Card Tutorial: Rainbow Distress Ink Stencil

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A few weeks back I made a card using my honey comb stencil from Hero Arts. A few weeks after that, I saw this video by the amazing Nicole Sporh and wanted to make something similar, but the only problem was the stencil she used in her video was already sold out. I remembered my honey comb stencil and the rest as they say is… the following tutorial.

I love that you can take just a handful of inks and make something so bright and bold and fun. You will notice in the video I made some mistakes and decided to just leave ’em in. I am not a professional card maker, people, but I am having so much fun with the process. Also, the best card related news of late? I learned the multi-functionality of my Pick Me Up Tool (thanks to a commenter on Instagram!)

The ‘hello’ sentiment is coming soon to my collection at Simon Says Stamp! There’s a bit of lead time on metal wafer die production, but it’s a-comin’ soon, y’all! For now, enjoy the video and know that I completely messed up the filming of the part when I die cut the card panel and therefore, left it out. Isn’t it that the Amish purposefully weave in errors to their quilts, because only God is perfect, or something? Well, that is me, but with card videos. I make mistakes, ergo I am Amish.

(Note: I don’t think this will offend any of the Amish, because technically, they aren’t supposed to be online.)


Cathy ZielskeCard Tutorial: Rainbow Distress Ink Stencil

8 Comments on “Card Tutorial: Rainbow Distress Ink Stencil”

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    LOL, another great video. I so enjoy your excitement about the products … makes me realize again just how awesome all these things are ! And the Amish bit … bahaha … I always play that card too. “Well you know … that is totally on purpose because as the Amish believe … ” 😉

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    carol ann

    Too funny, Cathy! I love your wit! Very pretty card, indeed. Wanted to add a tidbit tip that I learned from your card guru, Jennifer, a long time ago. She said that when you apply distress ink with a dauber, always start your swirling off the card base and then move in. It avoids the unwanted/unexpected ink blobs. She’s the queen!

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