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Did you know that the iMac has a fantastic voice dictation function? The reason I know this is I no longer have two good hands with which to type words.

Yesterday I was taking a quick break from work to head out to my garage to clean out my car following a weekend road trip to watch my daughter play ultimate frisbee in Iowa. No sooner did I walk into the garage than I tripped over my vacuum cleaner and fell face first onto the concrete breaking my fall with my left hand turned at a very strange angle. Something didn’t feel right, so I went to urgent care and surely enough, I fractured a bone in my hand.

This does not surprise me, because I literally fell face first and my hand was the only thing that stopped my face from hitting the concrete. The good news is that it is my non-dominant hand. The bad news is that everything I do requires two hands. So today I’m going to see what designing a magazine is like using only one hand, as this is the week that I am starting to lay out the winter issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today. (Voice dictation doesn’t handle proper nouns very well, and it just took me two minutes to type Scrapbook and Cards Today and add the link, lol.)

I have some tutorials coming this week that thankfully have already been recorded, so you can look forward to that. But if I’m a little slow on email responses or responding to you on social media just know that I am adjusting to this and will make the best of it. I’m getting a hard cast on Friday and I have been told by a few people that after a few weeks I might be able to do lots of the things that I’m used to doing with only one hand.

I know it’s Halloween and usually I put the bee costume on and whoop it up. But right now I can’t get to the bee costume in the attic so I think I’m going to have to take a pass on dressing up this year at least until Dan gets home tonight and can help me put it on. I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday but I will make the best of it and do what I can do.

As far as my 30 Days of Thankful project goes, I will be making entries solely on my @czdesign Instagram account, until I can figure out how to use a paper trimmer with a cast. In this way, I can make all of my entries every day and simply go back and take the words that I write/voice dictate and the photos that I take and turn them into my finished album. I’m pretty sure I know it the day one entry is going to be.

Anyway, that’s the update from my world. I keep replaying in my mind how I could’ve handled walking into the garage with more grace. I’m sure this will all be manageable, and who knows, maybe not being able to fold laundry for a few weeks is a good thing.




Cathy ZielskeWhoopsie Daisy

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    I’m so sorry! You’ll be back to your usual chipper self in no time. In the meantime, I’m thinking a little wine will dull the pain. 😉

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    As a former dental hygienist, think of it this way ….a broken bone will heal. A knocked out tooth will not. Much better to have broken a bone in your hand than a tooth!!

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    tamara haverkamp

    I am so sorry. I really hope you feel better soon and your arm heals fast?sending you big hugs and lots of love ?

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    Best wishes for quick healing! I’m in a walking boot right now after my 2nd foot surgery this year! It’s amazing how quickly you can adapt!

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    Stay upbeat…it’s one of my favorite things about you! You always make me giggle and smile! Let me know if I/we can do anything for you in your time of need!—–(not sure what that could be..I’m nearby if you need a dinner made or grocery shopping done! 🙂

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    oh noes! housework is dangerous, being ambushed by your hoover is proof.

    I hope it heals soon and you aren’t in too much pain.

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    Life takes interesting turns, doesn’t it? I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this—many virtual hugs coming your way! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Ouch Cathy! That must hurt so bad! Thank you for the tip, I didn’t know mac has that capability. I really hope you get well soon dear.

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    If it helps any, I tripped walking out of the bathroom the other night and broke a toe. Hope you heal quickly!

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    Tammy B

    Oooh! That really sucks. ? I’m prescribing Vitamin D and lots of housework/cooking related rest! Looking forward to seeing more craftiness when you’re able. Take care Cathy.

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    I totally did this the first week of DYL 2.0! I was on crutches after knee surgery and tripped on them, breaking my fall with my left hand. I broke the bigger bone in my lower arm. Trouble was, it IS my dominant hand. I quite literally feel your pain! Hopefully your recovery will be smooth! Not going to lie, though, the cast will be a pain. Invest in a rat tail comb for the itchy spots. 🙂

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    I know I would struggle with the “I don’t have time for this right now.” So, wishing you patience and please give yourself the grace to slow down and heal.

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    Sarah Jones

    About a year ago, I was taking some packages to the post office. I tripped over the CURB (hello?) and since I was holding the packages — somehow I did not break my fall with my hands. I slammed my face into the sidewalk and loosened one of my front teeth, while also badly bloody-ing my lips and nose. Then, in a state of utter humiliation, I had to gather up my packages, hobble back to my car and drive home. Staying on two feet is tough.

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    Been there. Done that. It sucks. Soon you will amaze yourself at just what you can accomplish with one hand. Better days ahead Mz. Whoopsie Daisy. You got this!

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    I hope your wrist heals as fast as humanly possible! It’s a bummer for sure, especially because of how much you do on a daily basis…. A mantra I have when bad things happen to me and I start to have a pity party is….it could be worse. After I realize that, then it doesn’t seem so bad. Take some time during your healing to pamper yourself, and personally, I’m grateful your voice dictation so that I don’t have to miss out on all that you provide me, inspiration, entertainment, laughter, awesomeness….

