case?

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      Cathy Zielske

      I haven’t ordered that case yet. Mostly because I’m spending too much money on card making supplies! lol! But… yeah, I think I need to get one. I’m still a bit nervous about the drop! I hope you love your new phone! I don’t even notice the size anymore. Everyone told me that would be the case. 🙂

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