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Today is the first official day of summer in our house. No more school for Cole or Dan. (Aidan was done in May!) And while I may be handing off a summer Honey-Do list to my teacher hubby, who literally asked me this morning, first thing, “So, what should I do this summer?”, I do have a general list of my own for some #summergoals.

  1. Clean the house. (I don’t write this to be funny. My house is a disaster.)
  2. Get Cole to complete his Behind the Wheel driving course. (I don’t write this to be funny, either.) My offspring have not been all that inspired where driving is concerned. I think part of it is where we live (city is easy to get around by bus or bike), a willing taxi (me), and just kind of the way it is in their respective circles of friends. Aidan was a bit late to the game, getting her license at 19. Cole will be 18 this summer, and while we’ve saved money on car insurance (I sound like a Geico commercial!), it’s time for the boy to get behind the wheel.
  3. Have Dan find a new job. Not sure if I’ve shared this here, but due to cuts at his school, he will not be returning to his 5th grade position. Please send good job finding vibes his way. Mama needs her healthcare plan.
  4. Launch my new online course. The goal is to get my new e-course, Design Your Life 2.0, launched in July. I have MUCH to do. I should stop writing this and get to work. #summerprocrastination
  5. Go for more walks. I sit at the computer too much.
  6. Keep making cards because it’s fun. I love the card thing. I really do.
  7. Dial back the spending so much on card supplies. #dulynoted
  8. Get a bid on repaving our driveway. You guys… the concrete literally looks like we had a small earthquake, just in our driveway. If Cole still made stop motion Lego films, he could recreate a scene from 2012 and it would be eerily realistic.
  9. Get a bid on fixing a very troubling leak in the door frame to my office. There’s this drip and I am afraid to find out how deep that rabbit hole goes.
  10. Launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the bids I get on numbers 8 and 9.
  11. Make sure you know that I’m joking on number 10.
  12. Watch both of my kids play ultimate. Aidan is heading up a summer women’s club team; Cole is playing for the 19U team for the Youth Club Championship league.
  13. Drink some red wine. In moderation.
  14. Eat some tasty cheeses. In moderation.
  15. Possibly head out to Seattle for a long weekend to see one of my two BFFs.
  16. Eat on the deck as often as possible. 
  17. Give to people and be a source of love. Probably the best goal of the summer. And of life.
  18. Remember how good I have it. Every single day.

That’s a good list to start. What are some of your summer goals?

Cathy Zielske#SummerGoals

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    Glenda Thorne

    Wow❣️A great list indeed. Haven’t given too much thought for a summer list. I’m a retired person so life can be pretty flexible or hectic. Eating better, of course that is a year round long goal, enjoying my backyard swing and the garden surrounding me, having more fun with the granddaughters, if that is possible,lol Travelling to see family in other provinces and saving for my Ireland, Scotland, England, France trip next year, I hope. Also hoping that my plantar fasciitis is healed soon, good things only. I’ll be waiting for the outcome of your list by end of summer. Enjoy whatever gets done and don’t fret the rest. ☀️📖🍎🌻🍷

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    1. Just like when you have a small child…..when the high energy yearling pup I am taking care of for 2 wks decides to take a nap….I take some quiet time too. I need the mental and physical break.

    2. source more recipes to try out of my massive collection of cookbooks.

    3. Take a road trip to Illinois to see family…..but more importantly…..enjoy quiet time in hotel room binge watching movies.

    4. Deep clean my refridgerators.

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    My daughter is 22 and just now talking about getting her license. We live in a pretty small town and it hasn’t been high on her list of things to do. I would like her to get it so she can run errands for me;)

    I totally need to make a summer list! I have a trip planned with my sister in August but not much else planned. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Sorry to hear about Dan’s job.

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    Wow, Cathy, my list is almost the same except substitute me for Dan (sort of), carpenter ants for the door leak, and no online classes to teach, but maybe to take…

    SO with you on the walks, the eating outside, and the showing more love. All things we can too easily put off, but that are so totally worth doing MUCH more of!

