Hero Arts 2018 Catalog Blog Hop + Giveaway!

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cathyzielske.com | hero arts blog hop spring 2018

cathyzielske.com | hero arts blog hop spring 2018

I’m so happy to be taking part today in the Hero Arts 2018 Catalog Blog Hop today! If you are arriving here from Yana Smakula’s website (and yes, she is an AMAZING act to follow!), I welcome you warmly to my little corner of the internet and will share my simple card with you!

cathyzielske.com | hero arts blog hop spring 2018

My card for today features the brand new Layered Topiary stamps and dies! This is a really charming set with three different sizes of foliage that you layer together using different ink colors to create gorgeous little topiaries. Plus, it includes sweet sentiments and a charming bird, pot and stems.

True story: I was working with the stamps (and yes, you can see that my set is already well-loved!) and couldn’t figure out how to layer them. So much so, that I had to contact my friend Jana over at Hero Arts to ask for tips. She said, “I’ll get back to you!” I think she was just giving me a few minutes before she said, “Cathy, the layering order is on the back of the package.” #newbiecardmakerproblems Right? How convenient!

And yes, if I could insert a laughing / crying emoji here, I would.

It still took me a while to get them lined up. I’m pretty new to layering stamps but I just think this set is adorable. Plus, I used one of my brand new jumbo sponge daubers to create the pink blended are behind the plant using the same Hero Arts Cotton Candy ink. Here’s a tip for you: if you’re not very good at ink blending (and yes, I am speaking of myself here), just use ONE color. Problem solved. Plus, those jumbo sponge daubers make it easier!

I used the coordinating Layered Topiary Frame Cuts dies to cut out all of my stamped images using my shiny new Spellbinders Platinum 6 die cutting machine, which I’ve had for a few weeks now and have to say I love it. I especially love that it all folds up and is easy to store. And it’s white and looks pretty on my paper cabinet.

I stamped my greeting using Versafine Black Onyx then dusted it with Hero Arts Clear Embossing Powder to create a slightly raised, shiny finish. (I learned that fancy trick from Jennifer McGuire!) That ink stays sticky for a bit so it’ll grab that powder for embossing. I also used my Embossing Magic bag to swipe over the area to remove static first. In that way, the powder only sticks to the ink and not any other area on the cardstock. That is another embossing tip I learned in 2017 that made all the years of “WHY DOES THE POWDER STICK TO EVERYTHING?” suddenly make sense.

I fear embossing no more.

It’s the little things, people.

THE GIVEAWAY: Hero Arts will be giving away three $50 shopping sprees, drawn from comments left across all blogs in the hop! Please leave your comments by Thursday, February 22 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Hero Arts will announce the winners the following week! Just for fun, when you leave me a comment today, tell me if you are a newbie card maker, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, or not presently but are thinking about it.

I had no idea I would fall in love with card making, people. Truly. It has been a creative boost like no other.

Again, I’m really honored to be included among such amazing card artists today. Thank you to Hero Arts for including me in this crazy, creative mix! Here is the complete hop list:

Jennifer McGuire
Kristina Werner
Jessica Frost-Ballas
Yana Smakula
Cathy ZielskeYou are here!
May Sukyong Park
Nichol Spohr
Michelle Short
Wanda Guess
Amy Tsuruta
Lydia Fiedler
Heather Ruwe
Laurie Willison
Clare Prezzia
Iliana Myska
Emily Midgett
Janette Kausen
Jenn Shurkus
Sean Fetterman
Simon Hurley
Joan Bardee
Megan Hoeppner
Lisa Stein
Ilina Crouse
Amy Kolling
Rubeena Ianigro
Kelly Latevola
Libby Hickson
Lucy Abrams

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Cathy ZielskeHero Arts 2018 Catalog Blog Hop + Giveaway!

