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A few weeks back, I’d posted about how card making felt like a good fit for me right now, creatively, considering there are a lot of stories that are no longer mine to tell. Someone suggested, “Why not make a layout about your new love of card making?” and I thought, “Heck yeah!”

So I went through some of my favorite Instagram images and created a very simple collage to highlight a handful of the cards I’ve made since discovering this whole crafty venue just a few months back. Here is the full page:

The whole stacking multiple die cuts, something I didn’t even know people did before I discovered card making, is SO cool for scrapbook page titles. Don’t have the proper title or chipboard letters? Make your own, either using your Silhouette or a die cut machine. I cut out five copies of the ‘making’ word to create the title.
Another thing I didn’t know? The amazing smoothness and bright whiteness of Neenah Solar White Cardstock (80# and 110#). If you’ve followed me over the years, you KNOW how much I loved the Bazzill Orange Peel texture (and truthfully, I still do and have lamented their decision to discontinue it.) But this Neenah cardstock has changed my thoughts about white paper. Take my advice: buy a ream of the 80#, or try out the 100#. It is worth the price and it will last you for a while. I just ordered a full ream of the 100# and plan to use it for folded card bases going forward. I also plan to take it and have it cut in half at an office supply store, because my trimmer is giving me some issues with getting straight cuts.

And a third thing I didn’t know? Using Elmer’s Spray Adhesive (outside, in a well ventilated area, mind you, and with a very light hand on the spray!), to glue all those white, die cut titles together. I just used an empty pizza-style packing box to lightly spray my more delicate die cuts and it works like a charm.

I used a Doodlebug Sprinkle in Lily White to dot the ‘i’ in my title. A nice way to add another element, and it also ties in to the two Tangerine Sprinkles that frame the date at the bottom.

I made a quick collage using InDesign (when I’m not designing for tutorials or products, I always use InDesign), and printed it out using my Epson SureColor p400 printer. I’m not going to link to that printer, because I don’t like it. I bought it last summer and other than being great for printing big posters for Dan’s classroom this past school year, I hate how it prints photos. Everything is dark, like really dark and muddy. I have tried all kinds of things to get it to look better and wish I hadn’t bought it. Truly. And let me tell you, it wasn’t cheap. In fact, if anyone has a hot tip for a great printer, let me know. (Side note: I adore my Epson PictureMate. But it only prints 4 x 6 and sometimes I need larger sizes!)

I used some foam tape to give my image some pop on the page and mounted the whole thing onto a sheet of Sweet Mango 100# cardstock from Gina K Designs. (Loving her cardstock!)

The result? A simple, streamlined page celebrated a new thing I’m doing with paper and glue. And maybe a few other things.
Another page to add to the series of pages that document me.

NOTE:Β Like those binder labels? I have a free template for that! Click here to learn more.


Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Page Share: Making Cards

36 Comments on “Scrapbook Page Share: Making Cards”

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    love it! I can see making some pages showing pictures of some of my favorite creative outlets.

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yep, it’s a font I purchased from Creative Market called Blithe. Not too expensive at all!

      1. #4.1.1

        dang…I tried to purchase it as it was only $12 but it makes you buy a bundle and the lowest I can do is $20.

        Pooh…unless I am missing something.

  2. #5

    Hmm, sorry you are not enjoying your Epson Sure Color. I bought one a few months ago (because there was a $125 rebate!) and my first couple of photos came out dark but then I fiddled with something (I wish I could remember what) and now it is just fine. Maybe I set dialled up the brightness?

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Anna, do you know what you dialed up? Lol? I have tried to make this better (and this involved much Googling etc) but man, it’s just dark. I’ll keep trying!

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    April Z.

    I love that you are so into making cards now! I’ve enjoyed your scrapbooking layouts for years, but card making is my first love, so I get really excited when you post new pictures of your projects. I think I might copy your idea of getting my card bases cut at a copy shop. I have yet to find a trimmer that cuts straight lines and it’s driving me crazy!

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      April, thanks! BUT a warning: so I went to Staples and had them cut a ream of 100# Neenah solar white into two pieces (4.25 x 11) for making top folding cards, and a) they cut them uneven and said that was unavoidable and b) there were marks on the sides of the reams.

      SUPER bummed about this. I can only use about half of what they cut. I should have spoken up in the store, but I was hoping it would all work. Will not go to Staples again for paper cutting.

      1. #6.1.1

        Not sure what machine Staples uses to cut cardstock but the machine my husband uses at his print/advertising business cuts every piece perfectly and without ruining the paper. So it is possible! Perhaps a local printer wouldn’t mind cutting the paper for you next time.

      2. #6.1.2
        April Z.

        That stinks! :(( Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with that. Especially with the good cardstock!! Maybe I need to try the exacto knife route?

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    Kathy McConnell

    What an awesome idea for a scrapbook page! I just may have to try that to document by born-again cardmaking passion!

  5. #8

    I just checked my settings on the Sure Color (by the way, that looks wrong. It should be “Colour”, LOL). I have chosen the appropriate Epson paper for the media type and I have turned off the colour enhancement. I think Photoshop Elements takes care of colour enhancement and I have dialled up the brightness in PSE (usually between +5-+10). When I edit in Pic Tap Go, I also tend to have my photos pretty bright. Now, of course, my “just fine” could be your “dark and muddy”

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    Amanda M.

    I love your labels, but I don’t have Photoshop…..wah!! I know. It’s terrible. Is there a way to save the photoshop versions in either publisher? Or PDF? Or even a word document?? πŸ™‚

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    Do you have a local printshop that could cut your paper? I work at a store that includes a print shop in central MN and we cut paper and actually score it for customers. Only 2.5 to 3 hours away from St. Paul!

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    CZ I need a post on wide format (at least 12×12 so 13×19) photo quality printers. Mine is on it’s last leg. Thank you in advance ?

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    Susan Kritzik

    Great post and beautiful page. It’s been so fun to watch your new passion develop.

    I would either call Epson customer support about your printer or sell it!
    Get a new one if it makes you miserable.

    ? Susan K

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    Teresa Doyle

    Great cards and layout Cathy. You have learned a lot about card making already. You’re a natural!

  11. #16
    Kelly Silva

    I had some issues with my P400 as well. It took me a while but I finally got my prints to come out correctly. The below website helped me alot along with using the correct profile for the paper. I am not a graphic designer so this was all new to me. I have not calibrated my monitor using any type of device and I only use Photoshop and Illustrator.

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    You should try getting your paper cut at Anchor Paper up on Fairview Avenue. I buy my Neenah Solar White reams of paper there and I bet they would do a better job than Staples, which I haven’t had much luck with either.

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    Christine Bonifacio

    What a neat idea to make a layout of your cards, makes for a good record!Thanks also for the download for the album labels- off to do mine now!!

  14. #19
    nancy faith

    I was excited to see your layout of your card making adventure and how it relates to your ‘in the moment’ of things. I love how it melds your old self with the new… kudos…

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