    I also want to:

    -go lounge and have a drink on the patio with my husband more often, and enjoy the work we put into that stuff!

    -try out some different, healthier, simpler-to-make meals and get the kids involved

    -get rid of the crap that keeps accumulating in my house (🙄)

    -finally get my many shoeboxes of photos (before I got lazy about even ordering prints) into pocket albums so my teenagers can at least enjoy them, whether or not I ever scrapbook them someday

    -finally print (or photobook) six years worth of digital photos from 2011-now…daunting but so important!!

    -finally back up allllll the photos and video…it’s been too long since I last did it and it sometimes keeps me up at night

    That’s all, lol!!!

    Happy Summer!! Let’s rock our lists!!! ☀️

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    Cathy, 16, 17 & 18 are my favorites. I’m finding I need to go to my place of love frequently these days, to help me through a challenging situation. Reminding myself of how good I have it does wonders for a person’s soul.
    Thanks for the reminders today!

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    I am chuckling at #11. Is it a Freudian slip? You want us to think you are joking about #11. So you really want us to think #10 is for real, right? I know it’s a typo but it made me laugh. So let’s go with the more comp,I acted circular description instead. And totally praying for Dan’s job situation. Been there.

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    That’s a good list. Sending good vibes and good juju to Dan on locating a new job! And I, too, need to work on #7. :-/

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    Isn’t your office on the second floor? Methinks you may have a leak in your roof – said the carpenter’s wife. I hope I’m wrong. I’m going to do a lot of #13 (with beer because wine = yuk!), #14, #17 and #18. Sending Dan some really powerful find-a-really-great-job vibes!

    1. #8.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, and I’m worried that it’s coming from our supposed leaf proof gutters. Working on getting someone out here sooner than later.

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    Sending good vibes for Dan, and if i may, ask for some in return? The Husband got laid off this past February and is slightly freaked out since 1) he’s due to run out of unemployment bennies in July and 2) he’s almost 57 and there’s definitely an age bias out there.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Oh man, yep. I will send those vibes right back at you. Believe me, I may be light about this but it is a very real and stressful situation. 🙂

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    Laura G.

    This is my first summer as a retired Nana of 12!! guess that about says it all…LOL
    but I do have a list…just to keep me focused on some of MY goals…
    1. Work in my flower beds more…Finally have time…:)
    2. Spend more time with the photos, albums I want to make and scrapbooking
    3. Remember #17 and 18…everyday!!
    4. Maybe clean house once a month, but only if it NEEDS it! 😉

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    Carol Casavant

    Love your goals, even the funny ones…!! Sending good vibes for Dan’s job search…and can’t wait to learn more about your new, upcoming e-course…love all of your cards…💛💛💛

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    If you want to relocate, the local Catholic School has an opening for a first grade teacher; and by the way, there is no income tax in Tennessee. There are a few lovely walking trails in town, we do have a local winery, and the weather is warm in the summer and not too cold in the winter, most of the houses have a small deck of some type in the back yard.

    Just food for thought. Good luck on your summer projects!

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    So number one on the list is keep moving. Have list 35 pounds in the last 7 months and still 15 to go! Purge some stuff–it is so hard for me. Have been scrapping for 19 years. I get you on the spend less–always a work in progress. You Tube is a real enabler! And finally enjoy the summer–this is my first one since retiring and I can’t wait. Good job vibes headed your way for Dan.

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    Like you I sit at the computer too much and need to get up and walk!! Great reminder.
    Now, I have to a #summergoals list!
    Let us know how you did at the end of the summer.

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    excellent list, cathy! we are definitely trying to eat dinner outside on our deck as much as possible. i really want to grill fruit for dessert this summer! i’ve been daydreaming about grilled peaches with some vanilla ice cream. probably the biggest thing on our list this summer? have our first baby at the end of august! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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