Trips, Sports and a Fuller Nest

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My girl is home for the summer.

There are only so many more summers that I can type out that sentence. And while I realize that is part of the flow of life—birth, growth, leave the nest—I am soaking in this time possibly more than at any other time before.

It’s good to have the whole family under one roof.

Last weekend, I flew out to Kentucky for the D111 Collegiate Ultimate National Championships where my daughter’s team, the St. Olaf Vortex, were competing.
The team played hard and suffered a few setbacks—a torn ACL for one of their main handlers and another injury for one of their key players who is widely considered one of the best in the country. They ended up in 7th place overall, which is nothing to scoff at. I am always blown away by this sport, especially by the way it has empowered Aidan to become  a leader on and off the field. (Want to learn more about ultimate? Read this.) One day, I’m going to write some beautiful post about this sport, but today, I’ll just say this: ultimate empowers women, as do all sports, but there is something very special about this one.
Of course, the highlight for me was just being able to watch her play and soak in her presence. I’m so grateful she wants me to be there, watching her and cheering her and her teammates on.
At the end of the first day, after playing so hard for four games in the hot Kentucky sun, we hit Chipotle for dinner and the look on Aidan’s face reminded me of the girl in Jurassic Park, when they finally made it back to the center and they were eating at the buffet and the food was SO good, right before the Jello-on-the-spoon-shaking scene. She was spent. She was dirty. She was so happy to have food. And again, it was just so great to be there sharing that meal.

And so the summer begins in earnest.

I love that she’s just a few feet away asleep in her bedroom as I write this.

Here’s to summer in a full nest. I’ll take as many as I can get.


Cathy ZielskeTrips, Sports and a Fuller Nest

17 Comments on “Trips, Sports and a Fuller Nest”

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    Awesome! Enjoy having her home. And if you tell me that you shot that crisp clear image with your I Phone, I will be running to the store!!!

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    Susan Skogseth (soccermom11)

    I hear ya!! Mine is just home from her second year at Gustavus and while the older one is now out on her own, the heart just feels fuller when they are both home. I plan on bribing both of them with homecooked meals and plenty of activities this summer so we can have plenty of family time….becasue its moving waaaayyy to fast!!!

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    Love this. All my kids at home just make me breathe easier, so I am right there with you. Have a wonderful summer.

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    I hear ya! Hope no longer comes home for summers, so we’re planning a trip to Nova Scotia. Austin will be home for a brief period b/c he has summer courses in British Columbia. Add the Littles to the mix, and it’s just a chaotic nest. 🙂

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    Marcie Levine

    Your posts about Aidan always make me wish I had a daughter. Your relationship is just so cool.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I’m grateful for it, but I have to say, my therapist has helped me to foster a much more meaningful relationship than I would have had otherwise. 🙂 That’s the truth. She helped me to be a better parent.

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    Terri B

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, you have so much to be proud of! I, too, feel your pain. My son is now a junior in college, turned 21 last week, and will be a senior this fall. He is our only child, so having him leave the nest is heart-wrenching for this mom. Here’s to the next year, for us both, hopefully filled with sweet memories, and the knowledge that they know that they are always loved!

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    My fledgling in flying to India tonight for five weeks. That’s a whole new level of away from home! Loved this post!

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    The thing that makes me happier than anything else in the world, is to have all my 4 kids under the same roof at the same time!

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