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I’ve had my cast off now for a week and four days and so far it’s going pretty well. (Missed the cast story? Here you go!) First of all, I’d like you to be impressed that I managed to match my head tilt in the before and after photo. The head tilt can really take years to master. It’s only taken me 51 of them to be able to present this as well as I do.

One thing that has been really surprising, post cast, is that the location on my hand where my fracture happened does not hurt at all. The rest of my hand is sore, swollen and hella inmobile. But it’s getting better every day. For example, on Day One, I couldn’t do anything substantial with my left hand. Here on Day 11, I can start to fold laundry again. (OH, JOY!) But I definitely have a bit of a road to recovery and I don’t think I was prepared for this, at least not to the reality of it. The other day I kind of broke down and cried for a few minutes out of sheer frustration. But once I got it out of my system I reminded myself, yet again, how lucky I am that it wasn’t worse.

As of today, I am only wearing the brace to sleep, or if I go out to the grocery store or some other place that I could bump my hand. I’m slowly doing a handful of physical therapy exercises, but my doctor did not actually prescribe them, I had a few tips from a physical therapist who follows me on Instagram. I feel like my body will tell me if I’ve pushed it too far, and I make sure to use a lot of ice after I stretch this old hand. I go back for another x-ray on December 29th, so until then I’m going to keep getting my hand is close to working as possible.

But I do have a New Year’s resolution: don’t fall in 2018.

I’m going to do everything in my power to see that through.

And speaking of seeing things through…

I am gearing to offer another year long class with Fit 2018! I will have all the launch details early next week and I’m looking forward to another year of putting my care at the top of my to do list. New this year will be a podcast message format for each month along with a creative prompt to help you connect to your self care goals! Watch your email for more information regarding the introductory rate to sign up and join me for a year of Fit!







Cathy ZielskeMaking progress

25 Comments on “Making progress”

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    Lezlee Alexander

    THANKS for the news on your wrist and CONGRATS on getting some PT advice on it! First thing I wondered when you were noting the stiffness – were you getting PT or OT. “Telemedicine” (remotely talking you through it) is DEFINITELY a “thing” and FAR cheaper for the self-motivated folks! (you’re so “cutting edge” and didn’t realize! LOL!) LOVING the looks of that there graph, miss…..EXCELLENT tease!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, the doctor didn’t prescribe it yet. And I don’t want to do anything, or overdo anything that will harm the healing of the fracture site but I feel like I have to be doing something.

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        Lezlee Alexander

        Some docs aren’t really on the rehab wagon. OR it may not really be TIME yet as far as he’s concerned for the healing. AGREED – light, light, light for right now! Listen to your body and “too much.” LOVE the regular icing – SMART! HARD not to do “something,” AGREED!! I’d be doing the same!

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    Cathy, I broke my wrist a few Novembers ago. I was SHOCKED when the cast came off that it wasn’t “all better”, lol … maybe even a bit devastated. I threw myself a brief sobby pity party at first. I was so ready to have that cast off and start doing again. I couldn’t accept at first that I couldn’t even bend it, move it, flex it, nothing. When I was 11 and this happened , I was right back at it. So then I had to face that I also wasn’t eleven anymore … geez, the hurts just kept coming. haha. I worked really hard at physio and my husband made me some of the tools so I could work on the exercises at home … and finally it was “all better”. And I too resolved never to fall again, lol. Mud scares me half silly and I hug myself to avoid putting my arms out. 😉 Hope you are soon “all better” too. It takes a while … but you’ll get there !

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      Cathy Zielske

      That’s actually really reassuring for me to hear. I feel like my doctor just sent me on my way without a lot of information, so I’ve been kind of avoiding the Internet on recovery times if you know what I mean. But yeah, I’ll never break a fall with my hands again. And now it’s getting snow and icy here so I am super nervous!

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    Hey Cathy! When my daughter broke her wrist and the cast came off, she had limited mobility as well. No PT was ever prescribed (I wondered about that) and her mobility came back slowly with just gradually attempting to do normal everyday things (button, zip, write, type). It WILL heal!

    So excited to see that you are offering FIT 2018 – I’ll be watching for sign up news! 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks for sharing this with me. I do notice a little improvement every day and that’s a good thing.

