Card share: I learned this on YouTube

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First things first: Jennifer McGuire teaches me something new with every video I watch. So to understand what I’m sharing today watch the clip below:

After I watched, I thought to myself: I have Distress Inks and clear acrylic blocks, let’s DO THIS THING!

I also had a new pad of Canson XL Watercolor paper that I learned about after watching this Wallet-Friendly Card Making Tools video from Kristina Werner (great tips in that clip!) Here is the first card I made:
I used four colors of Distress Ink here (Twisted Citron, Mustard Seed, Carved Pumpkin and Picked Raspberry) and smooshed them onto a 3 x 4 acrylic block, added tons of water just like in Jennifer’s video, and placed the block down on a 5.5 x 4.25 piece of the Canson paper. I put something heavy on it and set a timer for 5 minutes. When it was done, I lifted the block up, dabbed off the excess water let my lovely watercolor creation dry completely. After it was dry, I put it inside a book and put something heavy on it to really flatten out the paper. (Yes, I know you can also run it through your Big Shot, but I went old school on it!) I left it in there for a few hours. Once it was sufficiently flat, I stamped that cool “Follow Your Dreams” sentiment in Versamark, and embossed in white. I trimmed the panel down and mounted it to the card base using some Fun Foam. Note: using an anti-static tool all over the inked surface before you stamp on it is really important so that your embossing powder only sticks to where you stamped!
For the next card I used three Distress Inks (Twisted Citron, Cracked Pistachio and Peacock Feathers), smooshed them onto the block but didn’t spray nearly as much water on it, resulting in the look you see here. I added a feather stamp from the Altenew Happy Dreams set, again using Versamark ink and white embossing powder, and finished it by stamping a simple sentiment from the same set onto black cardstock.  I trimmed the panel down and mounted it to the card base using some Fun Foam.
For the last card, I tried my hand using some Distress Oxides and the same technique. The colors here are Fossilzed Amber, Worn Lipstick and Broken China. Again, I went a bit lighter on the water spritzing, but I still think the result is pretty cool. The stamp is also from the Altenew Happy Dreams set.

The thing that is cool about this technique, is that a) it’s really pretty basic to try, and b) you have no idea what the result will look like until you take that block off and that is, surprisingly, kind of fun.

And that, my friends, are three cards inspired by the one and only Jennifer McGuire. I’ve said it before, but that girl is my Card Yoda. Thanks, Jennifer!


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Cathy ZielskeCard share: I learned this on YouTube

10 Comments on “Card share: I learned this on YouTube”

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    I actually tried this after seeing Jennifer’s video but for some reason it didn’t work for me. Even though I used plenty of water and ink, but I still had a lot of white areas left. I followed the 5 minute rule with something heavy on top but just never got good results. I used a different mister – maybe that makes a difference? Other ideas?

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Did you have enough ink smooshed on? I literally covered the entire surface of my block. I did a smoosh down in rows across the cube. I don’t think the mister makes a difference. You just need any mist that will get it wet.

      🙂 Did you try again???

      1. #1.1.1

        Not yet, but you have inspired me to try again! I feel like I did use enough ink, but maybe I will try using more next time. Thanks!

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      Not yet, but you have inspired me to try again! I feel like I did use enough ink, but maybe I will try using more next time. Thanks!

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    Jennifer is my card yoda as well LOL. I also tried this as soon as I watched her video too and got such fun results. Very easy and I love the magic of lifting the block after 5 minutes.
    It’s been so fun to watch you learn all these fun techniques too and it make me just want to get together with you and make cards.
    I love Jennifer & Kristina’s Online Card Classes as well.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Both Jennifer and Kristina make me spend money! lol. I love both of them. Such creative and talented women!

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    I love this, keeping it simple yet elegant, well done!! More $$ out the door on acrylic blocks, make it stop! lol

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    Yup, I jumped on this band wagon, too, right after I watched Jennifer’s video! My acrylic blocks have wavy edges. Although I like the look of the straight edges the wavy lines were cool, too.
    I imagine different water color papers react differently. My paper seemed to absorb the dye/water very quickly and I didn’t even have to wait the 5 minutes.
    Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the cool “background” pieces I have created from all the different videos I’ve watched.
    I absolutely love all the cards you have created and shared with us so far!

    (from one Ole mom to another! My son graduated in ’15!)

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