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So here we are. My youngest child is a senior. Lucky for me he agreed to go out for a little senior photo session with my dear friend and talented photographer, Margie.

As with my daughter’s senior session back in 2013, I gave no direction on what he should wear or how he should style his hair. I really just want to see who my kids are in these photos, and not a reflection of who I think they should be.

And I just think this kid is so cool.

I’m so glad his big sister came along for the shoot.

These are the days my friends.

For sure.

Thank you so much, Margie. These photos are such a gift.





Cathy ZielskeHello Senior

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    Sue P

    Oh these are wonderful pictures! You have such beautiful children. I know I don’t have to tell you to enjoy them. Just wait. Even better times are to come with your kids!!

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    Sue P

    Oh Cathy, these pictures are awesome. You have such beautiful children. Enjoy them and know that even better times are to come with them.

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    Marcie L

    Wow, these really turned out so well! My older son wanted nothing to do with Senior pictures. I’m hoping my junior will think differently next year. Wish I had a “Margie”!!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks Marcie. I do feel fortunate that he agreed to do them because last spring he said that it really wasn’t something he wanted to do, but I told him a, you know Margie and B, it’s no big deal. you walk around for a half an hour and she takes your picture. I may have told them that it also will go into graduation announcements and then people might send him money. lol

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks Connie. I will enjoy these pictures. I told him that one day he will look back on these pictures and be glad he did it. He replied to me, mom, I’m not unhappy that I did it. lol.

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    Kimberly O.

    Great pictures! Looks like you and Dan have doppelgangers! I love comparing the kids’ younger pics with the latest ones that you post.

    PS. If I ever break something, I’m going to get a black cast too! I bet it shows less dirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey! And it goes with whatever you are wearing!

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    … he was just a baby 13 years ago when I started scrapbooking … โ™ฅ now a handsome young man. I wish him a beautiful life ahead.

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    Sue Carter

    Holy cow – he is the spittin’ image of Dan. What a handsome young man. It’s been such a pleasure to watch your kids grow up over the years Cathy!

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    Love the photos Cathy. I’m pretty sure he went with the photo shoot because he remembers your scrapbooks and he thought, someday he’d like to show it off his friends and kiddos. Wow. Time flew so fast, college soon!

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    Linda Matthews


    We took our own โ€œseniorโ€ photos. At the beach. Much more relaxed. And showed the true look of our son and natural smile. Nothing staged that comes across in senior photos nowadays.


    I remember little Cole from your layouts from Simple Scrapbooks Magazine days.

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    Michelle Bradtke

    These are great. My favorite is the one of him leaning against the building. My daughter went to her senior photo shoot against her will, and without my knowledge, wore an inappropriately low-cut top. She was sorry she did that – once her rough edges smoothed out less than a year later. Funny how that happens!

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      Cathy Zielske

      One thing I love is that both Cole and Aidan went to their senior pictures wearing all secondhand clothes. Everything Cole has on he got at the Goodwill. Aidan wore secondhand clothes that were her dad’s. They’ve got style and they know how to save money. lol

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    Ahhh, Cathy, I can’t believe your boy’s a senior! Have to admit, I teared up seeing these gorgeous pics–yeah yeah, I know, he’s not even my kid, right?! But I’ve been a fan of yours for such a long time, I kinda feel like I know your family. I started scrapbooking back when your kids were little and immediately fell in love with your style, so I’ve watched them grow up through your pages all these years, ya know? I remember pics of Cole playing the drums and dressing up in cool costumes. He’s always had a style all his own. Really, they both seem like amazing people, and I’m sure that’s in large part thanks to you and Dan. My kids are a few years behind yours, so I’m gonna have to face the thought of them leaving very soon (which also might’ve contributed a little to my tears! LOL). Thanks for sharing these pics. I only hope my son’s turn out half as good when the time comes…

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      Cathy Zielske

      Sometimes I forget that my kids have grown up in the scrapbooks that other people have seen over these years. It makes me really grateful for the stories that I’ve documented.

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    I just got my son’s senior pictures too. It’s such a mix of overwhelming pride and joy and grief. But to be a part of someone so amazing is a gift.

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    Sue TR

    awww these are so awesome! My girls (twins) are Juniors and thinking about Senior year has me alternating between heart-bursting pride and the gut wrench of them not being here every day (and also…whopeee no more packing lunches!) xo

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      Cathy Zielske

      I can only imagine when you have twins. I too have packed Cole’s lunch for years. However with the cast I am not able to do it and he has taken that over. If feels like a sea change of responsibility!

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    Cathy, It has been an honor and a joy to watch Cole grow into the handsome young man he is. The photos are beautiful. XOXO

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    Great pictures! I love the picture of the siblings together and the one where he is leaning against the brick wall. The one of him looking over his shoulder feels poignant. These are such treasures.

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    Wonderful photos! And I love that you gave him no instructions about how to dress. I think letting his personality show is what it’s supposed to be about – and he did a great job because he looks smashing!

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    lynne moore

    Great captures. They feel both timeless and particular.

    I was super lucky with my oldest, camera-shy son for senior photos. I won a session with a local photographer and it really helped to have someone else work their magic with him.

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    Very nice! Is there nothing better than to watch your kids have a wonderful relationship after one or more have left the home? These ARE the days, my friend! Thanks for sharing.

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    I don’t know if it’s a mom thing, a girl thing, or a being on your period thing, but I’m totally crying… LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Love them!!

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    Linda Hersey

    loved seeing Cole’s senior picture especially since first meeting him and your daughter on the pages of your books (Clean & Simple Scrapbooking and its sequel). Those two publications have been my go-to for inspiration when scrapbooking my children and especially my grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing them all these years.

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    Your kiddos are so good-looking! Cole looks so much like his dad. It has been fun watching them grow up – I always picture him building that Lego Titanic. So sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I will always be forever sad our youngest refused to get her senior pictures taken. Even one for the yearbook. Can’t get that back. Carol

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    Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kids! I have a senior too and pretty much the same story…A friend of ours did his senior photos last weekend after my son decided that yes, he would do a senior photo shoot when earlier this year he said “can’t Dad just take a photo in the backyard?” I love the photos we got and we got my daughter in a couple as well. Just love it.

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    Cathy, these are really great pictures and definitely show who Cole is. I love the black/white of him looking back. However, each and every one of these photos is great. What a good-looking young man! And to Cole – you will be glad that you agreed to these photos – they will make your mama happy for years! Great job!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thank you, you know he said what would be more a reflection of him would be to do a photo shoot in the woods. But I am just so grateful to have this and yes, he will be happy later too.

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      Cathy Zielske

      That is all from my friend Margie, she is just so wonderful with seniors and just gets them to relax and she works her magic.

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    Like Deb and Linda I Ioved seeing Coleโ€™s senior pictures. “I’m Keeping Him” and “So Coleman” come to mind immediately when I look at Cole as a senior. Clean & Simple Scrapbooking and its sequel continue to be my inspiration when scrapbooking as well. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with all of us.

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    I have a senior too and the weather in AZ is perfect now, but in July when school starts here it’s over 100 degrees. We had to go do our session inside! I love the last picture of your son looking back at the camera, priceless! I had my son dress up since he never dresses up. I got teary eyed when the photographer did a slide show with all my son’s pictures. They really know how to get the parents to buy!

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    These are fantastic! I love that you let him wear what he wanted how he wanted. Your perspective is spot on – see him for who he is here and now. And the two of your kids together? Priceless.

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