Cathy Makes a Card No. 10: cardstock, dies and just a bit of stamping + coloring

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In the last installment of Cathy Makes a Card, I used an adorable stamp set and after loving the results, I thought, “Okay, what else can I do with it?” I mean, dies and stamps and all of this card-making accouterments is not cheap, so I figure I’d best do as many things with one set of supplies as possible. After watching this video, I knew I had my idea with the mouse and the paper airplane.

This card is very simple in so many ways. It’s mostly cardstock, some adorable dies, some stamps and a bit of coloring.

Here’s the video tutorial showing you all the steps—well, most of the steps… I forgot to film a few—that went into making this card. Enjoy!

I ended up not using the orange places, because I really liked the gray mouse on the gray paper airplane. Hope you enjoyed the clip! All the supplies I used are linked below.

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Cathy ZielskeCathy Makes a Card No. 10: cardstock, dies and just a bit of stamping + coloring

13 Comments on “Cathy Makes a Card No. 10: cardstock, dies and just a bit of stamping + coloring”

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    I’m very impressed by your card making skills! And you did it in such a short time. Very cool!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Heidi! It definitely helps that I bought most of the key tools (die cut machine is really the key to this). But I still crave simplicity and this card feels very simple to my eye, with that white and orange card stock. It’s fun stuff! 🙂

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    Kim C.

    Of the cards, I think this is my favorite yet…so simple and cute!
    For Design 2.0, is there a class size limit? I want to know whether I need to be alert with smartphone at the ready on Wednesday! 😀

    1. #2.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Kim, thanks! There is no class size limit, but there is a limited registration period! There will be a promotional price, where you can save $5 off the price and that will end right when registration ends, which I’m still working out!

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      Cathy Zielske

      It’s cute huh? Wish I had thought of it, but alas, watching a Lawn Fawn video over at Simon Says Stamp is where I got the idea!

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      Laura BC

      Never mind. I collected my thoughts, reread the first paragraph again….
      Panic mode is over.
      All is right with the world again. The card making videos may continue.

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