Card Share: Playing with Distress Oxides

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It was bound to happen, people. I finally got my hands on some of Tim Holtz’s magical Distress Oxide inks. I’d heard many great tales of their superior blendability, and I was eager to throw water on them as well, you know, so I could roll with the all those crafty YouTube experts.

Now lucky for me, Tim is my friend and he sent me these to play with. You should have heard me squeal when the package arrived. (It was loud and on a very high frequency causing many dogs in my neighborhood to tilt their collective heads sideways). I grabbed a piece of the Bristol Smooth Cardstock (also great for blending!) and using my Mini Blending Tools, I started laying down some ink.

I realize this isn’t a step-by-step process post, wherein I show you the steps. I think I need to play with these inks more to make sure I know what I’m doing before I made a video about it!

But experience aside, it’s a pretty cute card.

I love the reaction to water that these inks have. This ink has a chalkier feel and look than the regular Distress Inks. Again, I’m really looking forward to playing with them more and seeing what shakes out!

Plus, it gave me a chance to make another card with my Mama Elephant Party Animals set. Those little bunnies are ridiculously cute and because I don’t have a lot of stamp and matching die sets, I’m working on making more things with the ones I have.

Another thing I’m continuing is the labeling and organizing of all of my inks. Of course, I learned everything I know from Jennifer McGuire on this topic and you can learn about how she does this by clicking here.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share a little card from my weekend creative exploits. For the full supply lists, see the bottom of this post!

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Cathy ZielskeCard Share: Playing with Distress Oxides

20 Comments on “Card Share: Playing with Distress Oxides”

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    Lori Proulx

    Cathy, stop it! I am not home at the moment with all of my supplies and you are making me itch. And no it is not because I haven’t showered yet today. 😜 I love your card, it is so dang cute.

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    Deborah P

    You are so enabling my acquisitive nature! 🙂

    Actually, I’d like to enable you or one of your readers. You have inspired me to use my stamps more and I’m currently playing with my alphabet stamps, most of which I’ve never touched (for a long time, I was just “collecting”, not using). I have some clear “nesting stamps” shown here I have both the Mamma Mockingbird (capital alphas) which have never been used, and the Mini Mockingbird (lowercase alphas). Several of the lowercase letters have been used and the stamps have the ink stain to show it, but that will not affect their future stamping. I have determined that I don’t need 3 sets. I’m keeping one and would love to pass on the other two to you or 1 or 2 of your readers who might actually use them. Free. Just reply to this comment if you’d like them. Cathy, you get first choice. No need to keep stamps I’m not using.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Deborah, that is so nice of you! I’ll tell ya what: let’s see if anyone would like them other than me. I have SO many alphabet stamps in my stash! Anyone wanna take Deborah up on this???

      1. #4.2.1
        Deborah P

        Lisa, I’m so happy to hear this! There are two sets, one uppercase and the other lowercase. Alexandra (comment below) is interested as well. Please e-mail me at which set you are interested in and give me a address to mail it to. If both you and Alexandra prefer the same “case” I’ll put both names in a hat and send it to the name drawn and the remaining case to the other. Hopefully, you’ll both want different sets! 🙂

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    Karen Stevens

    I just got my hands on some oxides! I love them already – and now new colors are coming out! Love your card. I think your blending is amazing.

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    alexandra moazeni

    I would love a set. Just starting my daughter’s baby scrapbook and they would be sooooo cute!

    1. #6.1
      Deborah P

      Alexandra, just making sure. Are you talking about the clear alpha nesting stamp sets I offered, or the the oxide inks Cathy used?

        1. #
          Deborah P

          Good! See my reply to Lisa above. Once I hear from both of you, I’ll confirm the case you want (or won if there’s a tie) and get them out. I love baby scrapbooks and hope these will be very helpful!

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    Just might have to figure out how to justify new inks….hmmm maybe my 10 year old inks are just a little bit dried up….. and geez cannot find the reinkers. shhhhh. On another note,I am embarking on the great photo sort like you did some years ago. So my question is what albums did you use and did you get specific albums for 8×10 photos? Those are the easiest to start with.

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Robyn, no… I didn’t get albums for that size. Only 4 x 6. I got me a whole mess of Kolo Hudson albums. Still not even close to being caught up with that project. Lol! I think I got up to 2005. 🙂

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