Giveaway: Win a 30-page hardcover book from AdoramaPix (giveaway is now closed; winner revealed!)

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Today I’m excited to be partnering with for a giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a 30-page, 12 x 12 hard cover book (a $94.99 value) with your choice of either luster or silk paper. I have been using to print my year long Scrapbook Your Year albums for the past three years and the results are gorgeous. (You can see how my 2016 album turned out here!)

Scrapbook Your Year with Cathy Zielske.
The quality of these albums is superb and this giveaway it would be great to showcase highlights of your year!

TO ENTER: This giveaway is now closed! The winner is:

Congrats Sarah and thanks again to all who entered and to AdoramaPix!


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Cathy ZielskeGiveaway: Win a 30-page hardcover book from AdoramaPix (giveaway is now closed; winner revealed!)

273 Comments on “Giveaway: Win a 30-page hardcover book from AdoramaPix (giveaway is now closed; winner revealed!)”

  1. #1
    Jen Morrison

    My goal for 2018 is to focus and simplify my life, my memory keeping, and my attitude. In memory keeping, I want to focus on the stories instead of the extras. Photos and stories are what I aim for. The rest is just noise.

  2. #3

    My goal is to minimize and declutter – starting with photos! I also want to finish scanning all of my prints and make albums from old photos.

  3. #4
    Kimberly O.

    Hi Cathy, my crafting goal is… To craft more!! I’m trying to get my room organized so that I don’t have to drag my Silhouette machine to the living room and cut on the floor! The cats love to watch the mat move.

  4. #5

    I have a son graduating in June. I would love to get motivated to put together an album of high school memories for him.

  5. #6
    Carolyn Wright

    This is so awesome. Thanks for the chance to win. My goal for 2018 is to put aside a day a month to work on my memory keeping projects such as Fit 2018, One Little Word and Project Life as I want to be creative along with my health & wellness journey in 2018.

  6. #7
    Kayla Foister

    I’m making an adventure book for my partner and I. It will span the entire eight years since we’ve starting dating. I would like to finish it before his birthday in the summer.

  7. #8
    Adriana Weingart

    Hello, Cathy!
    So far, I have basically 2 goals for 2018, in terms of Memory Keeping / Crafting… One of them involves doing the Scrapbook Your Year course that I signed for on last November. Another one (and this will help me also with my Photography studies), is taking at least one picture each day in 2018 (and putting them in an album, of course).
    I am considering some other things too, but so far, my brain is telling my heart that I need to focus – but they are still discussing over it, and I do not have a final answer yet… LOL
    Thanks for this opportunity. I would be very happy to win it – and I bet the others would too 🙂
    I would like to let registered my wishes for a great and blessed 2018 to you and yours!!!
    [ ]’s

  8. #9

    My goal is to go through boxes of photos I began accumulating in 1988 and moved from place to place (even across the country!) – and the boxes have been unopened since my last move in 2007. Time to go through the photos, pare down to the photos I love, and find the treasure to be documented in book form!

  9. #11
    Kim Kern

    My goal for 2018 is to do weekly layouts and delete pictures weekly to decrease the number that I have.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!


  10. #12

    To complete some of the incomplete albums and memory keeping projects I have started. And if nothing else, to get finished layouts into albums!

  11. #13

    To finish my 2017 & 2016 PL pages. Have all the pages online, but need to just insert photos and type in some stats – then print, put into binders, and say “good enough, done!”

  12. #14
    Barbara Ruby

    My goal for 2018 is to use or get rid of all the extra paper and embellishments I’ve been saving for years. I’ve run out of space!! Plus, I’m scrapping more digitally now and don’t think I need those things anymore.
    Thanks, Cathy!

  13. #15
    Kimberly Steven

    My memory keeping for goal for 2018 is pretty ambitious. I want to start albums for my daughter and two neices showcasing their birthdays each year then I will be able to add to it each year as a keepsake. I am going to get our Disney 2015 trip scrapped before our planned visit in 2019!

  14. #16

    My goal is to actually do something. I collect supplies and take photos and read blogs but alas, just don’t DO it.

  15. #17

    My photo related goals for 2018 are to first dedicate a little time each day to complete your online class I purchased months ago. Next is to move all those remaining photos out of Lr and into the organized file structure. Also to become more proficient at PhotoshopCC. Then create digital photo books by year, dating back to 2005 as well as classic photo albums with all the prints I have prior to that. I’m determined that 2018 is the year I’ll accomplish this by making it a priority each day!!! : ) Happy New Year!!!

  16. #18
    Jennifer Klimowicz

    My goal is to stay motivated throughout the year. I get bored around June and have a hard time keeping up.

  17. #19

    My most important memory keeping goal of 2018 is to document our first year together with our new baby.

  18. #20

    Thanks for a chance to win! I would love to finish a college album for (at least) one of my sons! Good luck to all!

  19. #21

    Hi, my crafting goals for 2018 are to work on completing more scrapbooks for my adult kids and my granddaughter. I would also like to do more quilting and sewing – I go off and on with enjoying that and I’m excited again to do some sewing.

  20. #22

    My goal for 2018 is to create the wedding album I never had and present it to my husband on our 20th wedding anniversary this year in August.

  21. #23

    my goal is to get my craft room set up. after our basement remodel, I never got around to putting my craft space back together. that was a year ago! gonna make that happen in 2018

  22. #25

    My goal is to actually get my memories documented and get rid of the notion that I have to use EVERY photo, but instead focus on the ones that tell the story.

  23. #26
    Jodie B.

    My goal is to take an hour on the last day of each month (Note to self: it’s only 12; totally doable!) and make pages for that month.

  24. #27
    Theresa Grdina

    My Crafty Goal for 2018 is to craft at least one time per week….while I am working full time!!! I rarely make it a priority and when I do, the results are fabulous!!! I feel better and I have created something…..gotta do it!