308 Comments on “Hero Arts 2018 Catalog Blog Hop + Giveaway!”

  1. #5
    Cara P

    I love the colors you chose, so valentine-y! I’ve been making cards for years, but I feel like I’m starting new every time I see a new technique. I love that! It keeps it exciting and motivating. Keep up your great work, I live watching people go in the same journey of discovery that I love to travel as well!

  2. #9
    Elizabeth Burke

    This is one of my favorite sets in this release. I love your card and I just LOVE your videos…. you give an honest….. oops, I messed this up approach that all crafters can identify with LOL

    Thanks for the great videos and the laughs too

  3. #15
    Tracey Magner

    HI, Your card came out AWESOME, Your layering is AMAZING, you look like a PRO!! and I love the colors you used. I love your blog, you have a unique style that a think is so cool.

  4. #16
    Natalie Dominguez

    I love the blended background! My narrow mind doesn’t know how to think outside of the lines (box).

  5. #17
    Kim W

    I love the clean, simple look of your card…just my style! I’m a seasoned card maker and just love getting inspiration from other card makers 🙂

  6. #20
    Lisa Wright

    I rediscovered the stamping/card making about 8 months before you got hooked. I feel the same joy and excitement that you have. I love my scrapbooking, but card making really makes me happy and brings smiles to the people I send cards to. Its a win win!!

  7. #21

    I have been making my own cards for many years and I have to say that you are inspiring me with the new techniques I am learning from your blog.

  8. #23
    Suz Gray

    Such a pretty card. I love the pop of color with lots of white. I’m a newer stamper even though I’ve been a scrapper for 30+ years. I always made a mess with not full images, dropping the rubber block stamps, or smudging ink so I had love hate relationship. The Misti is the key to the love

  9. #24
    Debbie Rumpza

    I love the layering topiary stamps set but I, too, have a hard time lining up layering stamps! I need to practice more. I even have a HA on my desk right now! (the goldfish). Love your card… the cloud of pink behind softens it all and makes it so pretty!

  10. #26
    Vikki H

    I love your CAS style of one focal point, the cheery pink blended and stamped plus your word play! Bravo on finding the back of the pkg directions.

  11. #27
    Kathleen D

    Love it! I’ve made cards over the years but I still feel like a newbie card maker so I enjoy hearing your newbie tips.

  12. #28
    Teresa Doyle

    A great job on your card Cathy.
    I started stamping in 1999 and I have learned a lot in that time so I am definitely not a newbie at it. Seasoned, maybe but I wouldn’t call myself a pro either, LOL. There is ALWAYS more to learn!

  13. #31
    jackie d

    I have been scrapbooking for 19 years, and card making off and on the whole time. Just got back into card making last year and have dived in deep! love the watercoloring, the stamping, the dies….Oh too much fun to be had in card making!

  14. #35
    Betty C

    So glad you’ve found your love of card making. I find they’re mini works of art that I can sit and do without being overwhelmed by a big project. Hero Arts is a perfect companion product especially for those of us that enjoy simplicity and clean lines when we craft. Thanks for another great demo Cathy!

  15. #36
    Christina Dauven

    I love the simplicity of this card and of course the pink. I think you follow on the hop just fine pink tree yep it’s like the cherry on the sundae. I will be adding pink tree to my hero shopping list.

  16. #38
    Viveca V.

    I love my time creating with paper. For me card making is a creative outlet and an opportunity to let someone know that he or she is in my thoughts.

    You created such a pretty card with the topiary stamp set. Sweet colors and a nice touch to add a matching envelope!

  17. #39
    Patti Harris

    love this card… it’s simple but so pretty. Sometimes it’s nice to make a pretty card without having to spend a ton of time on it.

  18. #40
    Toni Gillette

    Cathy your card is exactly YOU. CAS and unique and beautiful! I was/am a scrapbooker for many many years even took a few classes with you at CKCs. So miss you and the mags by the way ?. I have been making my own Christmas cards for ever but totally got addicted to this craft over 3 yrs ago and I love learning new things constantly. Glad you’re involved. And can’t wait to get some of your stamp sets they rock like you! ?

