Scrapbook Your Year, July 2017

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Another month, another set of pages, another sense of, “I love this system!” That’s my feeling as I put one more set of memories on the books, so to speak.

After falling a month behind last month, I decided to just knock out the month of July on Sunday and did so in about an hour. I don’t tell you the speed to brag, but rather, just to point out the efficiency in having a set approach.

For me, this project is about memories first, efficiency and space saving second. I get my craft on in other ways, you know? But this? This is the simple record of our lives. And for me, simple is good.

Number of Photos Taken in July: 176. I know. That is a pretty low number, people. What can I say? I actually took more than that, but deleted TONS of shots on Sunday before I started working on July because there are so many shots I do for either layouts or cards and I just don’t need to keep all of them in my iPhoto library.
Number Used: 26

Shall we?
A few things to point out: 1) That photo in the top right? That’s Cole’s YCC ultimate team posing in Lake Superior. The name of the team? Superior. How very meta of them. 2.) Cole and the young man in the photo in the lower right? They’ve been friends since they were 4 and are just about to enter their senior year at the same small high school they attend. Sigh. Time flies. And 3.) The photo of Cole holding up the GUPI sign? That is a new advocacy organization started by Minnesota high school female ultimate players to support gender equity in ultimate. You guys know I’m huge advocate for ultimate. This sport has changed the lives of both of my offspring. I’m really proud of the young women who are spearheading this group and also proud that Cole is supporting his fellow ultimate players by getting involved in this organization.

This month also marked the start of what I am calling the #czcraftcorner. As a dining room crafter, I am slowing getting just a bit more organized with how I store my stuff and work. I recently picked up a Raskog cart and an Alex drawer unit from IKEA. I have plans for a Dining/Craft Room Tour next month! Stay tuned, because it’s going to be… thrilling.
Tournies, paints, visits with friends and birthdays. Oh YEAH: Cole turned 18. [ insert slow blinking here ]
Summer is winding down. Having four Zielske people under one roof is also winding down. I love having this nest full and am grateful for this family of mine.

As the wise Jason Mraz once said, “There’s no need to complicate. Our time is short.”

True that.


To see past completed books and learn more about how I approach my year-long project:
2015 (similar to the style I do today!)

You can learn my system! Click on the image below for details on my self-paced e-course!


Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, July 2017

7 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, July 2017”

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    I have got to make this a focus. I took the course but have been busy with “life” and haven’t put it into action.

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    Debra Kusmec

    Are the template for Scrapbook Your Year on Designer Digitals? If so can you tell us the Name or put a link to it? thanks,

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    Love what you do every month. I’ve done mine monthly for two years now – using your 6×8 templates. I don’t know what I’d do without them because I seriously use them for EVERYTHING!

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    Stephanie Hokenson

    Lake Superior! We have a place on Lake Superior. Love to see others who have experienced “Good country” 🙂

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