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    I feel for you ! I did the same thing a few years ago, same (very busy) time of year, same arm. I slipped in mud and did the whole cartoon legs churning, splat face in the mud. Grace personified. I was just really really glad that I had something in my right hand or I’m pretty sure both arms would have gone out to break the fall. I don’t really want to think about what two broken wrists would entail … oh yikes. I was bummed at first but then accepted the Annoying One Arm Challenge and carried on. It meant slip on boots and elastic waist pants, lol. Oh well, more room for pity cake. haha. Take care & heal well !

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    Life does indeed throws us curve balls. I too tripped over my vacuum cleaner a couple of months ago. Same thing, went flying face down and only I broke my left foot in three places. Crutches and do nothing but ice, rest, and elevate. And just like you, I was grateful for worse things that could of have happened but didn’t. ? It certainly goes under the category of tempoary things I’ll get through. My dad said, it’s the universe’s way of telling me to slow down and I think maybe he’s right. So I looked at it like an adventure and tried to do all the neglected “over due” things from my sofa that I could do.
    Incidently, even the surgery wasn’t too bad.
    I wish you a speedy recovery. The healing power of the body is amazing. Ask for help. Be the princess you deserve to be. Find a good orthopedic doctor who specializes in hands. Super important. ( I met with 4 untill I found the right one. And by the way, yelp really came through). Oh and if you broke bones, Tylenol is better than Advil for quicker healing. Best of luck. And thanks for all the entertaining posts.
    – A former CKU student

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thank you Tina lots of good stuff in your post. It’s a very minor fracture so no broken bones per se and I’m hopeful that my cast will be on the lower end of four to six weeks

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    Oh no, Cathy! Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. With that creative mind of yours, I know you will come up with effective (and possibly hilarious) ways to adapt to life with one hand. Just remember that everything is temporary, and this, too, shall pass. Sending much love and light your way.

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    Oh noooooo! So sorry you’re having to go through this “bump” in the road… literally and figuratively… This was me last year at this same time — tripped in Canyonland National Park… of course my first reaction was “who saw me!!” then after 20 minutes of wooziness (& a patient husband) we walked the mile back to our truck (taking 1 wrong turn…). Then after wrapping my wrist with a sock & a few ibuprofen we finished our tour (me terrified to walk anywhere now…!) & drove the 4 days home before I found out it was broken… My right arm, dominant hand. As an artist I thought “I can paint left handed – do abstracts!” but then realized it took twice as long to do ANYTHING & I had no time to paint… My advice is be a strong advocate for yourself at the Dr. office. They wanted to do surgery on my hand / wrist but I took a “what happens if we don’t” approach, thinking the recovery would be much quicker with less risks. (My assigned Dr’s. biz card said hand surgeon not orthopedic Dr…) Me being “old school” knew our bodies could often mend without extra help, but so many Drs. are trained for emergency & worst case situations, not in sitting back & letting our own bodies do their jobs. Yes, this wasn’t a fun time for me (can you say way too tight casts?!?) & at the time it seemed to take forever to get out of the casts / splints, but now everything is fine, all recovered, and just an occasional twinge reminds me it was broken a year ago. Yes things could be way worse (something that often went through my head too!!) but yes, it’s not a lot of fun either! Wishing you fast recovery, great Drs. & buckets of patience… xo

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    Carol Clayton

    Wishing you a very speedy healing process! Looking forward to 30 Days of Thankful – I hope it won’t be too difficult for you to do yours on IG. P.S. I knew vacuum cleaners were dangerous! Carol in SLC

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    Boy, you really weren’t interested in doing the bee dance this year. Don’t go to such extreme steps (or um. . . mis-steps) to have a good excuse for not dancing as a crazy bee this year! I thought you were going to say you decided you needed to give a 2017 version of the bee and look what happened. The we would all have to feel guilty and sorry for you and for egging you on! Glad you managed to do this on your own, but sorry it happened at all. You are resourceful and won’t let a little broken bone stop you! Happy Halloween – sit back, eat some candy and feel a little sorry for yourself.

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    I am so very sorry, and hope that when the new cast is on, you will feel a bit more “freedom”….. I am sure it is difficult to do most tasks…hope you have some elastic waistband pants for easy on and off. And it is another reminder to “bee kind” to yourself. Hang in there.

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    Well, busting up your hand is no fun but I’m so glad your hand took one for the team and spared your pretty face! Sending you warm wishes for a speedy recovery and lots of levity surrounding the adjustments you’ll have to make. Years ago my daughter broke her wrist right before mid-terms and unfortunately it was her dominant hand. She managed to take midterms alternating to her left hand (barely legible writing) when her right was hurting too much. You just do what you gotta do. 🙂

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    I broke a bone in my foot on our first day in Disneyworld in August. I tripped getting off of our second ride of the day. Did I mention that I have 4 kids and my 12 year old is a full time wheel chair user? It sucked but we made it work and it’s a vacation we won’t forget. Thank God for walking boots and electric scooter! Yes, this sucks and will take A LOT of getting used to doing things, but luckily nothing else was hurt. Take care and give yourself a break and let people help you when you can.

