Scrapbook Your Year, September 2017

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Scrapbook your year at!

Scrapbook your year at!
Another month has come and gone and today I’m sharing said month in my simple Scrapbook Your Year format. The more I do this approach, the more I feel like this is exactly the type of album I want to be making to summarize a year in the life of this family. But enough of my marketing ploy! Let’s dive in.

Number of Photos Taken in September: 185. It was a pretty light month for photos. This usually happens when my girl heads back to college and my boy heads back to high school and my old man heads back to his teacher job. I mean, I can only take so many photos of my lunch, people. You feel me?
Number Used: 26

Scrapbook your year at!
I love when all four of us are represented on the first page of the month. It’s actually what I strive to do, though I don’t always achieve that goal. My favorite shot on the page is Dan in mid air, taken while jump roping at school, right before the students got on the bus for the day. Not sure who took it, but I’m grateful they sent it to Dan, who in turn, gave it to me. Not this his new job is all about jumping and being happy, but it’s definitely about jumping.

Scrapbook your year at!
The next page features a pic of both Dan and Cole in the 6th grade. This is something he likes to do. He brings in photos of all of us in the particular grade he is teaching. Love that little tradition. Another thing I’m grateful for? Cole let me recreate his first day of Preschool for his first day of 12th grade. Even though he doesn’t take the bus, he got out there like a trooper and stood on the very same corner from all those years ago. Sigh.

Scrapbook your year at!
Another tradition I love is that Dan and Cole have been playing indoor sports since he was old enough to kick or throw a ball. We have this little basketball hoop, and Dan and Cole will play epic games in our entryway. I’m so grateful that Cole has a dad who likes to play. So very grateful for that.

Scrapbook your year at!
And the final page wraps the month. We got to see our girl play in her first ultimate tournament of the season in her final year of collegiate sports. The black and white photo is with the woman who was my children’s Kindergarten teacher, Miss K. We had gathered to say goodbye to the son of a dear friend. The Montessori community is a close knit one, and we saw many friends and families from over the years.

And that is the snapshot of September. Always grateful for another month in the life.

To see past completed books and learn more about how I approach my year-long project:
2015 (similar to the style I do today!)

You can learn my system! Click on the image below for details on my self-paced e-course!




Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, September 2017

12 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, September 2017”

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    All of this , photos, memories, layout format, etc is perfect. Your family is amazing and to let you tell us about them is also amazing. Keep enjoying your everyday moments ,as they add up quickly to pounce on the not so enjoyable moments.

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Glenda! πŸ™‚ This system is really working for me, and yes, I’m grateful I can share these stories!

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    Love this! I need to get going on this I know once I get started it won’t be as hard to keep up.

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    Tracey Magner

    WOW, so cool looking at this Cathy. I have been a Scrapbooker for a little over 20 years but I have been so into making cards lately and addicted to collecting stamps I haven’t worked on my Scrapbook’s in a couple years, now looking at yours I am really thinking wow I am missing scrapbooking so much and I am really into photography and have like thousands ( no that is not a misprint ) of pictures, just piles of pics that are waiting to be put in scrap books. I really do enjoy scrapbooking so much, thanks for reminding me how much.

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      This approach has changed the way I save photos and words, for sure. πŸ™‚ Does it capture every last detail? Nope. But it’s just the snapshot of life I wish I’d had for every year of my entire life.

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    Such a great month for you! Cole standing on the corner in kindergarten and then as a senior – my heart! Love this project!

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    Judi church

    Love love love your photos. Dan jumping is my fave. What a good sport Cole is….standing on the same corner. Love it all.

  6. #6

    What a wonderful post, full of thoughtful introspection. I think I like the photo of Dan jumping, too…he has a great expression, but I also like your acorn photo…acorns don’t get as much attention as fall leaves, and they always say fall to me.

  7. #8

    I’m surprised it wasn’t until the 7th comment that someone mentioned LSAT!!! My jaw dropped! Way to go Aidan! That’s so awesome, and I’m sending good ju-ju vibes for a good outcome on her exam. Love your monthly PL – totally adopting it. I’ve been organizing photos and kept up with a PS document with words for each week. Thought I was all printed and in page protectors thru June 2017, then realized I was only caught up thru June of TWENTY-SIXTEEN. Sum-beach.

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