Free 3 x 4 Card Download: The Merry Card Series 03

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Happy December! The Merry Card free download series continues today with two geometric options featuring different color schemes for your holiday card printing pleasure.

I am also including a card in this package that is designed with those in mind for home the holidays are less joyful. Not everybody experiences magic and merriment in this month of December. There are people who have suffered loss and are grieving. There are people who are facing illness and other hardships. There are people who deal with depression and other mental illnesses. I know there are many people out there who still tell stories and want to document and so this extra card is designed for you.

Click on the image below to begin your download. The files are zipped and need to be unzipped in order to use.

Card no. 01
Card. no. 02

I have one new release today over at Designer Digitals. I decided I wanted a more minimal journal card for my December daily project and I found a really cool free typewriter font so I made this set. The nice thing is is you can change the font to be anything you like but you have a little narrow column of open space on each card where you can stay up something or hand write something or at a strip of pattern paper or whatever strikes your fancy. I will be stamping and heat embossing, because that’s just how I roll in 2017. Find this new set here.

IN OTHER NEWS: I get my cast off today and if that isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is!






Cathy ZielskeFree 3 x 4 Card Download: The Merry Card Series 03

26 Comments on “Free 3 x 4 Card Download: The Merry Card Series 03”

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    Jill S.

    I’m loving your “Merry Card” series! Thanks so much for your generosity!!!! Happy December 1st. πŸ™‚

  2. #12

    These are wonderful. I am especially grateful for the “Just Okay Days” card. Thank you.

    Good luck with your, by now, cast-less hand. May your brilliance continue to shine ever brighter.

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    Thank you for the cards, but more importantly, I am so happy that you are getting your cast off today! That’s definitely a reason for you to celebrate!

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    Love this Cathy. You always inspire me to journal whatever, not just in December. Love your minimalistic style, it’s so neat and clean!

  5. #18

    Ooh! Ooh! Love this. These Christmas trees are awesome! Thank you. Hope the arm is feeling better and not too tender. Enjoy your weekend!

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    Pam K

    Beautiful cards — I love the tree design! && thanks for the “extra” card. I have some friends that are going through some rough times this season …

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    carol ann

    Love this faceted tree – simplistic and clean – Cathy-style to a “T”!

    Thank you for being sensitive and showing your support to those of us (including me) who suffer every year when Christmas happens. Saying praying for others like me and doing my best to be kind – you never know what someone is going through.

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