The reason beehind the missing bee (see what I did there?)

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There will be no Bee Dance for 2017. You should know that right up front. You can stop reading right now if you’re thinking, “Well, Cathy, that’s the GREAT! Now how do I celebrate Halloween?”

I thought I would share the reason why and it’s a very, very simple one: I had a lack of inspiration.

You may or may not know this, but there has virtually never been any planning or forethought that has gone into the years of Bee Dances. As in, I wake up and think, “Oh, this would be a fun song to do!” and that’s it.

After the success of last year, I felt like I needed a REALLY great idea. (Oh, you didn’t catch last year?)

I mean, even after 2015, I wasn’t sure I’d ever do it again. (Oh, you missed that one, too?)

And then 2014 was just a shot in the dark. But I feel like I took it up a notch.

Because the year before was just okay. I mean, it was almost phoned in.

And Year One? Well, I was just a baby then, really.

So hopefully, you’ll forgive me this year. This dance is nothing, if not about inspiration.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll document my day in costume on my Instagram account story.

Will the Bee Dance return in 2018. You never can bee too sure, my friends.





Cathy ZielskeThe reason beehind the missing bee (see what I did there?)

52 Comments on “The reason beehind the missing bee (see what I did there?)”

  1. #3

    We Beelieve you are awesome and thanks for resharing the past years dances…always a day brightener.

  2. #4
    Lara Read

    Thanks for beeing honest!! We will miss the bee but can watch the previous years. last year was definitely epic!!

  3. #7
    Jill B

    Enjoyed the UnBEElievable (I wanted to do it too) trip down memory lane. Always great fun with you. Thanks

  4. #8
    Kimberly O.

    No worries!! 🙂 Although I was thinking maybe you’d get Cole and the band to play the song that you would dance to. You know, a LIVE band. Ha…. Think of all the outtakes!! (Or maybe it would just be a bunch of outtakes.)

  5. #9

    I want to say, dammit Cathy, pull yourself together! What is inspiration but 99% perspiration? How can you bumble this?? Yet, I sit here fighting a migraine, wondering what to stamp today or even if I have the energy, hoping my Puking Pumpkin Dip will be as good as last year’s, and I hear you. Sometimes inspiration needs to buzz around aimlessly for awhile before taking off. You’ve got another year. (OK, more, if you need it.) Thankfully, we have our archived Bee Dances to enjoy. Thanks for putting them together here!

    1. #9.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Haha! I just think that’s funny. I picture someone grabbing me by the shoulders, shaking me, saying, “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN!” haha.

  6. #10

    Oh honey…. I’m beeside myself with sadness! Crossing my fingers for an IG Cameo appearance tomorrow of ‘CathyZ, THE Queen Bee’!

  7. #11
    Paige Hafner

    I’m happy to see you sitting on your steps in your bee costume, with a cup of coffee! Looks like fall and it’s perfect!

  8. #13
    Stephanie Desbiens-McDonald

    Oh my goodness, my 6 year old was sitting with me when I watched them all, he killed himself laughing ! Those are awesome! Sorry you didn’t find inspiration this year, perhaps your bee 🐝 mojo will buzz back to you!

  9. #15

    i’ll miss a new bee dance, but it’ll bee ok beecause we love ya & the previous ones still rock! i will bee checking IG too- have a wonderful day!

  10. #16

    I beelieve. Hoping if I show my daughter these dances, she will see that her “Bees Knees” costume idea is the way to go this year! 🐝

  11. #17

    We’re stung but we totally get it. This compilation is clazzzic nonetheless! We will try to bee positive that next year will bring a new one. Maybe some Bee-yoncé?
    Happy Halloween!

  12. #18

    Five bee videos, helpfully gathered in one place. I know what *I’m* going to watch after work. 🙂 Thanks for the entertainment, Cathy. Hope you have a beeatifically happy Halloween.

  13. #19

    Better to go on hiatus than bee uninspired. Thanks for putting them all in one place. Didn’t realize I hadn’t seen them all. Good times!

  14. #20
    Sharon in CA

    You Bee you Cath! Happy Halloween! Thank you for so many wonderful and inspiring dances. I will think of the Bee taking a sabbatical-to recharge and reinvigorate! Bee well my friend!!