  19. #44
    Tonia Sims

    Elegant and eye-catching card! Lovely. I’m a newbie card maker and appreciate the inspiration.

  20. #45
    Linda S.

    Such a very pretty card, I love the soft pink color on your card. I think I’m a seasoned pro. I’ve been making cards for more then 10 years. Last year I handmade all the invitations and thank you cards for my youngest son’s wedding. Early this year I realized that I’d made over 400 cards in 2017.

  21. #46
    Judy Bowlby

    Your card is lovely Cathy. I too have a hard time blending ink colors so I’m glad to know that even the pros have trouble sometimes. lol I haven’t tried any layering stamps yet but they do look fairly easy. Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. #50
    Denise Terry

    Awesome job and love the colors! I’m going to start spending my lunch time watching you the way you watch Gina K ?

  23. #51
    Dori Garbutt

    Your card inspires me! I see topiary cards being sent to all my daughter/daughters-in-laws for Mother’s Day! Now I must put the topiary stamp and dies on my list. It’s a NEED!

  24. #52
    Joni Arcocha

    What a sweet simple card Cathy!!! You did an amazing job on the layering. I have not used the layering technique yet but this makes me want to try!!! I used to be hard core scrapbooker but in the past few years have been a card maker (you know when your kids go off to college and you have fewer photo ops). I’ve taken several of Jen’s card classes and my love of Hero Arts stamps stems from there!

  25. #54
    Marcie Lovett

    Very pretty with that blended background. Hero Arts layering stamps are great (and the directions are helpful, too ?)

  26. #56

    Hi Cathy,

    I love your card. It is simple and elegant. The colors are perfect and you did a great job layering. Thank you for sharing.

  27. #57

    And once again, I’m buying more stamps and supplies because of you. You’re such an enabler. (And I love this card! I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, I will never get tired of your clean style.)

  28. #58

    Your card is beautiful! It’s so much fun watching you learn new things and be so excited about it. I’ve learned things from you, too.

  29. #60
    Kim Kern

    I love all the cards you are making. My wallet doesn’t like all the great tools/supplies that you are showing us!! I am expecting in the mailbox my Spellbinders Die Cut Machine today, and my Tim Holtz paper cutter soon!!! lol

  30. #61
    Michelle Bradtke

    Love the simplicity of this card as well as the honest comments about the process you took to get here, Cathy! I was never a hiuge topiary fan, but I am now!

  31. #63
    scrapper al

    Adorable card! I love how you keep it real. Maybe the packaging tip will help another newbie stamper.

  32. #65
    Adriana Weingart

    This is a lovely card! I still have some difficulties working with stamps, but you did it wonderfully!
    I started my adventure in handcraft with cards (parchment, and then, teabag folding), back in the 90’s… Only in 2006 I was introduced to Scrapbooking… I did not make any card for some time, but this is my first passion… 🙂

  33. #68
    Linda Towill

    Beautiful card! I would not have thought to make a pink topiary but I’m glad you did. Now I really need that stamp set!

  34. #72
    Suzi Metcalfe

    You’ve just given me another incentive to heal from back surgeries (Tuesday and tommorow) , get home and get crafting! Thanks!

  35. #73
    Marti T

    Really like the card; especially the soft blending with the ink behind the flowers – thanks for the tip when layering!

  36. #78

    Such a sweet card! I’m not normally a pink card person, but this one makes me go “aww” in such a good way!

  37. #83
    Gail Anderson

    Ha ha! Love your story about struggling with the layering! This stamp set is in my wishlist and will be ordered soon!

  38. #85

    I seriously love this card & stamp set!! ?

    I guess I fall somewhere in between. I’ve made lots of cards over the years, but love getting ideas from others.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  39. #87
    Z Sullivan

    I love the softness and simplicity of your design. I have a hard time with layering stamps even with the instructions; there’s definitely a learning curve there. TFS.

