December Daily Page Shares, Part 2

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Today I’m sharing more of my December Daily album. Last week I did a video but today I just got some pictures. I’ll list all the supplies at the end and hopefully I can get through this post without any issues. I’m having problems with the images showing up. Here goes nothing!

I am continuing to keep this very simple. I love printing out full page images and just layering in in a few embellishments. I made a 6 x 8 photo, and then added a white rectangle, and simply change the opacity of the rectangle to 85% to achieve a see-through look.

Day 7 was all about our family Christmas card. This year I ordered mine from Artifact Uprising and am loving the results.

Day 8 was a story about Cole that I wanted to remember, one of those little mama moments that mean so much. And Day 9 was simply about having a mellow day at home. Here are used one of Ali’s 3 x 8 page protectors, and again printed half of my 6 x 8 image with a white rectangle over the top of it, and the opacity lowered it to 85%. I printed the image twice to achieve this overlay effect that you see here in the spread. I have been using my Epson SureColor P400 wide format printer for all of my 6 x 8 prints.

On the flipside of the page protector I designed a movies to watch list, and yes Twilight made the cut.

And the final day I’m sharing is from the weekend, where Dan and Cole are in the process of building a backyard hockey rink for the winter. I just hope Minnesota delivers the necessary cold to achieve good ice.

And that wraps up this post! I hope if you are creating an album this month that you are enjoying the process.




Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily Page Shares, Part 2

11 Comments on “December Daily Page Shares, Part 2”

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks Carrie! It is nice to have the cast off for sure. Lots of physical therapy is going to be required on my part to get my hand back to normal. slow and steady!

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    Love the idea of duplicating a 6×8 photo on the 3×8 to create the overlay effect (day 9). I love the 3×8, but I find it hard to keep them from fighting with the page they’re covering. This look is so cohesive.

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    Love the idea of listing movies you want to see. Creating my “Oscar” movie watch list now from Golden Globe nominations. We have only three mandatory Christmas movies, so just listing Christmas movies would make a short list.

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    I love your style for your Dec Daily. every year I say I am going to bite the bullet and do it..and every year I fail… Quick Question and it is in regards to the cute little mitten tag you made (which is in your photo). Can I ask whose tag (die) that is?
    Thanks again for sharing your creative processes…

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