  15. #21

    Oh My Gosh, loving all the “bee” comments and totally understand, sadly, that there will be no🐝🐝🐝🐝dance this year. Enjoy whatever you decide to do beeecause you are in charge!

  16. #22

    I’m sure you are aware of the honeybee waggle dance aka twerking. Perhaps you still have time to perfect this one??? and definitely with Cole doing the sound. I’m sure he’d be thrilled.

  17. #23
    Cindy Barger

    I definitely felt a sting as I read this blog post, but the general buzz in all those comments is true – you must bee yourself. Thank you for the beehive of past years’ videos. Maybe next year you will find that honey pot of inspiration. We all beelieve in you. (Ok, these made me cringe but there is no one here to stop me.)

  18. #24

    hmmm…Cathy, you’re a verrrrry clever person. I’m reading betw the lines. Maybe not a *dance* but could there something else up your sleeve? Obviously, you, in any form, doing anything, or nothing, makes my day happier. Hope you’re happy too!

  19. #26

    Oh bummer. I was looking forward to your traditional bee dance.
    Perhaps you could persuade Mr Zielske to put on the bee costume and dance. LOL!

  20. #28

    I thought it would take the sting out of my late month finance “doings” to get the buzz on this year’s bee dance. I’m so sad the queen bee is taking a break this year, but this worker bee will just keep buzzing away at her bills and bank reconciliation. It takes me awhile. Perhaps the queen bee will find some inspo before I finish my tasks. It usually takes me awhile! If not, that’s ok. I’ll just move on to my honey-do list and enjoy the previous years’ dances. Some I’ve never seen before, so it’s like I have a new dance this year anyway! Buzz on!!! Love you!

  21. #31

    Tomorrow bee another day. Maybee the “committee of sleep” will provide you with inspiration yet.

  22. #32

    Thank you for sharing all of your bee dances in one place. They are all truly inspirational and so are you! I met you at the MSP airport last year and you truly are fabulous! Bee well.🐝

  23. #33
    Sandra B.

    Elf on the shelf…Bee in the tree? Christmas is coming! Enjoy all your holidays. Thanks for the sharing the latest buzz.

  24. #36

    I have to admit . . . Last year’s video was and *still* is EPIC. We got on the Hamilton bandwagon this year and my 13 year old daughter is dressing as Hamilton for Halloween. Adorbs. BTW do you still have that mannequin in your attic? That still creeps me out and I don’t live with you. 😂 Lol!

  25. #39

    oh and here I thought we would see Cole or Mr Z join in this year! Here’s hoping for 2018!..from a Canadian BEE fan!

  26. #40
    debbie eiffert

    You don’t need to up it every year
    We just love your silliness!
    Some of my best results have been spontaneous with no plan.

  27. #41

    Just glad you could pull past years performances out of the hive – and, Honey, you are so much fun! I’m not going to watch the dances tonight, but plan to review them tomorrow morning (something to look forward to and start my day with a smile) Thank you!

  28. #43

    Well, geniuses do need a day off. Just know that you’ve inspired Bee’s everywhere… since I work for a Children’s Hospital, Halloween is a BIG deal. Dressing up is practically on our performance evaluations. This year, I’m buzzing around bugging my groups. Thanks for the inspiration. (Wish I could attach a picture.)

  29. #44
    Megan Hoeppner

    Yes, I did just re-watch each unBEElievable flick. Thanks for keeping the fun ahive. I hope next year stings with inspiration abound. Until then, I can’t see a bee without thinking of thee. I was at Mags’ school parade yesterday and did my best to snap a pic of a parading bee to text you, but my photo ended up stinkin’ so I opted out. Nice to have you in my Halloween thoughts, though, friend. I hope you’re well. <3 <3 <3

  30. #46

    I’ll miss the bee dance, but it’s something that cannot be forced – it comes naturally via inspiration or not at all. Congratulations on letting it go and not getting stressed out. It’s okay to say “no”. Happy Halloweenie!

  31. #48

    To bee or not to bee….
    Nope not this year! Loved it Cathy – I am new to your blog and hadn’t seen any so a real treat to watch 5 in a row- awesome muck ups. Loved it and enjoy just beeing you. X

    1. #48.1
      Cathy Zielske

      So glad you were able to get a big giant fix of the Bee dance. Hoping that it returns next year

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