Card video: Non-traditional colors for Christmas

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Ever have the urge to play with colors that don’t technically line up with the established colors of a particular genre? What? Yes? ME TOO! And so, I say, go with what makes you happy.

I was playing around with some new ink (Hot Mama from Simon Says Stamp, which I didn’t expect to be as purply as it is), and I kind of loved it, so I paired it with some Twisted Citron and pale lavender for my decidedly non traditional holiday card.
This is actually a pretty simple card. True, I have used a handful of different die sets to create it, but it’s pretty clean as simple, dabbling in just a few techniques. Something like this could be really great for a new card maker, and I say that, as a new card maker. Sometimes trying out something simple gives you the little boost of confidence you might need to try more advanced techniques.

Today I’m sharing my tutorial, complete with a few mistakes that I kept in, because I’m still figuring out how to best make cards, too!

That’s the card for today! Check out all the supplies in the list below.








Cathy ZielskeCard video: Non-traditional colors for Christmas

3 Comments on “Card video: Non-traditional colors for Christmas”

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      Cathy Zielske

      Glad you did, Suzi! Just an note: my website is undergoing some maintenance and the images will all be back soon.

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    Dixie Cochran

    I like the colors you used on this card. It’s fun. Thanks for sharing how you solved the booboos. You gave very helpful solutions. Well done!

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