Scrapbook Your Year, April 2017 Pages

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I fell a tiny bit behind in my year-long memory project known as Scrapbook Your Year. True, I have been focusing on awful lot on the making of cards, but my stories and photos still need a place to go, and here is where they ended up for April. I still adore this project, mostly because I can be a bit behind and knock out my monthly entry in about 90 minutes. Not that it’s all about speed, but lately my schedule has been tight and being able to follow a measured approach to scrapbooking makes me happy!

Number of Photos Taken in April: 353
Number Used: 27.

Shall we?

My monthly title page is usually just a highlight page, featuring some of my favorite images of the month. I usually try to get the whole family represented but this time, my friend Mark made Page 1 instead of Dan. And that is because of this:

Did you catch my post about the Dan memes? It’s the most fun I’ve had with Photoshop in years. So for the first time in the Scrapbook Your Year history, Dan gets his own complete page. Holla!

Ultimate Frisbee, teenaged boys and Grandma Joanie round out Page 3. (And yes, that typo in ‘rul’ the school will be fixed.)

And the final recap page for April means these layouts are done, baby!

This project is so do-able for me and although I don’t cover every tiny detail of our lives, the resulting book is such a tremendous snapshot of daily life. I love it. I really do.

To see more pages from 2017, click here.

You can learn this system! My self-paced online course sets you up for scrapbooking success with the four-page per month approach to building a printed book at year’s end. Whether you are caught up or ridiculously behind, my system helps to take the stress out of trying to do it all with your album. This project? It does just enough and that enough is fabulous!

Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, April 2017 Pages

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    Lynn L.

    I love pages like this!! Everyday life stuff that when put together as a whole is a really awesome snapshot of right now!! 🙂

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