Make the tiniest holiday tags for maximum cuteness

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I have been waiting for December, not only because it’s an awesome month and I knew I would be getting my cast off, but mostly so that I could finally start using my adorable Tiny Tags dies and Tiny Tags Sayings stamps. Because let’s just say it together: oh, for cute!
These stamps and dies are two things: 1) tiny, and 2) FREAKING ADORABLE! I realize I am being an enabler here but they really are cute. That stitched mitten tho…

I knew I would want to use them with my new reusable gift bags that I purchased recently from Etsy. I figure that wrapping gifts might be a little challenging this year as I rehab my left hand, and as soon as the bags arrived I knew they would look darling with some gray cardstock, white embossed stamping, and a little bit of twine.

Seeing how cute these fabric bags are, I have decided to learn how to sew in 2018. Nothing crazy, mind you, but I would love to find fabrics that I love and create my own reusable gift bags.

NOTE TO NEWBIE EMBOSSERS: Have you ever tried stamping and embossing and the powder seems to stick to the cardstock in places other than where you stamped and it turns into a big old mess? That was always the case with me because I didn’t know that you’re supposed to remove the static from your cardstock before you stamp your ink down. In that way, the powder will only stick to where the sticky ink is. You can either use a magic embossing bag or a powder tool to remove the static from your cardstock. I have both antistatic tools and use them interchangeably. See supplies below!

It’s not too late to order your own set of Tiny Tags to festoon your holiday packages!










Cathy ZielskeMake the tiniest holiday tags for maximum cuteness

12 Comments on “Make the tiniest holiday tags for maximum cuteness”

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    Linda Matthews

    Ok, Cathy. This should be labeled as an enabler post.

    I bought both!!!!

    I was thinking to use the mitten as a kitchen mitt for baked goodies tag for holiday gifts we are giving out for Christmas.

    I am loving your blog posts/ Instagram stories with your cast and splint. You keep it real. Love it!!!!

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      OK that is such a cute idea for baked goods!!! Not that I’m going to do a whole lot of baking one handed this holiday season but my daughter will!!!

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Holy moly! Do you have a long commute? Back in my corporate years I used to wake up at 4:30 myself so I can relate to the early rise!

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    I love these dies. I bought them earlier and I’ve been playing around with them making all kinds of tags. I love your simple idea of a grey cut out with white stamping. Now I have another idea to try.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I love the white on gray! I got that idea last holiday season from my friend Kerri Bradford who is an amazing designer.

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    Thanks for the embossing tip. I’d never heard of static on cardstock but I’m the proud owner of a Magic Powder bag!

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    Wow! My head has been filled with so many good ideas! What tool is required to use these die-cuts.
    Currently only own Quick Kutz and that may possibly be defunct.

    1. #8.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Shawna, I use a big shot die cut machine, but maybe a quick cuts would work with it?

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