Scrapbook Your Year, a year-end wrap up + workshop sale

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A few things conspired to get in the way of my year-long memory keeping project. One, a broken hand (now totally on the mend) and two, just life in general. My annual memory keeping project, based on my Scrapbook Your Year class, has finally wrapped for 2017 and I will be placing an order for my printed book this week.

I worked on getting pages done last week and managed to finish October, November and December with just a few dedicated hours of work. As soon as I get the book back from, I’ll share the results in a short video walk-through here on the blog, as I’ve done in past years.

I fully plan to do the same approach for 2018. It’s simple and it gives me a highlight-based look at each month and that is good enough for me. No need to stress out that I’m not saving every last detail. I want to enjoy the time I spend saving memories and this approach has been a great fit for me. Here are my final album pages.

For October, I shaved my page count down to just 3 pages. I just didn’t take that many photos and decided three pages was enough.

Next up, November.

I love what Cole decided to do for his senior picture. True, we took official senior shots, but I told him he could do whatever he wanted for the official school picture day shot.

And December:

In December, I added one extra page just because I had a few more photos than usual. And yes, there is some crossover with these December Pages and my December Daily project for 2017. That is inevitable and I’m perfectly fine with it!

The last part of this project is to proof my uploaded book and have it printed. I uploaded it last Friday and will take one more look through and place my order today. The cost of my book is going to be roughly $150, which is not bad when you consider a year’s worth of scrapbook supplies could easily cost the same for a similarly sized project.

If you’re interested, I recorded a video to share with my students showing my upload process. I was a bit rusty, as it had been a year since I’d last done it. It gives you a quick overview of how my book is laid out.

Again, my approach is applicable to both digital and traditional. It’s really about creating a simplified approach to all those photos and memories we have!

I will be sharing a video as soon as I get my book ordered and here! If you want to see my video overview from 2016, here is that clip:

My class, Scrapbook Your Year, has helped over 1,000 women take a simplified, focused approach to this type of project, and you don’t have to be a digital scrapbooker to apply my process! Learn more by clicking on the image below. This class is on sale starting today through January 31st for 20% off! ($36 regular price / $28.80 is the sale price that will be reflected at checkout!)











Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, a year-end wrap up + workshop sale

14 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, a year-end wrap up + workshop sale”

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    Thank you so much, Cathy for teaching us this process. It is simple, classic and it works!! My 2017 book from Adoramapix is wonderful and arrived without a hitch. This process was definitely a “life changer” for my scrapping goals. Thank you so very much!

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    Love that you share your project with us! Better check spelling on ‘Selfie Queens’, I think I see ‘Selife’ instead.

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    Yeah for sales! I thought I bought this course last time it was on sale & sadly realized that I didn’t. I’ve been a strict 365 photo a day for the last 8 years & just couldn’t do it last year – I’m excited to still make a 2017 yearbook for my family! Thank you!

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    Thanks for sharing… good kick-start to finish my pages. Always love your journaling style – gives me ideas. Still find it hard to narrow down the photos to only 4pgs/month even with an empty nest. A new grandchild this year pretty much dominated – too much cuteness!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Most of the shots were taken with my iPhone. Crazy, but true. But, I also have a Canon 5D and some sweet lenses. ๐Ÿ™‚ Namely, a 24-70mm E Series, which is an awesome lens.

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    I took your class the first year you offered it and have done an album using your templates each year since. I LOVE this way of capturing a year. And I give a shout out to Adoramapix as well. Iโ€™ve been thrilled with their quality. Each January my grown kids check in to make sure Iโ€™m finishing up my Year in Review. I love that seeing them is important to them. Thanks Cathy. You do great work.

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