Video tutorial and card share featuring my new releases for November

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I’ve got brand new releases in my CZ Design collection at Simon Says Stamp out today! Lucky for me, I made a card last week before I broke my hand! So today I’m sharing a new card and video.
One thing I realized, having been making cards since last April, was that I had very few straight up birthday stamp and die sets. It seems like the card I most often need to make is, in fact, a birthday card. So I designed a brand new set called Birthday Palooza to give me some more options for making birthday cards.
This card is pretty simple, and Lord knows I am not the world’s greatest Copic marker user, but the end result makes me really happy and hopefully it will inspire you to make a simple card with happy colors and a little bit of masking. Masking is a new technique to me and it feels like magic every single time. Check out the video below to see how I made this happy card.

Here’s to making colorful birthday cards! I think when I get my cast this Friday I may have to invite some crafters over to use Copics to jazz it up!

And one more new release that I’m really excited about is this new letter die set, All Caps N0.01.

This die set features letters that are about an inch and a quarter tall. I am going to get so much use out of this die set, especially for scrapbook projects.

Thanks for stopping by today and also, thank you for all the wonderful wishes for a speedy recovery. This little accident has thrown me for a loop but I will work around it and find ways to get work done.











Cathy ZielskeVideo tutorial and card share featuring my new releases for November

12 Comments on “Video tutorial and card share featuring my new releases for November”

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    that looks great. no glitter!

    I love how the inkblending stuff looks (Laura Bassen does some great stuff too) but I still don’t think I’m up for the mess or the investment. I’m *supposed* to be sewing.

    hope you don’t get too twitchy with limited crafting while hand heals.

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah that Laura is a literal magician with ink. Believe me, I never thought I would use this stuff. I am as shocked as anyone. And now I’m going to be a little sad that I can’t do it the way I was doing it until the cast comes off.

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    I love this card, Cathy, especially the overlapped letters. I’m so sorry to hear about your hand. What a bummer! Hope it heals quickly. Hang in there.

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    I am super excited for your new release! Can’t wait to order and get it in my hot little hands. The card is awesome, as usual. Sorry to hear you boo-boo’d your hand, sucks. Somehow I don’t think that’ll stop you from creating. If it slows you down, maybe your hand needed a rest. You know, there are some crafters that aren’t blessed with the use of two hands and it doesn’t seem to stop them. As per Salty Ladies, $hit happens. Much love and happy healing!

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    Lisa Wright

    Get better soon – Broke my elbow at 50 gotta say I never realized how hard it it to shower, drive, dry my hair with one arm!
    Gotta be quicker on the new product your stamps are already SOLD OUT! Way to go!
    I’ll be on the waiting list!

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    Roberta S.

    Cathy, I love your new set. Loved your video. You will find a creative way to make cards while you are in a cast. I have faith you will & it will be awesome.

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    Chris Cox

    Love this! Birthday cards are my favorite cards to make. I love using Copic markers….it’s the blending that I have yet to master! Hope all goes well on Friday!

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    Love this stamp and die set so much, I just ordered it! Thank you for sharing the video and I hope you recover quickly!

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    Denise Ward

    I love the whole design of your card!! The beautiful way you’ve used color to add to the celebratory feel of the card is fantastic!!

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