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    Julie S

    So sorry to hear about your hand! Hang in there! Once the cast is on you’ll probably be able to use your thumbs (unless that is where the bone is broken) to type on your cell phone! Broke my shoulder and survived the 6 weeks after each surgery by using my thumbs to keep working!

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    Oh my, I hope you get better soon. If it helps at all, some of my friends say that the hand they broke is actually stronger now than it was before the break, although they can now predict the weather a day or two early.

    I thought you had already decided to skip the bee dance this year? You can buzz another day, rest up for now!

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    Ya know, this would have never happened if you’d been busy filming this year’s bee dance…just sayin’… ;o) But seriously, bummer about your hand, good that your face was spared. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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    Honore Francois

    Sooo sorry dear Cathy! I hope you aren’t in much pain.
    Been there! Be grateful t’was your left hand…mine was my write/right hand.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and send get well wishes your way every day!
    Cheers and Love!

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    Monda DeWeese

    So very sorry. I did a similar disastrous pirouette failure two years ago about this time of year. Begin planning now for your own “Bling the Sling” for the holidays. I’ll send a photo! Be patient, be well!

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    It took me about 5-6 days after the hard cast was put on my non-dominant arm before I could type using both hands. Granted I was typing slower. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

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    Betty Sue

    This to shall pass! That’s what my mom always said! Take care and hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day! ❤️

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    So sorry about your hand. I recently had a similar fall so I can relate. Wishing you a quick recovery.

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    On a happy note, you didn’t break your face. It would be hard to see to do anything – even with two hands – if you couldn’t see because your eye landed on a gardening fork, or whatever those prong-things are. So sorry this happened. Praying for a speedy recovery.

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    Kathy Northup

    Cathy… speaking as a orthopedic nurse and also a former wrist fracture patient ask for a fiberglass/waterproof cast. It costs a bit more however it makes a huge difference in how you feel. Good luck

    1. #47.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks for the tip! I will request that because Dan has funds in his HSA account that could cover the additional cost.

      1. #47.1.1

        The additional cost is negligible, perhaps $35. Worth every penny to be able to shower without wraps, letting warm water run down your arm! Plus it decreases the funky smell associated with plaster casts. Good luck!

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    This is huge! You can feel sorry for yourself at least once a day. The rest of the time your creativity will go wild in amazing ways while you give yourself a little break (haha).

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    Oh no! I’m so sorry- never a good time but this is probably a really bad time of year for this for you.

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    Kari B.

    Based on my son’s experience, once your cast is on you will have increased access to your fingers and the use of your hand will improve dramatically. And yes what you will learn to do with just one hand (and some assistance from immobilzed hand and/or other body parts – e.g. holding something between your knees or under your arm).

    1. #51.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I am really hoping that is the case and I only have two more days until I get the cast!

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    Sharon in CA

    So sorry Cathy. Take good care of the rest of you…. you can’t unrung the bell, but you can experience a bunch of new things through this new lens. All the best!

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    Oh dear, that’s no fun at all! A couple years ago I broke my pinky and had to get a cast that covered all my hand and went up to my elbow, on my dominant hand. And I’m a graphic designer. Fun times…for 8 weeks, lol. It’s amazing though how quickly our bodies can begin to adapt and things start getting a bit better each day.

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    Peg in CO

    Oh, Cathy, I was so sad to see this in your Instagram the other night. I literally gasped. I see you are rebounding with your usual positive attitude and light so that is wonderful. I decided the best thing I could do to help out was to buy a little something from you so you keep the income flowing. I am going to try to persuade my boyfriend to join me in a little gratitude project and purchased some goodies from DD to use there. I’m gonna shoot for 10 days because the reality is that would be an amazing feat in and of itself! Feel better and take gentle care of yourself!

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    OMG – I tripped over nipothing Friday afternoon & I have a badly sprained pinky finger. My hand is wrapped similarly to yours. The computer is definitely a challenge. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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    Debbie in AZ

    Sending good thoughts, extra patience and wishes for an easy and speedy recovery your way!

  43. #59

    Oh boy! Definitely think it will impede laundry folding and all household tasks! Best of luck and healing thoughts!!

  44. #60
    Mary H.

    Life happens and so thankful your face didn’t hit the concrete which could have caused more damage. So sorry this happened but please take wonderful care of yourself. Godspeed on your recovery.

    1. #61.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Urgent care said 4 to 6 weeks. And I am getting my cast on and meeting with my orthopedic doctor today so will hopefully know more.

  45. #62

    Oh, no! Cathy, I’m so sorry that happened! Thank God that you did not break your face!!! You are going to get through this like a champ with much humor and I am guessing wine. LOL! I will be praying for you to have a quck recovery!

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    Suzi Metcalfe

    Well, I discovered something unique when I was recovering from back surgery which left it very difficult to move any which way: I am right handed, but wipe with the left! Had never thought about that before. I hope you don’t have that problem. It can be huge! :o)

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