  40. #93
    Donna Griffin

    Love Love Love your work! This card turned out beautiful and I too still struggle with the layering! This is a beautiful stamp set and is now on the ever growing wish list!

    As always, a great job! So glad you have become a card maker!

  41. #97

    Hi there! Beautiful card! I love the pink!! The Layered Topiary Stamps are gorgeous!!!! I’m a new card maker and I’m really enjoying today’s blog hop, I’m learning SO much! You ladies are inspiring me more then you know ?

  42. #101

    Pretty card. I’m a “ seasoned” card maker (x 14 years) and prior to that I was a watercolorist. I did come to art later in life (age 35) and prior to that had never held a brush ?‍?

  43. #102

    Cathy, I’ve been following along on your cardmaking discovery journey and I’ve been doing the same thing as you. Amassing all of the things! 🙂 I dabbled in cardmaking a bit years ago but went full throttle over a year ago and I’ve never looked back!

  44. #105
    Lillian T conradi

    I really like the topiary card you created using pinks and other bright colors! Best, Lee

  45. #108
    Kathy Burgess

    I have always loved topiaries, and your card is just gorgeous using the new Stamps! I might have to get this set.

  46. #109
    Kim L.

    I want so badly to be a card maker! Seeing posts like this make it hard not to go buy all the things and try it out; maybe I will win the giveaway!

  47. #111
    Barbara S

    Love your topiary card! Yes, the layering will be a challenge, but the result is so worth it! (Hope I can remember that while I am cussing a little as I try to line things up.)

  48. #113
    Becky reeder

    What a lovely card! I always enjoy your commentary. I have been making cards for many years but always love new inspiration!

  49. #114
    Deborah P

    I made 1 card years ago and it looked homemade (not in a good way). You are inspiring me, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Am enjoying your card-making journey so much, so please keep sharing.

  50. #115
    Stef Perry

    Love your card Cathy and your humorous telling of your stamping adventures! I’ve been card making for 11 years, and trust me, we all started out with similar learning curves on the basics. And even now, there are always new things, techniques, etc. to learn, but I think that is a big part of the fun. So well done with this adorable card!

  51. #119

    Your card is beautiful and very elegant ! The colors are perfectly matching. It’s really a great card.

  52. #122
    Sheila Bacon

    What an elegant looking card. I appreciate the soft look and the layering. Definitely a card to be treasured.

  53. #126
    Lindar C

    Your card is lovely. I always have trouble aligning layering stamps, even the ones they say are “super easy” ha. But I keep trying because I love them.

  54. #129
    Johanna M

    What a pretty card! After years of crafting and cardmaking I’m definitely not a beginner anymore, but also far from a pro. So, somewhere in between and hoping to get better at it as I go along. 🙂

  55. #130
    Carolyn S

    What a wonderful card! Love the pinks – so hopefully spring. I am a ‘somewhere in between’ stamper. I watch so many videos I think I know exactly what I am doing but then I go to my craft area and, alas, mayhem.

  56. #131

    Such a beautiful and simple card using my favourite colours. I too struggled with blending but a year later am much better. Reason? The sponges are now loaded with colour. Who knew?!

  57. #134

    Cathy you are adorable! Also, love the card! sweet, simple and adorable as well! 🙂
    Thanks for all the tips!

  58. #136
    Nancy Fleming

    I love your card! It is clean and simple looking card, but it does have depth. I have been making cards off and on for years, but without all the bells and whistles that are available now. I love all the new possibilities! I first started following you on Instagram and found your video stories a hoot.

  59. #137

    I think these topiary stamps and dies are so pretty. Nice job and I would definitely consider purchasing them.

  60. #142
    Karen Davis

    The topiary is so pretty. Layering stamps are my favorites, and Hero Arts makes some great ones, and you use it very well.

  61. #147
    Lydia S

    I was a serious card maker until about 3 years ago. When we sold our house and moved to an apartment I had to give up my stamps, paper, ink etc. There are times I really miss my supplies-especially when I got to the store and can’t seem to find the right card!