  25. #29
    Laura BC

    My goal is to start jotting down the stories again. there’s just no excuse not to – it doesn’t require space and time to craft (although that’s the next step – I just don’t want to forget the stories while waiting for the time / space to play with all the things).

  26. #30
    Lynn Ainsworth

    My goal is to get back to memory keeping… I dropped the ball years ago – and photos, etc are piling up. I am determined to get back on track! Happy New Year!

  27. #31
    Sue Habib

    My goal for 2018 is summed up by Nike. “Just Do It.” I plan to take on several quick projects to get me going and then get back to some that have been gathering dust in my studio.

  28. #33
    Natalie Schmidt

    My (scrapbooking and otherwise) goal for 2018 is to fully embrace my One Little Word of 2018: ‘progress’. Whether in noun or verb form, I’ll be using it within my creative projects and day to day life to progress in my organisational and documenting practices and be productive in my goals to ride the wave of positive momentum of better health begun in August of 2017. Yesterday, I enrolled in your FIT 2018, and cannot wait to document my journey of progress. 😀 Happy New Year, Zielske family, and thanks so much for the chance to win!

  29. #34
    Denise C.

    My goals for crafting and memory keeping for 2018 include finishing all the classes I’ve bought but not done and trying to create for 15 minutes each day!

  30. #35

    I have two goals that morph into one – I want to finish up some of the unfinished albums I have been working on, and I want to put (almost) all of my pages from now on into one big family album. I’ve been keeping an album each for both my girls, a hiking album, a vacation album, a cabin trip album, a personal album…and when I look through my family album it looks like almost nothing happened in 2017 even though it was jam-packed with stuff…it’s just that those things are spread all over the place. So I want to make that one big mess of an album for 2018 so it can reflect the chaos of our actual life. 🙂

  31. #36
    Sierra B

    To journal daily with my son. We both got a multi-year memory journal for Christmas. I’m making it a priority to spend 5 minutes together every day to write in them.

  32. #37

    My goal is to finish all the unfinished projects. You know the ones that just need a title page or some journaling or a couple more pictures or etc.

  33. #38

    Major life changes for me this past year, which also resulted in being very behind. I want to take things one step at a time, but also try to get everything including scrapbooking back under control. Happy New Year Cathy! Thanks for your tireless posts and inspiration!

  34. #39
    Kim C.

    My memory keeping goal for 2018 is to make more time to scrapbook. I feel happy and relaxed when I’m putting together pages from our family’s life moments, and this is one way for me to tell these people how much they mean to me, and that is important.
    My memory making goal is to be present, pay attention, and give myself completely to the moments of everyday. Great pictures are good, but being fully immersed in a shared moment with someone I love is even better. This life is flying along a little too quickly for my taste, and I don’t want large chunks of precious time to go by unrecognized because I am too busy, preoccupied, or stressed to really be there.

  35. #40
    Kathy Meredith

    My goal is to finish organizing digital pictures and scan old family photos. Also want to document the year. When you get older and retired, it doesn’t seem like much happens, but I do want to document the stories that come up and write down childhood stories.

  36. #41

    My goal is to finish my 2015 Family Yearbook and complete 2016 and 2017. For Christmas I got a new laptop that is much more powerful and I’ve installed the new Photoshop Elements so I have no excuses but to get it done! I love your style, classes, and motivation and am excited to get back to work!

  37. #42
    Charlene Biemer

    My 2018 crafting goal is to create an A to Z memory book for my daughter who is graduating from college in May. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. #44

    I recently found the lost members of my grandmother’s family, and I want to put their story together in a photo book–I’d feel very lucky to win! Thanks!

  39. #45
    Heather Hockman

    My goal is to actually finish a year somehow. Whether it’s weekly or monthly. Whatever program I can figure out. Just something to finish a complete year.

  40. #46
    Alison Molumby

    I’m hoping to finally print last year’s book in the new year! Thank you for this method, it’s the best!!

  41. #47

    I subscribe to Ali Edwards’ story kits and I haven’t even looked at the last 2 kits. My goal for 2018 is to use the kits that I have and keep current with these kits as they come out.

  42. #48
    Joyce D

    Oh … I think one of my 2018 goals will be to continue & finish the abbreviated A-Z project I started last year of our vacations …. it is time!

  43. #50

    My goal is to work with my daughter in law to document the first 3 years of my twin grandbabies life. There just wasn’t time when they were babies but I think this is the year to do it!

  44. #51

    My goal is to actually finish a yearly album. For the past 4 years I have great starts which peter out when I hit our busy months.

  45. #53
    Becky Ellis

    My 2018 scrapping goal is to finally finish my hubby and I’s 2015-2016 album and to start on our 2017-2018 album!!! Along with getting back into scrapping more…must make more time!

  46. #54
    Karen P

    I’ve been doing Project Life for several years now and love it. My goal for 2018 is to keep current with my album. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Adoramapix is amazing!

  47. #55

    My goal is to make actual lay-outs other than PL. I havent been a scrapbooker for that long, and I got started with PL. My DD has gotten much craftier over three years So I think I am rest now..

  48. #56

    I started running a couple years ago and just a few months ago started a “running journal/album” full of maps of where I run, how I feel, pictures of trails, etc. I have this tendency to start projects like this and not complete them, but I am really going to try hard to actually finish this one. It helps inspire me to keep running and then running inspires me to keep filling it out. It’s so much fun.

  49. #57

    My goal for 2018 is to finally get the stories of my Father documented and assembled into a family album.

  50. #58
    Rita H

    My 3028 goal is to continue doing my granddaughter’s PL even though she’s moved 3 hrs away and I have limited access to photos to use.

  51. #59

    I’m trying to keep my goals simple and (hopefully!) achievable this year. In terms of memory keeping, it is to make something that I’m REALLY proud of :).

