Scrapbook Your Year, May 2017 Pages

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I fell behind a little in my monthly scrapbook project  but it didn’t take long to work my Scrapbook Your Year process and get closer to being back on track!

Number of Photos Taken in May: 1,758 (there were three ultimate tournaments and mama rented a big assed lens!) I pared that number down to 560 via much deleting. Once I have given the edited photos of all the other players to the families, I don’t save those photos. It saves me hard drive space for sure!
Number Used: 26

Here we go!
My title page always consists of a handful of shots that make me happy for the month. This month’s selection feels warm and welcoming, just like the onset of summer.
The month of May was literally three things: work, ultimate and tournaments. One thing that made our lives exponentially better? See the photo above of Dan pulling that wagon? THAT WAGON! That wagon from Costco changed my tournament mom life. I have no idea how I lived for so long without it!
Like I say, ultimate tournaments ruled my world in May. It’s a good thing that I personally feel ultimate is one of the best sports on the planet. (If you to get a feel for what ultimate is, watch this clip from the AUDL, a professional ultimate league, or what these highlights of womens’ collegiate ultimate.)
And that’s a wrap for May! I’ll be making my June pages this week, and sharing those as well!

Four pages per month really does give me a nice little slice of life!

To see past completed books:

2015 (similar to the style I do today!)


You can learn my system! Click on the image below for details on my self-paced e-course!

And speaking of classes…

Design Your Life 2.0 just kicked off last Friday! We are still in the first week of content, covering the topic of balance in design! You can still sign up and learn design with me (or refresh your skills!) this summer. I hosted my first live Facebook chat (which is archived in our class group) and students are already sharing and learning and creating a community of memory keeping designers! Registration closes for good on July 25th! Sign up today!

CALLING ALL DYL ALUMS! I have a special deal for you that extends through the entire registration period! You can register for this class for just $30! Email me today for more details! All I ask is for some form of proof that you took the class (I really am not picky about this and it’s surprising how many names I remember from back in 2008 and 2010!) Click on the image above to email me today!




Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, May 2017 Pages

6 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, May 2017 Pages”

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    Carol Clayton

    Thanks, Cathy, for posting your updates on this. I still have my Scrapbook Your Year class sitting at my dashboard and woefully ignored. Now that You’ve gotten me going again with DYL 2.0, I think I’ll put some time into this class once the four weeks are up!

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    Carrie Kelleher

    So helpful to see this and see that you don’t scrapbook everything…or even close. When you say in the post “Once I have given the edited photos of all the other players to the families” – so you mean the pics you took at the ultimate games? Thanks so much!

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    After years of scrapbooking and tons of unfinished projects, I have decided to come up with a Yearbook Style to catch up and also eliminate so much clutter. I, too, had to learn that I can’t use every single picture and need to think more quality versus quantity. This has led me to the practice of picking one major photo and “supporting” photos in smaller sizes. Love the post.

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