  62. #151

    I love this card – looks like you’ve taken to card making like a pro! 🙂 I’ve been at it several years, but just as a hobby.

  63. #153
    Deanna Snelson

    I love the soft shadow you put behind the flower and the dimension the layering of the flower gives. Beautiful.

  64. #154
    Marsha Guskey

    Lovely soft card. I have been making cards for over a year and there are so many card craft items I want. Thanks!

  65. #156

    Beautiful card! I struggle with layering stamps set as well but you’ve given me the courage to try this set!

  66. #157

    I’m really a scrapbooker, but I find a lot of card making techniques can be used. So, I guess you can say not a newbie card maker, but I should be. 😉

  67. #158
    Amy Wazwaz

    I love this topiary stamp set. It is so classy looking. I think this will be a must have. Your card is beautiful.

  68. #162

    I just started the stamp set, and this beautiful card you created is making me even more happy that I did.

  69. #164
    Laurie Fleuette

    Such a lovely card! I have been stamping for almost 20 years and still don’t feel like a seasoned pro after seeing all the creations on this blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  70. #169
    Laura Peddicord

    I really like your card using this topiary stamp. It’s small, yet very full of details, and the colors you used make it even more appealing. I’m a somewhere-in-between card maker and always looking for something to learn!

  71. #170
    Jodi Warren

    I think this card was perfect. The stamp set is intriguing me. You may have sold me on it. Great card for doing new things with the new stamps.

  72. #172
    Judy Jeffers

    I think this is my favourite set in the release… Thanks for posting such a cute card..you make it look easy!

  73. #173
    Chris Wright

    Im getting used to layering too! This is so cute – the ink behind the diecuts really make them pop.

  74. #174

    The simplicity of your card is both refreshing and elegant, and your humor, as always, brightened my day. Thanks for keeping it real! I’m glad I’m not the only one still trying to figure out layering stamps.

    I’ve been making cards ever since I got the Klutz “Handmade Cards” kit for my tenth birthday, so that’s well over a decade of card-making, but I feel like a new card-maker since I only recently discovered the existence of stamp companies that make designs that suit my style (no more hopelessly browsing the Michaels stamp aisle and wincing at tacky fonts and cliche images!). Copics, die-cuts, and techniques like masking have also be revolutionary for me. In the past two years I’ve graduated from the “homemade card” look to the “handmade card” look, but I’m still trying to achieve consistently clean and professional designs. Watching your journey has been inspiring, since what you make looks fantastic but you’re so honest about the difficulties. Keep on creating, Cathy!

  75. #176
    April Rogers

    Hi Cathy, Love your card! TFS
    I have been making cards for some time but I don’t consider myself anywhere near a pro… Far from it… But I do enjoy playing with my papers and inks. and have been learning so much from blog hops like this one to continue to learn new and better things. Love how you used your color and stamps sweet.
    XO April

  76. #177
    Cynthia Clark

    I love, love, love the pink! I recently got a catalog in the mail with pink flowered topiary. I thought it would look neat with my teal door.

  77. #178

    Hey Cathy nice job with the embossing powder. I don’t think I have touched that in 20 years. Oooh that makes me sound old.

  78. #179
    Meghan Shea

    I really love your clean and simple cardmaking (and of course your snarky sentiments – my most favorite new set is your hello sentiments from sss!) Thanks for being inspiring, always!

  79. #183
    Star Iwalani Young

    Cathy! I just love your sweet spirit and your card is beautiful! I am a newbie to this and love watching the tutorials, I learn so much! Jennifer is my favorite she is so humble and her talent is truly heaven sent! You are coming along great and will be layering and embossing with the best of them before you know it !

  80. #186
    Wendy O'dell

    I love it! Everyone always thinks topiary – green, right? No, you tbink out of the box. Love the different shades of pink. It’s eye catching and very pretty. Exactly what this topiary needed❤

  81. #188
    Daniela May

    Wow Cathy – what a beautiful card – love the softness and the clean finish. Interesting seeing how people use these stamps/dies – at a first glance I will probably dismiss the set but seeing some of the work on this hop it’s really amazing. Thanks for sharing

  82. #189
    Pati G

    I love how you softened the background . I have been making cards for a few years but still have alot to learn!!!

