A Simple theme for holiday tags

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Every year I like to create a themed look for packages and tags. And I should say that is something I aspire to do but rarely actually do! So this year I did set out to create a theme for my tags, even if all of my gifts will be a mishmash of all sorts of wrapping papers and recyclable bags, my tags are going to rock in this gray, white, and red and white twine theme.


Earlier this year, I learned how to heat emboss. That may surprise some of you because I’ve been working in the scrapbook industry since the early 2000s, but as I have moved into the card making world of wonder, I’ve learned all these wonderful things about how to use embossing powder. Things like, you need to remove the static before you stamp your image or the powder is going to stick to places that you don’t want to stick to! I cannot tell you how that alone has made stamping much more enjoyable for me, because the results look better. That, and the freaking Misti tool which has changed my life for the better. #getafrickinmisti


I just love mixing and matching different stamps on the same gray tags. I have to tell you I was inspired to do this because my friend and designer extraordinaire, Kerri Bradford, did gray and white tags last Christmas season. In fact, if you want a hot tip on being inspired, follow Kerri on Instagram! You will not be sorry. Her work is beautiful.


I will also say having a good tag die set like the one I have from Hero Arts makes tag making so much easier, even when one of your hands doesn’t work that well!

Now if you excuse me I have to get back to practicing how to gift wrap as occupational therapy for my hand.




Cathy ZielskeA Simple theme for holiday tags

10 Comments on “A Simple theme for holiday tags”

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    love Love LOVE your theme & tags! I, too, always say I’m going to do a theme & guess what—too many leftover papers, tags, etc in my stash. Plus, I love variety. I hope you’ll take photos of your wrapped pkgs—would love to see what they all look like together. I’ve always wanted to do just kraft paper with one color ribbon/bow & coordinating tags. Hasn’t happened….yet. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
    p.s. What stamp did you use for the snowflakes?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Kay! Sorry, I forgot to add them to my supply list! They are in the list now! Lots of Snowflakes!

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      Cathy Zielske

      The desert storm was used to punch the circle reinforcements for the tags. Those circles come with the hero arts set!

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    Merry Christmas to me – just bagged a set of those nesting tag dies! SO loving your creative genius these days!

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