Present Participle List for June 2017

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June is here and that means change is in the air on multiple levels, other than the outside temps. Here are few things I’m doing right now.

Loving the Portrait Mode on my iPhone 7 Plus. Remember when I thought the iPhone 7 Plus was going to be too big? Lol. Me too! I need to take more photos this summer using this mode. I know a new iPhone will be coming out later this year, and it will be so amazing that it will probably allow you to read the thoughts of others and teleport to different locations, but I’m pretty happy with the phone I have now. Note: all images in this post? Shot on Portrait Mode.) Also, the Portrait Mode ain’t perfect. If you look at the first image above, it looks like my mug is chipped. Sometimes you have to try a few shots to get it just right.
Remembering to get outside more often during the day. There is really no reason I can’t work outside. Blog posts do not need to always be written from the comfort of my office. My little deck has glorious morning shade and my big table (this is the second year it’s been here) is a fantastic place to sit and work. Hell, I might even make a card out here some morning. Crazier things have happened.
Adjusting to life as a family of four with our daughter home from college. I don’t use the word ‘adjusting’ to suggest this is a bad thing. I love having Aidan home for the summer. I know this time is finite. But there is always some figuring out of schedules, work, transportation, etc. Put it this way: I wish I still had my old car. I had a dream of giving that Santa Fe to the kids to share. Oh well, life had other plans for that one.
Organizing and more organizing of my craft space. I’ve posted about my space this year, and I’m actually planning to possibly do a video later this summer, but I’m still having fun thinking and rearranging and making stuff make more sense in this common living space (i.e. the dining room.)

Wrapping up the design process for the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine. Can I just say that I wish I had three more jobs just like this? It is literally so much fun working on this magazine. I cannot believe I get paid to to it. We just welcomed a new Editor-in-Chief (Hey Susan!) and she is rocking her position. Our former editor, Megan, was amazing and these are some big shoes to fill. Love this organization and the entire team that puts their heart into this publication. Long live print!

Working on Design Your Life 2.0. I’ve been working on this for a while, but I’m really hoping to launch it this summer! This is not the same class I taught years ago for Big Picture Classes. It’s going to be focused, more easily managed and, here’s the kicker, live. It will be a live course with a limited registration period. More details are coming. I promise. I should get off this blog post and get to work!

What are you doing right now? Whatever it is, I hope you’re enjoying your summer!



Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for June 2017

5 Comments on “Present Participle List for June 2017”

  1. #3

    Second that-need DYL2.0 to get my scrap mojo in gear.
    Loving the card-making blogs but that crafty stuff doesn’t work with current lifestyle.

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    Carol Anne Wall

    Sitting on my deck, waiting for DYL2.0. Actually, I’m playing in dirt while the dogs watch. But still on the deck.

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    Kim C.

    I’m super excited that you mentioned Design Your Life 2.0!
    I’m watching it rain right now.
    I’m adjusting to not having my college boy home for the summer because he got a research position with Johns Hopkins. But we’re super proud of him, and we had a great cross country road trip before he left, and now we have an excuse to visit Baltimore.
    I’m enjoying the slower pace that summer seems to bring to our family.

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