  83. #194
    Susan King

    Well loved stamped are such a blessing as we love them enough to use them over and over! Love the softness that you brought to this card!

  84. #197
    Aimee LaCroix-Slocum

    Your card is SO sweet! I love the colors you used and the softness the sponge dauber added to the background…..Glad to have you in the cardmaking world!

  85. #198
    Lillian T conradi

    I really like those topiary stamps. I was just doing the layering set from Hero on the rose,
    3 layers. But I have to get green and brown to finish the stem, will do later.
    Embossing can really give glam to a card!

  86. #200
    D.Ann C

    Thanks for the chuckles… we’ve all been there! I love the blooming colors you chose for your topiary instead of just greens! and the soft pink glow behind makes it dazzling!

  87. #201

    Beautiful card! i love the topiary done in pink, it’s so pretty! I would have never thought of using pink but it works! BTW it always helps to turn the package over and see what’s on the back! LOL – sounds like something I would do! Thanks for sharing with us!

  88. #202

    I want this set so bad! You are such an enabler 😛
    I am a long time card maker using mostly Copics but this year also included more stamping and die cutting along with you…again….enabler! lol

  89. #203
    Karen Judy

    What an elegant yet simple design. The colors used are gorgeous and really pull the whole design together.

  90. #205
    Linda Rink

    As they say-“Pretty in Pink” and your card is very pretty! Thanks for your inspiration with this new stamp set.

  91. #206

    Cathy, glad to see this stamp set used as I had given it a pass cause I couldn’t figure it out. Nice to know there are instructions that come with it!

  92. #207
    Penny Hanuszak

    What a pretty card Cathy. I love the topiary image in pink. So feminine. The pounced back ground is pretty too……just enough. Sometimes these layering stamps are tricky to figure out so glad someone else has the same kind of missteps I might have. Made me chuckle to know you just had to pause and flip over the packaging….. very handy by the way. Thanks for inspiring.

  93. #213
    Robin P

    Your card is wonderful. I would not have guessed you to be a newbie. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today with your commentary.

  94. #215

    What a pretty card! I like the idea of sponging on a single color to avoid problems with blending, especially for such a small area.

  95. #218
    Debbie B

    Your card is SO PRETTY! Love that you did it in pink! Makes me want to get this stamp set! Loving this blog hop with all it’s talent! Thanks for sharing yours!

  96. #221
    Julia D.

    Love your card! The soft pink background is lovely and softens the card. As for my experience level – I’m pretty seasoned at the basics but tend to shy away from new techniques so I’m good at a small portion of card making. I need to get over my fear and just experiment, I know!

  97. #222

    The colors you chose for your card are perfect. And so glad you joined the card-making frenzy!

  98. #224
    Annette Gordon

    WOW! I love that layering stamp! So cool. And the card you made was stunning! Love the pinks.

  99. #226
    Sherri Ferguson

    This stamp set is perfect for my card making for the ladies of my church. The sentiments are ones I can use over and over again. Thank you for your beautiful but simple card idea.

  100. #229

    I don’t know exactly what it is about this set, but I really love it. And I would absolutely be that person asking the owner for help only to find out there were instructions on the back the whole time. *facepalm* Fortunately crafty people are really nice and they’ll only gently mock you for that instead of meanly mock you. 😉 Thanks for sharing with us!

  101. #232
    Rosalie H

    So cute! I learned that I need a magic embossing bag. I love to emboss and with that bag I’ll love it more!

  102. #237
    Terrie D.

    What a gorgeous card! I just love topiaries! I would say I’m an advanced beginner card maker 🙂 I’ve made pretty simple cards, but I recently got supplies so I can start using embossing powders.

