Present Participle List for September 2017 + a fall wallpaper for your phone

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Fall is in the air, though with our weather hitting 90 degrees over the weekend you wouldn’t really know it, but still, here are a number of things I’m doing right now.

Rewatching the entire series of Game of Thrones. I finished the last season and decided to go back and rewatch. I break up my viewing time: watch a bit on my lunch break, watch a bit on the treadmill, watch a bit in the evenings when Dan is doing his next day school prep. No spoilers here. I just think it’s interesting television. Plus, Jon Snow.

Preparing for a big ultimate tournament next weekend, my daughter’s final Exit 69 as a collegiate ultimate player. I’m thinking it’s big assed lens rental time because ultimate is awesome.

Scrapbooking one page each week for my son’s senior year mini album project. I have three entries in so far, one for each week of the school year, and I’ve only gotten weepy twice. I’d say that’s a good ratio!

Planning a new workshop for 2018. This class will involve page design and stories to go with those designs. I loved teaching design with my most recent workshop, and I want to continue that into 2018. And this class will be delivered in two parts. That’s what I know right now! More details will be coming in November.

Trying to get moving a bit more. My exercise has been spotty and inconsistent. I just bought an online workout called Body Groove that I stream from my laptop to my Apple TV, and then dance around in my family room. No, I will not be sharing video of this any time soon, but it’s a fun way to move.

Wanting to plan a trip to Washington. I miss my hometown (Everett) and that Pacific Northwest air.

Adding more videos all the time to my YouTube channel. If you don’t subscribe, considering signing up.

And that, blog reading friends, is what’s going on with me. What’s going on with you?

p.s. I just changed my iPhone background and thought, “Well, that’s pretty!” If you right-click on this image (from your computer) or just tap and hold on the image below to Save Image, you can add this for your phone wallpaper, too!








Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for September 2017 + a fall wallpaper for your phone

15 Comments on “Present Participle List for September 2017 + a fall wallpaper for your phone”

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    Sue Williams

    Can’t wait to see what new workshop you’ve come up with!
    Thanks for the wallpaper, love it!

  2. #5

    Thank You for the lovely wallpaper!! And come to WA! We moved to Lopez Island 1 1/2 years ago now and LOVE it! Not the same as Everett I know, but I love the PNW air too!!! Soooo different from the SE US!

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    Kim Kern

    Cathy, If you come to the PNW you should think about a group 5k walk or something that all of us that are dying to meet you could come introduce ourselves at. 🙂

  4. #10

    So looking forward to your 2018 class(es). Love Ali’s monthly story workshops concept & signed on for a few months, but they don’t speak to me they way that your designs do. Can’t wait!

  5. #11

    What a great idea, to rewatch from the beginning…and savor it all again! And this time, we’ll know more about what’s coming and will probably catch more details. Awesome! Also – you’re reminding me that it’s been quite awhile since I did a “right now” page, and it’s definitely time. Thanks for the double inspiration! P.S. Definitely come to Seattle!! 😀

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    Ooooh, a new class! I will be keeping my eyes open for this. Everything I know about scrapbooking I learnt from your books and the first Design Your Life class :). Thank-you also for that super photo – now on my phone.

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    Kim J

    Thanks for the wall paper! Can’t wait to see what other ones you might share with us in the future!?!

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