  52. #61
    Judi church

    My goal is to complete every project that is waiting for that finishing touch… painting a room and not quite getting to the baseboards.

  53. #62

    My goal for 2018 is to finish my 2017 album (which I decided to do traditional PL style) and then go back to your Scrapbook Your Year style for 2018 because it’s the bomb diggity. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to switch back!

  54. #64

    Those thousands of photos on my camera roll? My goal for 2018 is to make them tangible. A photo book would be ideal!

  55. #65
    Laura Vancura

    I love AdoramaPix! My goal for 2018 is to finish my Yellowstone Road Trip album from summer 2017 and complete our Disney cruise album that we are going on in a few weeks!

  56. #66

    I love AdoramaPix! My goal for 2018 is to finish my Yellowstone Road Trip album from summer 2017 and complete our Disney cruise album that we are going on in a few weeks!

  57. #67

    My goal is to continue my 365 project fro 2018. I always print my finished books at Adorama. They do an amazing job.

  58. #68

    I am going to catch up my projects that need things added to them annually like the Halloween costume book and the school of life book. Each is a couple of years behind.

  59. #71

    I am going to continue with Scrapbook Your Year! I’m also going to finish up some random projects that I have kicking around. ? Thank you so much Cathy & Adorama!

  60. #72
    Tracey Magner

    AWESOME giveaway, Thanks! Like everyone my goals are to become more organized. I am OCD, my Scraprooms have gotten out of control lately due to illness. My second goal is to start my Christmas cards earlier for the Caring Heart Drive for Nursing Homes so I can send more in than this year.

  61. #73

    My goal is to do more scrapbook pages in 2018 including the current year and then catch up with previous years! Having a chance to win this will motivate me to complete the book sooner. Wishful thinking, right!

  62. #74
    Jennifer Little

    Thanks for the chance to win! I am hoping to finish up my December Daily book in January and somehow finish up my 2011 family albums!

  63. #75
    Honore Francois

    My desire/plan in the making is to use Scrapbook Your Year as the template for creating an Adorama Picture book covering my life (7.5 decades )…
    Wish me luck!
    Cheers and a Happy 2018 to ya!

  64. #76

    I’d like to keep up with my project life book so I’m not rushing to finish it while starting another one!

  65. #77
    Staci Blevins

    My goal is to get all wedding pictures from november organized, printed and documented. this book would be great!

  66. #78

    One of my crafting goals is to put together a photo book of my son’s wedding photos. This giveaway book would be perfect to accomplish that!

  67. #81

    My goal for 2018 is to finish December Daily 2016 and start/finish December Daily 2017.
    I’d also like to try and keep up with a monthly PL style 9×12. If I’m being really ambitious, I’d like to also make and mail birthday cards for my family and friends.

  68. #82
    Kay Flannery

    My goal is to complete my 2017 monthly book – actually I have to commit to starting it! But I will be doing it digitally and all the pictures are already organized on my computer.

  69. #83

    My goal is to photograph or scan all of my older non-digital scrapbooks. In CA we’ve had a terrible fire year and I realized the one thing I’d be most upset about losing is all of the memories.

  70. #84
    Renee T.

    Tweak my workflow to come up with a system to preserve more of my memories, now that I am rarely printing all the photos I take from my phone.

  71. #85
    Deborah Weiss

    My memory keeping goal is to organize my craft space and to “keep up” with Project Life!

  72. #86
    Jennifer Henson

    Just to get back to it again. I love documenting life, writing down our stories, but started a new job last year at this time. Have been swamped since. Two weeks ago I took the first step of organizing the supplies I want to use-I have so many I love!-and getting albums to get started again.

  73. #87

    My goal for 2018 is to stay somewhat current on our daily life album. I also need to finish my son’s bowling album before he graduates in June.

  74. #88
    Cindy Corwin

    Mine is a 2-parter:
    1. Since I’ve (almost) completed my 365 project for 2017, including actually choosing my photos of the day and keeping track of them, I plan to make a photo book out of them.
    2. In 2018 I will continue to choose my photos of the day in a somewhat timely fashion and keep track of them.

  75. #89

    My goal is to make memory-keeping work a regular part of my weekend routine. If I just spent one hour every weekend making pages, I know I would have something super cool at the end of the year!

  76. #90
    Cindy E.

    My scrapbook goal for 2018 is to get back into the recording game. I have a collection of pictures that tell a story to “me” but no one else. Want to get those recorded.

  77. #91
    Karen S

    My 2018 crafting goal is to take more pictures of our daily lives, especially of my daughter who started high school this year. I’ve been bad about it so far, but capturing those moments before they are gone has become very important to me.

  78. #92
    Jacquie Desilets

    My goals for 2018 is to learn how to use my camera to take better, more meaningful photos and get those photos into books. Organizing and decluttering is right near the top of that list as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. #94
    Diane Maylin

    I want to try to keep up this year with my pictures right from the start of the year and have them all in a book at the end of the year! Big task for me!

  80. #95

    My goal is to pass my CPA exam so that I have more time to scrapbook. I would love to do a year in review book.

  81. #96
    Paula Corsaro

    My goal for 2018 is to sound less like a news reporter and more like a storyteller in my pages.

  82. #97
    Jacquie Desilets

    My goals for 2018 are to learn to take better photos and get those memories into my albums. I also stalled a bit on SYY because I did not have photos of my family for the opening page, so that will be my first priority, and the remaining 4 months will be a breeze!

  83. #98

    my goal is to stay motivated this year, it gets hard during some seasons, but I am hoping for consistency this year.

  84. #99

    One goal is to get my scrapbooking stuff more organized, so I know what i have and use it. This books looks awesome, I would love to win. Thank you. Jenny

  85. #100
    Margot Perry

    My goal every year is to get caught up! But this year, I am going to go back to monthly (and sometimes weekly) project life. In 2015 I actually stayed up-to-date and love having a complete album for once! I find I am so much more relaxed and free of stress when I complete my pages close to the actual date. Plus, the stories are all fresh in my mind and have more to journal.

