Scrapbook Your Year, June 2017 pages + a time lapse video

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Welcome back, friends, to another installment of Scrapbook Your Year! I played catch up and knocked out another month for my year long album project. Plus, I decided to record a time-lapse video with a few of my thoughts about it.

Number of Photos Taken in May: 996 (again, there was a big sports tourney) but I pared that number down to 362. Yes, my friends, that’s a lot of ultimate frisbee photos I deleted. Plus, keep in mind, I shoot a ton of shots for my work here on the blog and in my classes, and I don’t need 90% of those photos, so I delete during this process.
Number Used: 26

Shall we?
My title page this month includes photos that are colorful and fun. More or less. I mean, Dan reading on the deck is nothing, if not fun, right ladies? Those Gina K Ink Cubes? The colors made me happy so on the title page for the month they went!
A highlight here? Dan in front of his new school. A VERY good things!
You can hear more about the story of Cole on the time lapse clip below! Long story short: my boy made his camera-totin’ mama so proud!
And speaking of time passing… and hair growth! And hair color! #lovethatsomuch!

In this clip, I speed up the process (which took about 45 minutes in real time) and basically shoot the, ahem, crap over why I love this approach.

To see past completed books:

2015 (similar to the style I do today!)


You can learn my system! Click on the image below for details on my self-paced e-course!

And speaking of classes…

Design Your Life 2.0 just kicked off last Friday! We are still in the first week of content, covering the topic of balance in design! You can still sign up and learn design with me (or refresh your skills!) this summer. I hosted my first live Facebook chat (which is archived in our class group) and students are already sharing and learning and creating a community of memory keeping designers! Registration closes for good on July 25th! Sign up today!

CALLING ALL DYL ALUMS! I have a special deal for you that extends through the entire registration period! You can register for this class for just $30! Email me today for more details! All I ask is for some form of proof that you took the class (I really am not picky about this and it’s surprising how many names I remember from back in 2008 and 2010!) Click on the image above to email me today!

Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, June 2017 pages + a time lapse video

5 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, June 2017 pages + a time lapse video”

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    As a Canadian, I really want to know why the school is called Little Canada School – inquiring minds need to know!

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Because Canada is so awesome, we like to aim high! (Actually, it’s in a small city in the greater Mpls/St.Paul area called Little Canada. : )

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    Katie Jones (UK)

    Great video, Cathy! I really enjoyed watching it in my lunchbreak while doing some of my crochet. I really need to get to a place where I “just do it” with my scrapping at the moment! My biggest hurdle right now is choosing and printing my photos – probably because I don’t have any kind of routine or process for that. Maybe what I need to do is to just try to upload my favourite photos each day into my photo printing account and order them on a regular basis!!
    Thanks for sharing your process and your stories 🙂

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, I definitely know if I had to print everything, it might slow me down just a bit! 🙂

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