30 days of thankful page shares, part 1

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Today I am going to begin sharing some of my album entries for my 30 Days of Thankful project for 2017. This year’s project has taken on a decidedly different tone as one week ago today, I fell in my garage and fractured my hand which resulted in a lovely black cast. After a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that this project was going to be just the thing to keep me focused and positive. Unfortunately I am unable to create physical pages at this time, because I cannot actually use the paper trimmer with my cast on. My solution? Share the digital pages with you every week for the entire month.

I will be printing my journaling and photos out in December to create the physical 4 x 4 inch album, but for now you just get a digital sampling. I’m also sharing entries every day on my CZ Design Instagram account, and much like this blog post that I am writing, I am using voice dictation for everything. All hail the iMac geniuses who added voice dictation as a computer feature. Without further ado I will share my first five days of the month and I’ll be back a week from today with the next seven. (Do check back mid week however, I’m sure I will have a very entertaining stories about my life with a cast and the inability to make things.)










Cathy Zielske30 days of thankful page shares, part 1

19 Comments on “30 days of thankful page shares, part 1”

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    carol ann

    Cathy, I hope that you heal quickly. I want to say to you that I’m grateful for you, today! You make me laugh, sometimes cry, and always inspire. The best thing you did for me was to propose the idea of a Thankful Album. It lets me get creative with my photography, shoot things I normally wouldn’t, use my graphic artist talent, and reinforce humble in my heart to always be thankful, even when it’s not November. Thanks, Cathy!

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    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers! As you said, it could have been much worse…thankful it wasn’t!!!!

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    Sue Ogden

    Dang! That voice dictation is awesome! Also, I just showed my husband your entry about Dan. I told him if I could write like you, this is what I would say about him. I had total knee replacement 4 weeks ago, and I wouldn’t be able to manage without him. He’s given up his normal activities to get me to physical therapy, and has gotten up innumerable times in the middle of the night to get me pain medicine, or ice for my ice wrap. What a guy!

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    Sandra B.

    Why wouldn’t you do an entirely digital (pro-printed) album? Best-dressed cast.

    God bless the helpers and those who are healing.

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      Cathy Zielske

      You know it’s funny I never even considered that! I have done two pro printed books in the past and they were gorgeous so I think there’s a very good chance that I will do the same thing with this album!

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    Love your cast decorations. You are definitely making the best of a not so good situation. Thanks for finding a way to share with us while you navigate the world one handed.

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    Love your first five days and that you’re able to participate in this project even though you’re laid up. That cast is awesome! Here’s hoping time flies and that you’re back to your normal, fabulous, two-armed self very quickly.

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    Breon Randon

    oh man,that really sucks. If you dont mind my asking, how are you getting voice dictation to work on your lines ie leading? Thanks!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Oh, I still have to enter that information manually. But for example, I am voice dictating my response to you right now. I still have to manually enter information but at least I don’t have to type everything out.

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    Hoping that you heal quickly! I am in a walking boot myself right now after surgery – I feel your pain! I was wondering what the font is that you used for “this” and “thankful.” I’m sure it’s a font you have to pay for, but I love it!


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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks Amber, I hope you have a fast healing too. The name of the font is selfie and I did pay for it but I believe you can find it out there for free as well.

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