  86. #101

    To finish 2017. I have been going to school as well as working so I have fallen behind. I’d really enjoy seeing my photos in an accessible album!

  87. #102

    My goal is finish 2017. I have been going to school as well as working so I have fallen behind. I’d really enjoy seeing my photos in an accessible album!

  88. #103

    What a prize! Love Adoramapix! My goal is to scan old photos and make some albums without fussing about artsy only getting it done efficiently!

  89. #104
    Beth Goldstein

    I absolutely LOVE Adoramax for my yearly albums. How nice it would be to get one for free! The quality is the best.
    For 2018, I hope to keep up weekly with my project life pages and use my supplies I’ve purchased (thanks to recommendations from you, Laura Bassen and Jennifer McGuire! So many supplies…. Beth

  90. #105

    my goal for 2018 is to finish all four of my photo a day project life albums. three have photos and cards and are half done the journaling component. sadly 2017 merely has a title page and the page protectors in place! I do have all year’s worth of photos in files by date right up until yesterday ready to print 🙂

  91. #106

    First goal is to make the Christmas photo book for this year, soon! Second goal is to make the gift scrapbook for my baby nephew (two page spread per month for the parents to add their photos.) This will be my fifth baby gift scrapbook to make. Third goal is to clean up my scrapping space!!

  92. #107

    Just keep living, just keep living… and then, keep those memories for generations to come. This is my goal.

  93. #110

    My goal is to go thru some older family albums and scrapbook them properly… adding some memories and organize the pictures better.

  94. #111

    My first child was born this past August. My goal for 2018 is to be on top of capturing her life month by month so I can have a completed book of her first year by fall 2018!

  95. #113
    Maria H

    I’ve really slacked off in preserving my family’s memories for the past few years. In 2018 I want to spend more time on scrapbooking and less time watching TV or net surfing. Along the same lines, I want to complete a crocheted afghan WIP and also a small cross-stitch WIP as well. Oh and I’d also like to exercise more, lose some weight. And since I’m dreaming big, I’d like to achieve world peace too! 🙂

  96. #114
    Janita Donaldson

    My mom just passed away on Dec 6th. I would love to make a recipe book with all her handwritten ones.

  97. #115
    Jen Stewart

    I just recently bought your “Scrapbook your Year” class and have done the first couple of lessons (Christmas kinda slowed that down). Next year my goal is to use your system to keep me prolific with scrapbooking. I love following you to the “T” so I’d love to win this book since you speak so highly of the company! Thanks!

  98. #116
    Becky Rico

    My goal for 2018 is to keep up-to-date on my Scrapbook Your Year. I got discouraged this year when I had very few photos to use but I have figured out how to get more photos so I should not run into that issue next year.

  99. #117

    My goal this year is simply to scrap SOMETHING. Like many others, I was very prolific, but then kids and life came along (and digital photos I can see at a whim) and I stopped creating scrapbooks. This is something I would LOVE to do again, I actually really enjoy the process and treasure the end result, but have felt so overwhelmed by the volume of things I haven’t scrapped. I have still been able to scrap the big events into photobooks I have printed, so this book would be awesome!

  100. #118
    Jill S.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this! One of my 2018 goals is to stay up-to-date on my monthly Scrapbook Your Year pages.

  101. #119

    I’ve spent two years doing my book for 2015! My goal in 2018 is to make documenting a weekly or monthly habit instead of something I occasionally try to fit in.

  102. #120

    In 2011, I started ‘LIFE’ albums using WRMK Albums Made Easy. I have kept up to date from 2011 to now. My 2018 goal is to get thru photos and journaling from 1971-2010. Currently working on the year 1996!

  103. #121
    Katie Phelps

    My goal is to be more consistent with my memory keeping a do a little bit at a time so I don’t become overwhelmed and quit.

  104. #123
    Michelle Darde

    I’m spending today and tomorrow painting my basement so I can set it up as a craft studio. I’ve never made cards but that’s my plan for 2018 and I got some great stamps and dies for Christmas.

  105. #124
    Poly Kirschenheuter

    My goal is to organize my Twins photos – their first 2 years, and document the best moments in an album so we can have this memory. At the same time, start working on their 3rd year photos and album as it happens – no more leaving things for later…

  106. #125

    Hi Cathy!

    My crafting goal… Well, the first goal would be to actually have time to craft, because I’m writing (or trying to write) a master’s degree in Spanish, and it’s consuming my time. Big time. heh.

    But if I do manage to craft, my two goals would be
    – Do sewing projects with my two girls (we just bought a sewing machine)
    – Make a 2018 album and calendars for my family (it’s been a while since my last album, I’ve just done the odd page, trying to do month pages, but not succeeding)

    Keep up the awesome work! xxx

  107. #126
    Karen B Walker

    My goal, once again, is to get caught up with my monthly Project Life. I also want to make a photo book of an international trip (4 years ago!) before we go on another one in February.

  108. #129

    My main goal is to DO something with my photos. I have all kinds of ideas and projects started, but haven’t done anything in a while.

  109. #130

    My 2018 goals are to finish oldest son’s wedding album and high school graduation albums for all 3 sons. Photo restoration project for my Parents. This may seem like a short list, but it’s realistic. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  110. #132

    My goal for the year is to declutter/donate/sell much of my scrapping supplies and organize my craft room. I need a simplified space so that I can actually get my memory keeping caught up (mostly digital now). And I’d like to make more cards and do more creative art projects, which can only happen in a decluttered space lol! Declutter the space, declutter my mind!

  111. #133
    Renee Gallup

    My goal for 2018 is to get back into it! I would love to make a book for my daughter’s graduation. She’s involved in Ultimate, Soccer, Band, etc., and it’s a little overwhelming to think about printing all those pictures. I like the idea of handing her a thin book vs an enormous album. I’d love to give this a go! Thanks for the opportunity, Cathy!

