Hybrid Scrapbook Page Share + Process Video: Magnificent

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hybrid scrapbooking with cathy zielske

hybrid scrapbooking with cathy zielske

Oh, it feels good to make a hybrid layout, my crafty friends!

Yes, I still scrapbook. No, not with the frequency that I once did, but saving photos and stories I want to remember will always be a passion of mine and today’s page celebrates that very love.

My darling first born just returned from a month abroad and I wanted to document her trip. All the photos are shots she shared with me via text and it’s fun to combine them all for a page in her album, which will one day be handed over to her I would assume.

hybrid scrapbooking with cathy zielske

This simple design began as a digital template and my video tutorial today shows you how I go from pixel to paper when creating a hybrid layout.

This design is decidedly symmetrical with just a simple margin of red cardstock and a few enamel dots to frame the words and images.

This page also incorporates a die I had on hand that ended up working to cut out my title. Watch the video to see the process!

See the list below for all the supplies I used on this layout and thanks for watching.

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Cathy ZielskeHybrid Scrapbook Page Share + Process Video: Magnificent

14 Comments on “Hybrid Scrapbook Page Share + Process Video: Magnificent”

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    Always love watching your videos! Unfortunately, though, this one seems to loose the full view of your Photoshop screen…..we can’t see the items you are turning on/off/selecting. I thought it was my computer, but then realized it was actually the video….which is a bummer b/c I learn a lot from your photoshop videos!! Thanks for always being awesome!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Shelley, can you send me a screen shot of what you are talking about? I can see the entire screen on YouTube… so I’m not sure what might be happening on your end. All menus and palettes are there and showing up in the complete video. You can send a screen shot to cathy@cathyzielske.com!

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        Sharon in TX

        Wanted to say that I had the same experience. Thought you just forgot to zoom back out. Will do a screen capture if you still need it. Thanks!

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          Cathy Zielske

          Oh, it was on my end! I had to re-crop the clips. I uploaded a new corrected video! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Barb in AK

    Loved watching this! You will always be the #1 scrapper in America imho. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hybrids. I subscribed to you YouTube so I can keep up with all your fantastic creations.

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    Hi Cathy,
    I like the lettertype of “magnificent” . Can you tell what it’s called? Or did you design it yourself?

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