Scrapbook page share: Photos are magic, y’all

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Last weekend Dan and Cole were up in Duluth for an ultimate disc tournament on the shores of Lake Superior. Cole is playing for the Minnesota Superior team this summer, preparing for the YCC National Championships next month. After the tourney, they swung by the Maritime Museum in Duluth and Dan snapped a shot of our boy standing by the famed Coleman oar.

And my heart lodged firmly in my throat, because of this (and yes, I couldn’t scrapbook it soon enough!):

One of the beautiful things about a digital photo library is the ease with which you can locate those older photos. And I know I don’t have to tell you guys this, but photos are FREAKING magic.

I am so grateful for iPhone cameras and a son who said, “Hey Dad, take this.”

I could tell you how the design of this layout is working (symmetry, repetition, space, unity), and I will say that all of those things are at work, no question. But this reminds me of why I do this. Why I keep doing this.

It’s because photos and stories together are magic.

TECH NOTE: I made my title words by cutting out multiple copies of each letter on my Cameo. Then I just glued them on top of each other. I used a free font, Bebas Neue. LOVE that font. Super neutral and classic!

LIKE THE DESIGN? Buy the template for this layout here.


Note: The patterned paper I used is from an old BasicGrey collection called Capture. I could not find it anywhere online. The heart stickers are from an old Studio Calico kit.

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Cathy ZielskeScrapbook page share: Photos are magic, y’all

20 Comments on “Scrapbook page share: Photos are magic, y’all”

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    Susan Ringler

    ?? This makes me so Happy! I have to get on the stick and get my photos out of my eye and make available for my laptop. Just love this Cathy!

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    I feel that same heart lodged in my throat…today I take my 16, almost 17 year old for his drivers test…i want to cry and jump for you at the same time…

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    lynne moore

    Then and now are always favorite layouts. Having the patience to wait and make the connections is that “freaking magic.” And it doubles when the family members connect it and send you the pictures. My son went to his first work conference/convention last year at a place where we vacationed when he was in his teens. He texted me the photo with his memories of the visit. (Heart bursting.)

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    Kim J

    How cool is it that Cole thought of having his picture taken by the sign?!? That’s a gift by itself!

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yep. The boy likes to make connections to the past. He loved that museum SO much when he was little.

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    In the mid-80s I went backpacking in Guatemala. It was my friend’s suggestion; I knew nothing about the country except that I thought they were in the midst of a civil war. (In retrospect, not the best time to go backpacking in a country-during a civil war-but off we went and had an amazing time.) In Antigua, Guatemala a friend took a picture of me in front of a fountain. Fast forward 15 years. I had decided to adopt and Guatemala was my choice. I have a picture of me, holding my at-that-point 4 month old Guatemalan-born daughter standing in front of the exact same fountain. It gives me chills every time I think of it. I am so thankful for the friend who convinced me to go backpacking in Guatemala. Who would have guessed that the would result in me adopting a child from Guatemala years later. Thanks for reminding me that I need to make a page about this.

  6. #13

    I love this! I have done so many “time hop” comparison pages. My son loves them too. Kids grow up so quickly, that is is just awesome to see the picture next picture comparisons. I have read both of your early books and years later still use those design principles. You are amazing. I’ve also enjoyed getting to see your children grow up through your scrapbook pages! You have beautiful children and a wonderful family!

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    Sharon Holesh

    Have always loved your pages and have learned a lot about design from you! If you don’t mind me asking what is your daughter’s major and what type of job will she get? My youngest wants to be finished school in 4 years without grad school!

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