  112. #135

    My goal for 2018 is to deal with my overseas holiday photos covering the last few years, and I have realised that photo books are probably the only way it’s going to happen.

  113. #137
    Fran Cozens

    My goal for 2018 is to finish not only 2017 family yearbook but 2018 as well. Having an AdoramaPix 12×12 hardcover book waiting for me to use, will be all that i need to get me to my end goal. Thank you

  114. #138

    My goal for 2018 is to clean out my scrapbook space and supplies so it’s easy to sit down and scrapbook any time.

  115. #139

    My goal is to actually do some sort of memory keeping this year; because of changes in my job, I haven’t had the chance to even print photos, but I definitely need to set aside some time for scrapbooking 🙂

  116. #140

    My goal for 2018 is to get my craft room organized and to get at least my 2017 pictures in a photobook.

  117. #141
    Linda R

    One goal for 2018 is to make a photo book of our Philadelphia vacation this past summer. Adoramapix quality is the best by far.

  118. #142
    Andrea W.

    My goal for 2018 is to scan all of the photos of my kids from the 1990’s (pre-digital camera) and then put the highlights into a photo book for each of them.

  119. #143
    Mary M

    I hope to get my 2016 year in revue completed this year. I am behind. This would be a wonder giveaway for me to win.

  120. #144
    Stephanie W

    Hi Cathy, my goal for 2018 is to continue with SYY and finish what I start… nothing beats having a year-long completed album… I have you to thank for that! These albums are so beautiful, but very expensive for me. I have printed 2015 and 2016 but being on the other side of the world and with exchange rate etc, I would love to have my 2017 album printed for me!

  121. #145

    My goal for 2018 is to complete weekly layouts and not get behind (or at least remember to document life daily in my bullet journal, so catching up isn’t such a monumental task). Also, I’d like to finish scanning my deceased grandmother’s photos and notes into digital format to share with my family.

  122. #146

    One goal I have for 2018 is to complete a scrapbook for at least one show that our youngest son has been involved with during the last 14 years. I want this to be a gift for graduation.

  123. #147

    I purchased your Scrapbook Your Year Class and my goal is simple… Find two hours each month to work on it. Thanks for all your inspiration Cathy!

  124. #148

    My goal for 2018 is to schedule (& use) creative time each week. Priority for January is to finish the final details in my November Thankful album and my December Daily album.

  125. #149
    Lauren H.

    My goal is to document a while year for once without fail. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome book!

  126. #150
    Antoinette Naude

    I went on a 3 week trip to Europe in Sept/Oct this year and visited 7 countries! Indeed a trip of a lifetime. This prize would be the perfect way to document my travels❣️❣️

  127. #151

    I have a goal of starting and finishing our Disney trip album from 3 years ago ? Long overdue!!

  128. #152

    My goal is to get my sons school books caught up. He will be a SENIOR and I am only on 2nd Grade! I do have middle school pretty much done because I used Project Life App and there wasn’t as much stuff to scrap for those years. Elementary years are just massive. But I know I can do it. For my 40th Bday I completed 8 scrapbooks, over 4000 photos of my complete life up to that day in 6 months! Just have to put my mind to it and do it for his books! Among all the other crafts I enjoy besides documenting! Oh and my cousin and I are going to start up a craft business on the side also. 2018 will be a big year for me!

  129. #153
    Breon Randon

    what a great chance! My goal is actually tp print off the two digital albums I have waiting and to also purchase some more of the grey BH canvas albums and eventually switch all my paper albums (2005 and prior) to one unified look. I don’t even open my books much because the choas there freaks me out and thats 25 years of scrapbooked life I’m missing.

  130. #154
    Tonya NC

    My memory keeping goal is to tell more stories. This book would be great for that. Thanks, Cathy!

  131. #155

    My creative goal for 2018 is to edit and post the photos I took at special events in 2017 (family reunion, special weekend at the lake, etc.). Along with this goes the task of compiling photos of my daughter (childhood to the present) for her wedding in late September.

  132. #156
    Libby Wiers

    My memory keeping goal for 2018 is to scrap something, somehow every week, no exceptions, no matter where I am. More would be better, but this for a minimum.

  133. #157
    Blayne White

    Happy New Year Cathy! 🙂 Like many others, I want to simplify my process, but first I am determined to get my photos in order and in ONE place (backed up in others, as well, of course). I sold my company last year and finally have some time on my hands. I want to use it to reconnect to my memories and tell some stories….before I’m too old to remember!! Haha! Thanks for the chance!

  134. #158
    Blayne White

    Happy New Year Cathy! Like many others, I want to simplify my process, but first I am determined to get my photos in order and in ONE place (backed up in others, as well, of course). I sold my company last year and finally have some time on my hands. I want to use it to reconnect to my memories and tell some stories….before I’m too old to remember!! Haha! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  135. #159
    Ruth Tacoma

    No real ‘goal’ that is measurable, but I am intentional about finding time and scheduling purposeful time to be creative and intend to continue doing so. Yay me!

  136. #160

    My 2018 goal would be to finish the class I started with you over a year ago ‘Me: The Abridged Version’.

  137. #161
    Sharon in TX

    My 2018 goal is to document more stories from my Mom. She is almost 82 and has kidney cancer. I want to capture all I can.

  138. #162
    Wendy Young

    My goal for 2018 is to simplify…donate all oldschool scrapbooking supplies and go digital

  139. #165
    Tara Galger

    My goal this year is to finish three projects and complete 100 layouts. I have never set this kind of goal for myself before but I want to have more stories told and I think the only way I will do it is to have a goal! Doesn’t matter what format they are as long as there is a story on it!

