Card Video: Made with Love by Gina K Designs (a gorgeous set and an imperfectly perfect card share)

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A few weeks ago I shared a card I made on my Instagram account after watching a Gina K. Designs video on embossing and alcohol markers.

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I had a few questions asking about which markers I used, and by the time I shared the image I had put everything away, so I thought: well, why not make this card again?

Which is exactly what you’ll see in today’s video, wherein a handful of things go wrong but I decided to just leave them in, because I am still a new card maker and trying things and having them fail is part of the learning process.

But if you take away anything from today’s blog post, please go check out my new friend Gina K! There is something really special about her videos, as she records them in real time and really teaches you how to make what she’s making. Plus, she’s just an absolute delight to watch and she offers really lovely products in her shop. If you’ve been following my card making adventures, you KNOW how much I love her cardstock. I’m literally collecting every color. It’s a wonderful product and her colors are terrific for both cards and scrapbooking.

The other cool thing Gina offers are Stamp TV card kits. Once you get your kit, Gina brings you many videos showing exactly how to use what’s in the kit, so you can make cards right along with her.






Cathy ZielskeCard Video: Made with Love by Gina K Designs (a gorgeous set and an imperfectly perfect card share)

24 Comments on “Card Video: Made with Love by Gina K Designs (a gorgeous set and an imperfectly perfect card share)”

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    Linda Matthews

    You are a joy to watch and listen to. You keep it real. You sound like I would be if I ever did a card making video. Rambling and making mistakes along the way. Nothing worse than seeing a perfect video and card.

    I get creative at hiding a finger smudge or ink blob.

    I enjoy sll of your cards {and} enabling posts. 😉

    BTW did Jimmy ever call?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well thank you, Linda. I am fully aware at all of the many incredibly talented card makers out there. I love watching them and learning, so this has been pretty fun for me.

      And Jimmy… sigh, he did not, but he did visit a nice family in a city north of downtown and it looks like they had an awesome time. Maybe the next time we host a super bowl. 😉

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    Is there supposed to be a video here? I just see “insert my video here” and “insert supplies here”.

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        Cathy Zielske

        Oh sweet middle age. Thank you. Do you ever feel like you have too much going on in your brain to make anything work? That is me. Presently!

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    Beautiful! Wonderful colors, thank you for your awesomeness! And for sharing, as for Gina she is one very “fabulous” lady.

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    Michelle Bradtke

    Have you also tried coloring this image with your Zig water markers? Not sure if the small spaces would hold the water within the “walls.”

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I did not, but yes… that would have worked much better in that regard! I think I will be trying many more ideas with this butterfly!

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    Vicki M

    Beautiful card as always Cathy! Love your style. BTW, I have seen other people take the cap off both ends of Copics if they start leaking out like yours did–it equalizes the pressure or something. Hope that helps!

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Okay, great tip! Did not know that but if it ever happens again, I’ll totally give that a try!

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    Another entertaining , fun filled and inspirational video. You have me hooked on Gina K too. Thanks for starting out my day with a few laughs and new techniques.

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      Cathy Zielske

      You know what is awesome? She has like 600 videos on YouTube! I watch her pretty much every day!

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    Suzi Metcalfe

    In the hospital. I wanna go home and color outside the lines. Inspired by crafty you!

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    Oh My Goodness, Cathy. That card is absolutely gorgeous, the butterfly takes my breath away. So glad I found you.

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