  103. #238
    treen (katrine leber)

    I love topiaries and you really did them so well! I love the colors that you chose. What a lovely card! hugs, treen

  104. #241
    Christy Q

    What a gorgeous card, Cathy! I love the CAS look and how you added the pink behind the topiary to make everything stand out. Thank you also for being “real” when it comes to sharing your creating experience – makes me feel normal with my “d’oh” moments. 🙂

  105. #243
    Patty Eifert

    Pretty card!! I really like the look of that topiary stamp set!! Love your story about the layering guide!! And it’s definitely the small things!!

  106. #244
    Sharon in CA

    Love this sweet card. I have seen this stamp set and didn’t think much-now I see it in a new light! Thanks Cathy! You have embraced card making-so proud of you!!

  107. #245
    Milli D

    Love this one! I’ve been making cards for years, but always feel like a newbie (not a bad thing) since there are always new techniques to learn and try. Yuh killin’ it, Cathy, just killin’ it! 🙂

  108. #252
    Angie Hall

    Great job on the beautiful card. You are not the only one who struggles with layering stamps. I’m still fighting that battle. I’m not a newbie time wise. I’ve been making cards for many years. Skill-wise and quick production wise I’m mediocre. But enjoyment wise, I’m an expert. BTW, I’ve learned lots of tricks from Jennifer McQuire over the years too. Good luck to you.

  109. #255
    Lee O.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one that’s ‘layering challenged’! Thanks for the grin and the inspiration.

  110. #256

    Indeed Cathy, the little things, glad I am not the only one who somethimes need a friend who can tell me the obvious (LOL). Gorgeous card with a great stampset! I love the colours you used.

  111. #257

    Cathy thanks so much for sharing your idea. I love, love, love the pink background behind the topiary. I’ve been stamping card for quite a while, but I’m much better at copying other people’s ideas than designing my own.

  112. #259
    Tammy L

    Love the card! I’m kind of in the middle of the cardmaking scale…not a newbie but not an expert either, still learning it! Thanks for sharing your lovely card and amazing tips!

  113. #260

    I’d say I’m somewhere in between. I’ve been making cards for quite a while, but I still have a lot to learn about so many techniques. It seems like just when I reach a point where I feel like I might be getting accomplished in card making, I find so much more to learn. That’s kind of true of everything though. 🙂

  114. #262
    Betty Lim-Silvernail

    Thank you for showing us your lovely card. I am in between a newbie and seasoned card maker.

  115. #263
    barbara lassiter

    This was simply elegant and beautiful. I’m a long time fan of Hero Arts and a long time card maker, too. However, there’s always something more to learn and I love it! 🙂

  116. #265
    Catherine in Colorado

    Love the pinks on the topiary! What fun! The sponging behind is brilliant! Thanks Cathy!

  117. #266
    Tanja Souter.

    I guess I am closer to a seasoned pro than a beginner, I have been card making for 11 or 12 years and scrapping for longer. Your card is so pretty I love the CAS feel and the smooth blending behind the image.

  118. #267
    Glenda Dopking

    Simple elegance is what I have to call this card. It is soft and so pretty in pink! It is all about the “little things” as you said but it sure helps to have someone to ask too – LOL! I don’t think we ever stop learning something new along the way in this creative craft we have taken up. Thanks so much for being so honest, I laughed and could truly appreciate what you said! Hero Arts did an amazing job with this release.

  119. #269
    Susan Bennett

    I am happy to find out that I am not the only one that struggles with lining things up, I am pretty new to card making so being a newbie can be frustrating at times!!

  120. #270
    Laura Buehler

    I see I’m not the only one who thought of using the topiary stamps with colors other than green. My first thought when I saw them is how you could use them as single flowers with a variety of different colors & there are so many possibilities with those stamps outside of just the topiary look. Don’t get me wrong, I like the topiaries, but I also like products that can be used in many different ways.

  121. #272
    Gabriella B

    Oh my Goodness, I love your colors and I love how you put the pink on pink, I would not have thought of that but I love it.