  140. #167
    Shawn Jennings

    Hey Cathy – My memory keeping goal this year is to catch up on my monthly scrapbooking (like your yearlong books) and stay current each month. Wish me well. 🙂

  141. #168

    Wow….lots of people want that book. What a great prize to win. My goal is to do year three of Scrapbook Your Year, and to make sure that I “savor” each and every day of 2018 and to make sure I let the people around me know how much they mean to me. Your projects have already been a wonderful gift to me…and I appreciate all your hard work and your ability to share with others. Thank you so very much!

  142. #169
    Kelsy Brewer

    My goal for 2018 is to finally finish one of my study abroad albums and to print my 2017 pages in an album instead of individual pages.

  143. #170
    Nicole Hankosky

    My biggest issue is affording to make the photo books in full size…..still looking at more affordable options without doing a 4×4! But, I can look at my computer and they’re there!

  144. #171
    Jeannie Smith

    My 2018 goal is to get my digital photos organized so I can do some scrapbooking with them. I have 2014, 2015, and 2016 albums completed, but prior years need much organization!

  145. #172

    My 2018 goal is to catch up on our yearly vacation albums. I love vacations–they have a beginning AND an end.

  146. #173

    My goal for 2018 is to scrapbook weekly for the first time!! I’m excited and very nervous about keeping up but I’m hoping to get into the practice of more stories.

  147. #174

    My goal for 2018 is to get 2014 and 2017 into scrapbooks and to stay current on 2018 (I fell behind last year because I was working on 2010-2015). Thanks for the chance to win this great item!!!

  148. #175

    My goal for 2018 is to scrap for 1 hour a day on items I need to catch up on before I start anything new. I have so many unfinished pages, books, projects and it gets me down so my plan is to finish them first.

  149. #176
    nerdgrl (Kim S.)

    My goal for 2018 is to get projects done! I don’t scrap at home, so getting things done has become so much harder when Archiver’s closed. And, we keep taking trips and photos so I get behind so easily.

  150. #177

    For the last two years I have done my Year in Review digitally- using your templates to create Year in Review and Adoramapix to print the book. My goal this year is to have 2017 completed and ordered (once again by Adoramapix) by the last day of January 2018. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.

  151. #179
    Christine Dobrydney

    For 2018 I want to tell more stories, not just document the facts. I’m looking forward to utilizing the SYY concept to feel ‘caught up’ while making time for story.

  152. #183
    Elizabeth Kernohan

    In 2018, I want to use your simplify techniques and pull together an album that covers 2017.

  153. #184
    Jacenda Gilman

    2 goals for the upcoming year are to scrapbook my son’s scouting years to showcase at his Eagle court of honor hopefully in early summer and start putting his school memories in a book as he will be a senior in the fall! Aaahh! Keep your fingers crossed that I can accomplish both!

  154. #185

    My goal for 2018 is to get all my son’s photo’s & memorabilia scanned and into albums! I know it will be multiple since I’ve been way behind and now this year he has retired from the Navy! I’ve got some boxes to sort & organize!!

  155. #187
    Kate Brown

    My goal is to start the Project Life style of scrapbooking. I have the tools, just need to start! And this would make a great birthday present on the 30th!

  156. #188

    My goal is to stick with the plan and complete 2018. I’d like to think I could “catch up” from previous years (I completed 2016 and will be done with 2017), but know this is not realistic. I work full time, have a son who is a competitive gymnast which requires much chauffeuring, and I am in a very challenging graduate program. I love the rhythm of this method and have been able to stick with it for two years despite my schedule. I’m so greatful and happy to have found this blog.

  157. #189
    Kathy Aylward

    My last year book printed (and only year book printed) is 2014. In 2018 I want to focus on working on getting my pages done monthly and also as a single Mum get in the picture more with my 2 kids this year. I would love a hardcover lay flat Adoramapix album of memories of the kids and I. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  158. #191

    To capture everyday moments, things that inspire me and just because photos and tell the story is my focus for 2018 with my memeory keeping. Thank you for opportunity and happy holidays Cathy!!

  159. #194

    My memory keeping goal for 2018 is to do something! I’ve taken your great Scrapbook Your Year workshop, and now I just need to get the gears turning. This will be that year!! Thanks for this opportunity, and happy holidays Cathy! Cheers to you and your family as we roll into the New Year! xo

  160. #195

    My goal in 2018 is to continue my Project life albums! It’s my favorite way to document my memories! Thank you for the chance!

  161. #196

    My goal is to make a habit of printing my favorite photos each month and getting them into an album. I figure if the photos are printed already, I’ll have one less barrier to crafting with them. But with the gorgeousness of the AdoramaPix album, I may just go back to yearly albums like what I did for my first child (now an official teenager!!!) And with your “Scrapbook Your Year” course, it should be even easier than the first one. Looking forward to being inspired by you again in 2018. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  162. #197
    Kimberly Loxtercamp

    My goal is to complete monthly Project Life spreads. Bonus would be to also complete 2014 – 2017!!

  163. #198
    Cindy Hayes

    A wonderful goal for 2018 is to finish my childrens wedding albums. Thanks for the chance to win.

  164. #199

    For 2018, I just want to get back to documenting my family’s stories and special moments. Would I like to have it all look pretty and well designed? Sure … but I would rather have the stories documented than perfect and not documented. Thanks for the opportunity to win an AdoramaPix book – their quality is top notch!

  165. #200
    Lynda Deus

    My memory keeping goal for 2018 is to get many of my photos printed, and memories recorded. I am going to dedicate one day a week to this goal. A photo book sounds like a great place to start!

  166. #201
    Margaret Brownm

    My goal is to complete my son’s senior year book and to get into a regular weekly routine of documenting and putting pics in books. Thanks for the opportunity and ideas!

  167. #202
    Kim L

    My 2018 goal is to actually do more with my pictures. I have been so bad about just keeping them on my hard drive and no one gets to enjoy them!