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    P.S. I did notice that not only did you manage to duplicate the head tilt, but the outfit as well!

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    Deb Kolb

    Cathy, good luck with that not falling resolution! With each rain/sleet followed by snow we have been having here I think all of us over 45 are much more cautious.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I’ve already felt I have bad balance. I swear it happened after my second pregnancy and I never regained good balance. This kind of weather is not my friend but it sure is pretty to look at!

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    I would definitely ask for a Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist (PT/OT) referral. PT’s not only prescribe exercises but also give treatment. They may massage your hand every so slightly to make sure the scar tissue and other adhesions don’t cause problems down the road. In the place were I live they have a spacial hand clinic staffed with OT and PT.

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    Glenda Thorne

    Great news, love the before and after, noted the same outfit as well and thought you had planned it that way, as you are a clever lady. I had hand surgery over a year ago, went to PT and have still not recovered fully. Possible nerve damage. The pain is gone from the area that was operated on but as you stated the hand itself isn’t functioning normally. I have been coping and changing how I do certain things And it it coming along nicely(acupuncture helped). Of course I’m no spring chicken so healing and recovery is slower. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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    Gail T

    Yes, please no more falling! I can totally relate to that one although I just ended up with really bad sprains (the foot one they actually said would have been better to have broken it). I’m surprised no referral for PT yet but maybe he/she thinks it’s too soon. Happy to see you’re going to be offering a new version of FIT but do take it easy. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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    2018 and looking after myself = thing to do. Looking forward to joining you this time. Great to see you are having physio! I work in an Australian hospital, and after patients see doctors re hand injury there is almost always a corresponding booking to see the hand therapist (PT). Our hospital doctors certainly believe in physiotherapy.

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    First of all, love the photos, so hard to get it just right! 😉 Progress is progress, it’ll take time, but you’ll get there! Just tells you how far you’ve come when the simple things, like folding clothes, bring you so much joy. It just shows us how much we take everything for granted, when some small accident or illness happens to make us realize how blessed we truly are! Keep plugging away, we are all pulling for you!

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    Thanks for sharing an update. I feel for you. I fell and severely fractured my foot this summer. Oh how I threw myself a pity party or two. Or three. As my doctor said, it’s a long and slow process. As my foot healed he said to try things (standing in it, walking, etc.) and Listen to my body. If my ankle hurt, then stop and give it more time. I expected to be so much further along when I went back for the 6 week check. Nope. It took a good solid three months before I was back to “normal”, but even then, it wasn’t 100%. Hang in there! It will get better—it’s just a long and slow recovery.

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    So glad to see this update! It will definitely take some time to rebuild the small muscle movements in your hand. Give it time and don’t rush it. Those balls you purchased were a great idea, even though they were not prescribed. Listen to your body and don’t over do it. As far as not falling – with some practice, you will be come good at regaining your balance when you get off balance because you are 100% aware that you don’t want to use your arms to break a fall. It’s amazing how much more aware you become of the little things you do each day and how protective you get of your arms/wrists/hands in future situations, when things like this happen. Glad to see you progressing along and keeping your sense of humor throughout this ordeal!

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    Kathy McConnell

    Bones heal without much fanfare but those muscles are a beyotch! When my leg cast came off after three months I was shocked, too at the pain (and not just the pain of leg hair that had to be detangled prior to shaving). Kudos to you for taking your PT in hand. You will be back to 100 %. Anyone who can master that head tilt can do it all!

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    Glad you’re on the mend. I broke my wrist a few years ago (on Mother’s Day no less). It time a while even doing faithful exercises. I still thank God when I brush my teeth and can open the toothpaste, etc. that was hard. I did PT but if I did it again (God forbid) I’d do water therapy-just easier, gentler therapy. Get well!

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    I had my knee replaced three years ago and shortly after the surgery, with everything going really well, I too had the breakdown moment of …I don’t wanna do all the work of PT etc and will it EVER be ok??? Tears of frustration and unmet expectations of an immediate ‘back to normal’. Doctors don’t tell you of this sudden depression post accident/surgery. They should …so I am telling you and anyone reading. Crying and then just getting on with it is ok and what works. Different body part but btdt. In my 70s and still able to whine.

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