  122. #273
    Karen L K

    That is such a nice card! That topiary is so cute and the colors you used are very nice. Especially nice is the pink behind your image.

  123. #274
    Karen Hale

    Loved your true story…sometimes I so excited to start using a new layering stamp (and I ADORE Hero Arts) I neglect to look on the back to see the coloring steps!! I passed on the Topiary stamp, but you’ve inspired me to give it another look. Your card is so pretty. I especially love the shaded background.

  124. #277
    pat smith

    Cathy, I love the colors you used. I have never tried the topiary images. I love the idea of the directions on the back of the package! I am drooling over this set and the large dauber! Great job, and I am going to sub to your blog. Thanks for your beautiful work. Clean and Simple is my favorite.

  125. #278
    Bonnie Barton

    What a lovely card! I’ve been quite intimidated by the thought of making greeting cards but it really does not have to be difficult, does it? Sometimes simplicity is best and most effective way to go.

  126. #280
    Karen Page

    I love how your card turned out, and you are seriously too hard on yourself! I’ve been making cards for 12 years now, so I guess you would call me a seasoned pro, but I’m still learning new techniques, and remembering ones I had forgotten… all.the.time. LOL 12 years, and my chances of remembering to use the anti-static bag is still only 50% because I get caught up in the excitement of wanting to see the card come together 🙂

  127. #281
    Marie Flayer

    Fabulous card! I love the pink shading behind the flowers–it really makes them “pop”. I’ve been stamping since 1992 so that should make me an expert. Thanks for inspiring me today!
    🙂 Marie

  128. #282
    Ann Eslinger

    I never would’ve thought to make a pink topiary, but it’s adorable. Thanks for the idea.

  129. #285
    Cathy Lillie

    What a pretty card! I love the topiary done in pinks! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with newbie issues. I have a different Hero Arts layering stamp and when I first used it I was so confused I stamped it in the wrong order. Then I realized they have a step by step guide on the back! Your card turned out fantastic!

  130. #286
    Judie Attard

    Absolutely stunning card! I’ve been crafting for as long as I remember, and making cards consistently for a handful of years now!

  131. #287
    Aisha Roberts

    This is such a cute card. I’m a newbie cardmaker too so I get were you are coming from lol

  132. #288
    Jackie Price

    Your card turned out just lovely. The blending is beautiful! I’m somewhere in between but there are a lot of techniques and mediums that I have yet to try so I’d say I’m closer to the newbie side of things.

  133. #289

    Cathy, you made a pink tree and you made it look so lovely with an inked background. That is a win as far as I am concerned. Thanks for sharing such a sweet card. I guess ‘seasoned pro’ but with all the excitement of a newbie. You made me laugh so much about the embossing powder. 😉

  134. #293

    Your card is so pretty, pretty in pink. This stamp set looks so different stamped than it does in the package.

  135. #296
    Margery C

    Pretty in Pink card. Lovely. I’m an intermediate stamper. Always learning from all the fab stampers from all over the world.

  136. #299
    melissa edwards

    I love the simplicity of this precious, precious card! It gives me inspiration today as I am limited to what I can do lately! Running to my craft table now!!!

  137. #301
    Stacey Kowbel

    Love your card! I showcases this stamp set so well – I think it needs to be on my must have list!

  138. #302
    Cindy C.

    Oh this is so cute, I love that you went with the non-traditional way and used pink on the topiary!

  139. #305

    Such beautiful color. I am such a fan of clean and simple. And I am sure I am your biggest fan. So glad you joined the card making scene.

  140. #306

    Hi there! You did such a beautiful job with this card! Just wanted to tell you I got this set too and had a horrible, horrible time lining up those stamps! First time layering and this was definitely NOT the right set to start with! I must have spent almost an hour last night stamping the fist two bushes! Had to finally just go to bad and today I worked at it again and even thought still not perfect is it getting better trying all kinds of tricks to get it right the next time.

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