  168. #204
    Sharon Holesh

    My goal is to get all my photos and home movies digitized! Huge project but I really need to tackle this!

  169. #209
    Julie Weber

    My goal is to learn how to use the new iMac my husband bought me for Christmas. I used to traditional scrapbook most evenings in the same room with him as he played a computer game. He’s missed me, and I’ve wanted to start hybrid scrapbooking, so here’s my chance. Our youngest heads off to college Fall 2018, so I want to get back into a regular scrapbook routine. Fit 2018 is coming at a perfect time for me, I’m so excited to learn new technological aspects of scrapbooking. I also lost 65 lbs. in 2017, so let’s keep that going and documenting my journey as I forge to the finish line. Can’t wait to stay motivated in Fit 2018.

  170. #213

    In 2018, I intend to 1) scrapbook my year, with the help of your class and 2) better organize my scrapbooking supplies and memorabilia. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  171. #214

    I would like to “digitize” all my old printed photos by scanning them and cropping, sorting etc and finally to put them into a photobook so that I can look at them, and not have (literally) 9 full boxes of photos sitting in boxes in my cupboard since I got my first digital camera in 2002.
    But thanks for this opportunity – it was so nice to read the other answers and find out that I am not the only one who needs extra hours in the day!
    I hope you all manage to do (at least) part of what you hope to in 2018!

  172. #215
    Nancy Fleming

    I want to create a permanent crafting area. I want to make something craft at least once a week and write in my journal every day even if it is only one sentence. Unrelated to crafting, but I want to try one new restaurant per month!

  173. #217

    I would like to finally scrap several past trips I’ve taken and to tackle organizing all the photos on my computer.

  174. #219
    Nancy R

    My goal for 2018 is to get caught up with my 2017 memory keeping and I’ve taken a week off work at the end of January to do just that! I’ve never done anything like that before and I’m gonna love it! And instead of ordering tons of photos to be printed as I’ve done in the past, I’m going to print my own at home on a one by one, as needed, basis. I believe that will simplify my scrapbooking and streamline the process.

  175. #220

    This past year I started off well and stayed caught up – until – I received my previous year album. No one in the family seemed particularly interested and I got kind of down about that. ☹️. This year I have decided — it’s for me! Not them! I love seeing “my memories” and who cares whether “they” are interested right now or not— this is a me thing and it’s fills up my heart! Here’s to finishing 2017 and onward to 2018!!

  176. #221

    My memory keeping goals for 2018 are to completely organise my photo collection (32 years worth of photos!), complete my 2016 and 2017 December Daily albums and make a baby book for my son who’s currently 3 months old. If I have more time, I’d also like to make my pregnancy album as well. I’m crazy ambitious this year since I’m on maternity leave for most of it!

  177. #222
    Pam C

    This past year I started off well and stayed caught up – until – I received my previous year album. No one in the family seemed particularly interested and I got kind of down about that. ☹️. This year I have decided — it’s for me! Not them! I love seeing “my memories” and who cares whether “they” are interested right now or not— this is a me thing and it’s fills up my heart! Here’s to finishing 2017 and onward to 2018!!

  178. #223
    Michelle Park

    My goal for this year is to kick butt and make every day count! By using your journalling course, I hope to keep my eye on the ball and publish my memories at the end of it. Love your work CZ.

  179. #225
    Ashley Moseley

    My memory-keeping goal for 2018 is to make a book about our life in Germany. We lived on an Army post for two years and now we live in a German house and the transition has been incredible and interesting!

  180. #226

    Cathy! I cannot wait to order with them! Thank for the chance to win! My goal for next year is to figure out a way to bring a new joy into scrapbooking. After seven years of PL, I need a fresh take! All best and thanks again, Anne

  181. #227

    My goal for 2018 is to be more personal and intentional. Photo themed gifts are so wonderful when well planned. I have a lot of ideas for capturing memories to share with my loved ones this year. My daughter loves going though the process with me so I’m teaching her along the way!

  182. #228
    Lydia S

    To use my blog to document our lives, and to use the best of the best photos and stories to create a book for the year. I used to be so good about physical scrapbooks. I want my photography for this year to also be more purposeful and mindful.

  183. #229

    2018 Goal? Nothing fancy… just trying to simplify so I can get it done…. using your templates for Scrap Your Year. Finish & print 2017. And 2016!
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Cathy…. any chance you are moving forward with some sort of story telling class?

  184. #230
    Polly Walters

    My 2018 is to clear off my craft table, get my photos organized, and start working on my sons senior year album.

  185. #231

    I want to complete Project Life from start to finish this year. I hope to do a “Week in the life” this summer. My main goal is to order a December Daily and complete it for the month. Disappointed to have not done that this year.

  186. #232
    Lina F

    This year I want to be sure to finish each month on a timely basis for my digital Project Life. Setting aside one day a week to do this will be my goal.

  187. #233
    Susan A

    I’d like to win this book so I can finish my 2017 cat and dog Project Life book. All the months are waiting to be printed…just waiting on a deal from Adoramapix. Their books are the best.

  188. #235
    Kathy Geare

    Hope it’s not too late for a comment, on the road yesterday with sketchy cell service.

    My goal this year is to TAKE the photos about this wacky thing called life. I am the queen of procrastination & good intentions. Maybe actually following your class (previously purchased) & the opportunity of having the gorgeous album I can get off my rear & make it happen.

    Happy New Year!

  189. #236
    Valerie Sielert

    My goal is to use the crafting supplies that I seem to be “hoarding” (according to Mr. Killjoy, my better half of 33 years) and become more organized. Currently, all of my card stock is labelled and in boxes, much of my supplies are in my daughter’s dresser with the drawers labelled. (she moved out) I’m so happy that I signed up for your Fit 2018.

  190. #237

    In 2018 my goal is to make the Add of the Crap more of a priority. I almost have it down…Cull – got it…Review – got it…Add – I’ll get to it later, there is laundry to do, dishes to do, that silly job to go to, grandkids to babysit, bills to pay, I should go to the gym, yardwork…

    My key word for 2018 is SIMPLIFY. How can I simply this already hectic life and spend more time on the Add part of the Crap? By spending 15 minutes a morning working on the Add instead of reading Facebook posts. So not only do I have a goal, I have a method to hopefully achieve that goal.

  191. #238
    Maryann S

    My goal is to minimize papers and photos. I was looking through old photographs while working on my family history and would like to scan the photos and eliminate the individual pictures.

  192. #241
    Pam K

    My craft goal for this year, actually the first month or two of 2018, is to declutter and tidy my craft area. It’s a great area but has too much stuff in it I no longer use, and it’s so messy that I didn’t do much crafting this year. After I clean it out, I’m rediscovering PL and having fun with some multi media! I can’t wait!

    Happy New Year, and thanks, Cathy!

  193. #242

    Thank you for the chance to win this incredible book.
    My goal is simply to make progress…
    To just move forward and not stay in what feels like the same place with my scrapbooking/crafting.

  194. #244

    My goal for 2018 is to set aside weekly time for creativity and scrapbooking. And to re-take Design Your Life which I originally took years ago. Happy New Year!

  195. #245

    I would love to do something like what you do and be able to have a recap of an entire year following the end of that year. I think 4 pages per months is fabulous and if I could end 2018 with a completed slice of our life, that would be stellar! Off to check out your class, btw. 😉

  196. #246

    My daughter was born in 2017. My goal is to make her a book of her first year! I need to find the time to scrapbook more!

  197. #247
    carol ann

    I was the lucky recipient of a major stash of Stampin Up products. My goal for 2018 is to find a way to remove the rubber from the wood blocks and convert them for use with my new Tonic stamping platform and start busting out a ton of cards. I’ve also taken 2 photography classes online and intend to work my photo-a-day project, again! Happy New Year, Cathy!

  198. #248

    My goal for 2018 is to complete a heritage album of my father’s side of the family and make copies for the kids and grandkids. Then 2019 will be a heritage album of my mother’s side of the family. What wonderful keepsakes these will be.

  199. #249

    I do most of my scrapbooking at two weekend retreats a year. This year, I’m hoping to join a monthly challenge group (either Mercy Tiara’s 27 day challenge or Stuck Sketches?!) to get me in my scrapbook room and get even more pages done!

  200. #250

    My 2018 crafting goals…
    1) keep current with monthly scrapbooking, hahahahaha
    2) finish organizing my craft stuff, double hahahahaha
    3) either Bible journal or art journal

    Thanks for a chance to win. Happy New Year. Enjoy 2018!

  201. #251

    I have lots of goals for 2018, but i am really wanting to journal as I go this year as I photograph my family. This sweepstakes is perfect because I’m planning to switch to Adoramapix from my current company that I use. I want to get caught up on the last few years this year as well as make a few books from recent trips!!

  202. #254
    Audrey Volt

    Hi Cathy! My goal for 2018 is to simplify my memory keeping and rediscover the joy of creativity and crafting! Thanks!

  203. #255

    My goal for 2018 is to collate and print out photos of my oldest grandson’s first 18 years in time for his high school graduation the end of May.

  204. #256

    Sorry if this is a duplicate entry… not sure what happened! I’d love to re-ignite my creative mojo and commit to spending more time being crafty. I’ve loved sharing your journey into cardmaking and you’ve done wonders with getting me more interested again! Thank you. I’ve taken some of your classes and am signed up for a few more. Really looking forward to spending time doing what I enjoy and hoping to be more productive in the new year. Thanks for sharing your passion … you always seem to make me smile.

  205. #257

    My memory keeping goals for 2108 are to finish my 2007 and 2017 albums using SYY templates and to create an album for my husband’s siblings that include all of the photos from their dad’s memorial service.

  206. #258

    My first crafting goal will be to get a crafting space/area set up that I can work in. During major house renovations for the past 4 years any kind of crafting space disappeared. Now that it is almost over I can’t wait to get set up! Then as soon as that is done, my 2nd goal will be to try to do something creative at least once a week.

  207. #260
    Lynn M

    I actually have two goals for 2018. First, to simplify and keep current each week in Project Life. Second, to get non-digital photos from the “early” years scanned. Lofty goals, but I’m determined!

  208. #261
    Barb R

    My 2018 crafting goal is to focus on what I enjoy the most. No worries about being caught up with scrapbooking. Just have fun and relax. Get together with friends and share our love of crafting.

  209. #262

    My goal is to to tell the stories that are in my head….. and to declutter so I can actually enjoy scrapbooking!

  210. #264

    Goal for 2018 is to continue finishing all my albums that are started but not done. Did a few this year and want to keep the momentum going.

  211. #267

    Start on my 9 yr old son’s baby book, he doesn’t have one. I have the pics, just need to get them in an album!

  212. #268
    Joan Fowler

    My goal this coming year is to create a photobook for my granddaughter to highlight the special moments of the first 20 years of her life.

  213. #269
    Terri Torrez

    My goal is to decrease the stuff in my scraproom and use more supplies. No new stuff except basics.

  214. #270
    Carolyn S

    I have so many photos on my phone – but now what? I’d love to print out and save these in a scrapbook of some sort to document the important moments of my year. Went through my mother in law’s things recently and realized how important actual photos are. Who is going to look through my phone when I’m gone??

  215. #271

    Oh I hope I am not too late to be entered in the contest! My goal is to start and finish my son and daughter in laws wedding album from 2014. I have the photos, paper, and album but now I just have to start!!

  216. #272

    After heading back to work last year, my scrapping life is fading into oblivion. A scrapbook like this is something I can do in quick starts and actually achieve something. So motivating.

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